Chapter 9: Choosing Pink for a Wedding Color

One of the best things about the color pink is how many different shades it comes in and, as a result, how many moods and color combinations it can fit into. Because of this, you should have no difficulty in finding a combination of colors a shade of pink fits well into. No matter what season it is, pink is always in style.

Pink as a Year-Round Color

Pink can be used during any season of the year to an equally magical effect. You might use a rosy pink in the spring, a bright fuchsia in the summer, a deep magenta in the fall, and the faintest blush pink in the winter.

In general, you may have better luck using lighter shades during the winter and spring, and darker shades during the summer and fall. Again, however, these are general guidelines, and they are far from being set in stone. Let your tastes lead the way, and feel free to shake up these ideas. Pastel pink and sea-foam green might look fantastic for a casual beach wedding in the summer, or you might create a monochromatic look using multiple shades of pink against the white backdrop of winter.

What Goes With Pink?

Depending on which shades of pink you’re using, almost anything can be mixed and matched with pink. Other floral shades go well with pink, such as blues, yellows, and purples. You might also experiment with analogous coloring, and choose shades of pink, red, and orange, although you’ll want to be careful to pick shades that blend well, and not ones that clash with one another.

Pink also looks great with green, as this is its complement on the opposite side of the color wheel. Additionally, pink pairs well with a variety of neutrals, such as black, white, silver, gold, and more.

Inspiration for Your Pink Color-Themed Wedding

Pink is a popular wedding color choice, meaning that pink wedding reception decorations are often easy to find. If anything, the task might be in narrowing your choices down from the many options available to you. To get you started, here are some pink wedding ideas to help inspire you.

  • Flowers: Whether you’re looking for real flowers or their silk counterparts, you’ll find a variety of pink flowers to decorate your wedding with. These pink silk snapdragons are just one of the many stunning blooms you might choose from.
  • Candles: While you may not choose to have pink candles, if you’re looking for pink table decorations for a wedding, you may be interested in these pink frost votive holders. Cluster them together for a centerpiece, or space them out evenly down the length of the table.
  • Bowls: When it comes to blush wedding décor, look no further than these elegant pink glass bowls. Fill them with flower petals, tea lights, decorative pebbles, or anything else you can think of.
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