Chapter 5: Choosing White for a Wedding Color

White is easily one of the most traditional wedding colors, as we associate it with bridal gowns, wedding cakes, and so much more. It’s classic tone that can look gorgeous at any wedding, regardless of the season or style of your wedding.

White as a Winter Color

If there was one season where you might tend to see the color white slightly more than in other seasons, it would be winter. Because many winter weddings choose to incorporate more neutral shades, you may find that white pops up frequently in looks that draw their inspiration from the snowy white nature scenes of winter.

If your wedding is a winter one, you may decide to use this as inspiration and think of ways to incorporate white into your own wedding. If your wedding is in a different season, white can look nice.

White With an Accent

As beautiful as white is, it may be difficult to use as a wedding color unless you have several other colors to mix into your color scheme as well. In the spring or summer, it would look elegant and fresh when paired with blues, pinks, or greens. In the fall or winter, you might try pairing it with metallic shades like copper or silver for a classic look.

The problem with using white solely by itself is that the bride’s white dress will be less likely to stand out as the centerpiece of the entire wedding. When you choose several other colors to mix into your color palette with the white, however, you let your color scheme complement the dress while not overshadowing it.

Inspiration for Your White Color-Themed Wedding

If you’re planning to add a splash of white into your upcoming wedding, it’s time to look at some great white wedding décor ideas to help get your creativity moving. Check out a few of these all-white wedding decoration ideas.

  • Flowers: No wedding is complete without flowers. If you’re looking for some silk flowers that combine white with other soft and delicate colors, then check out this white apple blossom branch, or perhaps this white and purple lisianthus.
  • Candles: If your wedding reception will continue after it gets dark, why not incorporate some white wedding candles as well? White candles for a wedding are classic, and they will do a fantastic job of tying together your white wedding table decorations.
  • Lanterns: Designing white centerpieces for a wedding isn’t hard when you incorporate something like this antique white square lantern. These centerpieces won’t just look nice — they’ll also help provide extra light after the sun goes down.
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