Chapter 6: Choosing Black for a Wedding Color

There is perhaps no other color that is so classic and sophisticated as black. You could go for an entirely black and white event, and easily achieve a look of extreme class. Black is also exceptionally versatile and can be paired with virtually any other color or shade, and they will look wonderful together.

Black in the Fall and Winter

Because black is a darker hue, you might see it used more often in the winter or fall, simply because these seasons tend to utilize darker wedding colors, on average. In the fall, you might pair black with plum, dark green, or maroon for a warm, autumn color palette. In the winter, you might pair it with silver, copper, or navy blue for a classic cold-weather look.

Just because it may be more common to use this color in the cold season, however, don’t feel restricted by this. Black is a gorgeous and flexible color that can be easily adapted to almost any setting and season.

Black With an Accent

Just as the color white typically does better when paired with an accent, so, too, does the color black do better with other colors to complement it. If your entire wedding is a sea of solid black, you run the risk of creating an event that feels somber rather than celebratory.

To combat this potential risk, combine your black with any other color of the rainbow. Choose bright colors for spring and summer, warm tones for fall, and cooler shades for the winter.

Inspiration for Your Black Color-Themed Wedding

Do you plan to use black as one of your wedding colors? Then you’ll want to get your creative instincts flowing by looking at some of these black wedding décor ideas.

  • Vases: There are countless options when it comes to crafting black wedding centerpieces, but a display of flowers is always a tried-and-true option. Consider choosing a flower in one of your accent colors, and then use black vases, like these black glass cylinder vases.
  • Candlesticks: If you’re looking to create a sophisticated black-tie atmosphere at your wedding, then a few black wedding candles might be just the thing you’re looking for. Try them with these black nickel candlesticks and see if they don’t bring an extra level of elegance to your reception.
  • Frosted Glass: As you plan the black centerpieces for your wedding, perhaps you’re looking to soften the colors, from all the other solid black items you may be decorating with. If that’s the case, look no further than these ombre gold frost glass vases.
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