Chapter 7: Choosing Silver for a Wedding Color

Much like black, silver is a color that naturally seems to carry with it an extra level of elegance and class. It brings out a feeling of sophistication wherever it is seen and has a level of versatility that allows it to be paired well with almost any other color, from the very brightest colors to the most neutral.

Silver as a Winter Color

Because silver is one of the metallic shades that work so well in the winter, you may see this color often used during the snowy season. During the winter, you might pair it with lavender, blush pink, or ice blue. If you’re looking for more of a neutral palette, you might pair it with black.

However, because it mixes and matches so well with other colors, it can be used during any season. Try mixing it with bright colors during the summer, light colors in the winter, and warm, dark colors in the fall.

Add a Pop of Color

Like any neutral, silver is a color that mixes well with others, but it usually isn’t quite enough all on its own. To truly bring out the beauty of silver, you’ll want to pair it with at least one other color, or shades of single color. A wedding based entirely around the color silver might be elegant, but it also runs the risk of looking chrome-plated and futuristic.

The good news is that silver is so flexible a shade that you will be hard-pressed to find a color that it doesn’t blend well with. Do you like pink? Green? Blue? Purple? Red? No matter what you’re thinking in terms of other colors, silver will blend into the mix seamlessly.

Inspiration for Your Silver Color-Themed Wedding

One of the great things about choosing silver as one of your colors is the vast amount of silver décor for a wedding available to choose from. Check out some of these lovely silver wedding décor ideas and see if you don’t feel inspired to begin planning your silver wedding.

  • Bowls: There is a world of different uses for this antique silver bowl. Use it as a silver wedding centerpiece and fill it with flowers or fill it with water and float a tea light in it. However you choose to use it, it can be accent décor or a centerpiece on any table.
  • Vases: If you’re looking for silver wedding decorations for tables, check out these square nickel pedestal vases. Fill these with flowers in the other colors in your color palette for a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Decorative Watering Cans: Maybe your wedding is more rustic and country-themed, in which case you might be interested in table decorations like this charming watering can that can easily double as a vase for flowers.
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