Chapter 8: Choosing Gold for a Wedding Color

Gold is one of those colors that amps up the drama and immediately grabs people’s attention. People associate gold with wealth, opulence, and elegance. If you’re going for a laid-back, casual-feeling wedding, gold might not be the way to go. For almost any other type of wedding, gold is an instant attention-grabber and can help dial up the drama and atmosphere at your wedding.

Gold as a Fall or Winter Color

We mentioned earlier that metallic shades can look particularly spectacular in a winter wedding. Gold is no exception to that rule. When paired with other neutrals, or even with other bright colors like royal blue, it can make for a stunning winter look. It can also be paired with darker earth tones like maroon or dark green to create a gorgeous autumn-inspired look.

However, as with almost every other color we’ve mentioned, this is by no means meant to be restrictive. Gold can be used to advantage in any season. Try pairing it with lavender or pale pink in the spring for a striking look, or with bright red or green in the summer for an immediately eye-catching theme.

Inspiration for Your Gold Color-Themed Wedding

Gold wedding décor is available in abundance, meaning that you’ll have plenty of options when it comes time to plan. To help the inspiration begin flowing, look at a few of these gold wedding decoration ideas:

  • Vases: It can be easy to find gold wedding reception décor that is solidly painted in gold, but there’s also value in subtlety, and in pieces that combine gold with glass or other neutral tones. This blown mercury glass vase is a perfect example and would make a beautiful addition to any centerpiece.
  • Tea-Light Holders: If you want your gold wedding centerpieces to involve candles, why not try out these delicate these tapered glass votive holders with gold rims?
  • Trays: Picture this polished brass tray holding an assortment of candles, flowers in vases, or any other type of decoration. It will allow for a splash of gold on your table while still creating space for other colors as well.
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