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Playing Around With Shapes
Protect Nice Tables With Table Trays<
Think Big and Small
What to Put on a Table Tray in a Dining Room
What to Put on a Table Tray in a Bedroom
Get Creative With Your Table


Serving trays offer a fun way to add texture, color and even mirrors to the mix for your home décor. You can put these multi-functioning trays in the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, the bedroom — even the bathroom isn’t off limits.

Not sure how to incorporate this at your house? Take a look at these fresh ways to decorate with table trays.

Play Around With Shapes

Think serving trays only come in rectangles? Think again! You can find circles, squares and even triangular trays. Vary the shapes you use around the house to create visual contrasts. The kitchen offers a wonderful space to experiment because of all the counter space. Try putting a tea set or collection of spices on the trays.

Protect Nice Tables With Table Trays


1. Provide a stylish decorative accent while protecting your coffee table.


Serving tray ideas for your home décor can also be practical. Do you have a nice wooden table you want to stay scratch-free? What about a glass table prone to water spots? Put trays on these tables to help protect them. A tray can stop a drink from sweating all over a table, for example.

Think Big and Small

In a bathroom, you can put a tray as small as 6.5 inches on the back of the toilet to pretty-up an otherwise ugly space. Ideas for using bigger trays for practical purposes in your home décor include putting them on a large ottoman to give you another surface to hold drinks or putting them on a bar to hold drinks and decanters for easy transport.

Try Out Different Materials for Your Trays


2. Mix and match textures and finishes for a unique look.


While you may want to carry the tray theme throughout the house, you don’t need to buy trays made of the same material. You can find so many unique designs — you’ll probably want to experiment. See how trays made of wood, trays with mirrored bottoms and antique-looking metal trays look.

What to Put on a Table Tray in a Dining Room

Once people have their serving trays, they often still need to figure out what to put on them. Here are a few decoration ideas for your dining room trays:

  • Candles
  • Centerpieces
  • Wine bottles, empty or full
  • Pitchers
  • Vases with flowers
  • Vases with tree twigs

What to Put on a Table Tray in a Bedroom

While you can put pretty but impersonal things on a dining room serving tray, you may want to use your bedroom trays for more personal or practical purposes. Try these items:

  • Jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings
  • Loose pocket change
  • Makeup
  • A lamp
  • Seashells and sand

Get Creative With Your Table Trays

The sky is the limit for your creativity with this project. Turn the trays on their side to make a shadowbox you hang on the wall. Save your wine corks and line a tray with them. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to have fun! Browse the Jamali Garden website now to see our wide variety of trays, and get inspired by the endless decorating possibilities!

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