Are you planning an elegant wedding inspired by romance, class, and timeless taste? Nothing embodies the joy and promise of vows like a gorgeous, glowing reception, and nothing lights up the room quite like your choice of candles and sparkling centerpieces. Whether your aesthetic is vintage or modern, rustic or chic, you can create dazzling […]

For centuries, love letters have been written, sweet nothings have been exchanged and dreams of muses have been had by candlelight. Soft flickering light from votives and candelabras have set the mood for romance since the beginning of mankind, and this unbreakable relationship with love makes candles a go-to lighting scheme for weddings. Explore some […]

It’s that time of year again — store aisles, windows, porches, and front yards are decorated with reindeer, red bows, and twinkling lights, and those catchy Christmas tunes are back on the radio to color your days with holiday spirit. While the snow is falling and you’re sipping hot cocoa and gingerbread lattes, counting down […]