5 Fall Trends in Event Decor

Are you in charge of an indoor or outdoor fall party? Do you need decorating ideas? We’ve seen a great deal of innovation in fall event décor trends over the past few years. From incorporating darker colors to bringing the outdoors indoors, incorporating fall décor into an event can be a challenging but fun experience.

Here are a few autumn event décor trends that have caught our eye.

1.Embracing Darker Colors

Many of the colors associated with fall tend to be lighter, such as mustard yellows and delicate browns. But one of the event decorating trends for fall we’ve noted is the growing popularity of darker colors. People have begun including bolder tones in their traditional autumn palette.

This fall, those colors include:

2. Bringing the Outdoors Indoors


1.  Carve out a pumpkin for an extra unique (and very Fall-appropriate!) vase.


So much of fall is about the sights outside. We revel in the changing of the leaves and dropping of the pinecones. We go so pumpkin-mad we even flavor our drinks with it. So it only makes sense that these many signs of the times make their way indoors.

Look for sophisticated twists on these accents such as a Sugared Green Pumpkin or a gold tree branch to add a seasonally-appropriate touch to your centerpieces. Or, carve out a pumpkin and use it as a vessel to hold your flowers!

3. Using Richly Colored Flowers

Flowers make up an essential part of any fall decorating scheme. Choose ones with rich colors that reflect the beauty of fall foliage such as mums and sumac – they’d look great when paired with a metallic vase. Worried about live flowers holding up through your event? You can always use more practical silk flowers. Try a red ginger spray or flowering anthurium.

4. Playing Around With Textures

Organic-style textures will be hot this fall both in fashion and decoration. What does that mean? Organic textures mimic the look and feel of a chunky wool sweater. You can find organically textured rugs to lay around the party venue, making it feel cozier while adding style to the floor. You might even find pillows to go on your outdoor couches. Or, enhance your floral arrangements with the look of these braided cement vases! The idea is to accent your décor with layers, adding an extra dimension of style to the room.

5. Exploring the Farm-to-Table Theme


2. Consider adding rich green vegetables to your arrangement for a fresh, farm-to-table look.


In the food industry, farm-to-table is the hot thing. This refers to restaurants sourcing their food directly from nearby farms, which is a green way to cut down on their carbon footprint. This has also become one of the fascinating décor trends for fall. How can this theme play out at your event? Make fresh food a part of the decorations!

One idea might be serving an array of cheeses on a faux stump surrounded by moss balls. Add some rustic lanterns for lighting and you have a display people will talk about long after the party finishes.

Put your own twist on a fun fall party decoration by adapting these ideas with your own touch. Your guests will love the creative ways you weave autumn into the gathering. And check out Jamali Garden for the latest in decorating trends and accents you can use at your next event!


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