Incorporating Cement Pieces into Your Décor

This season, incorporating cement elements into décor is one of the hottest trends in events and interior design. You can achieve the clean, sophisticated lines of industrial urban décor by using cement pieces throughout a space. Industrial urban and urban rustic themes both rely on the “less is more” theory of decoration, so it’s imperative to select the right pieces for the space. The placement of every piece affects the entire design statement.

Whether you’re choosing pieces to enhance an event’s theme or an interior design scheme, using cement pieces of varying sizes and shapes is key.



Mix & Match Cement Pieces to Express Your Creativity

Mixing different cement pieces of the same color and style is a classic way to accentuate the industrial urban look of a space. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Choose a cement bowl and matching cement pillar candleholders for a minimalist centerpiece on a rectangular table. Use black pillar candles for a bold contrast that will look chic whether or not the candles are lit.
  • Scatter several plain cement bowls or containers of different sizes on a round raw wood table to create a beautiful contrast of stone and wood. Use these containers for holding decorative objects such as wicker balls, or add fresh flower arrangements to them.
  • Mix cement vases of different heights. Any flower looks great in a cement vase because the sleek, streamline shape of the vase doesn’t compete with the intricacy of the flower.

Texturize With Cement Focal Points

Bring beautiful texture to your décor with one of these techniques:

  • Use the cement diamond cylinder vase to add a dimension of elegance to the earthy cement look. This is a sophisticated and understated design that creates a lovely juxtaposition of hard and soft.
  • Place a braided cement vase with a bright silk flower display to create a dramatic focal point your guests will notice and remember.
  • Display a cement rock bowl outside for a functional addition to your patio table. Fill the bowl with colored sea glass or seashells to bring a nautical theme to any backyard or outdoor dining area.



Consider a Ready-Made Option for Ease of Care

If you’re pressed for time to create your own décor or are attempting to decorate a room with little access to natural light, there are options! Consider these ready-made decorations:

  • Mixed faux succulents in cement pots add a touch of delicacy and lushness to any room, party or office.
  • Boston ferns in a rust cement pot add an earthy tone to any area, while still maintaining a contrast of urban décor color palette.

Search Jamali Garden for More Ideas

If you’re obsessed with industrial urban or urban rustic décor, you have a variety of trendy ways to decorate with cement. Jamali Garden is your one-stop shop for inspirational and unique pieces — check out our cement décor products today!


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