Decorating Your Wedding With Lanterns: 7 Illuminating Ideas

Whether you hold your nuptials during the day or at night, incorporating lanterns into your wedding can really light things up. They are versatile, practical and endlessly customizable. Here are seven ideas you can use with lanterns to jazz up your decorations. Don’t forget to buy votives or tea lights to stick in the lanterns beforehand!

1. Using Lanterns as DIY Centerpieces for Weddings

Wedding guests spend quite a bit of time at their tables – whether they’re eating, drinking, or simply mingling. Make sure they have something pretty to look at in the process by setting the table with gorgeous centerpieces! When paired with flowers, a candle lantern can become a fabulous centerpiece. Surround the lantern with your bloom of choice, leaves of greenery, and votives for a simple yet pretty look. Or, remove the candle from the lantern and simply place the flowers inside! To make a simple statement, you can place one single lantern on each table. Alternatively, you group lanterns of different sizes together to form a cluster (which would look great on round tables), or line them down the table  if you’re using long, rectangular tables.




2. Hanging Lanterns for the Reception

Hanging lanterns can be incorporated into any venue where you hold your reception. These offer a softer light than the harsh fluorescent lighting you often find at receptions. The soft, glowy lighting that they provide will make the atmosphere more romantic.




3. Hanging Lanterns for the Wedding

Hanging lanterns don’t just work for the reception, though. You can also use them for the actual ceremony if you’re getting married outdoors. Hang unique wedding lanterns from a tree to improve the lighting and make the backdrop of your special day look just like a storybook.

4. Moroccan-Style Lanterns for a Dazzling Lighting Scheme

Moroccan-style weddings have inspired décor. You can include Emerald-Cut Glass Lanterns as part of a Moroccan theme along with brightly colored curtains, Teak Heart Trays for serving nuts and other small appetizers, and Antique Brass-Etched Round Trays for holding centerpieces or napkins.

5. Lantern Walkway Ideas for Your Wedding

Want a beautiful walkway to lead into your wedding reception? Position a series of small brass lanterns along the walk to illuminate it as your guests walk into the venue. Get really creative by purchasing LED lights that match your wedding color scheme for an unexpected glow.




6. Wheel Barrows Filled With Flowers and Lanterns

If you’re planning a rustic celebration or a reception with a country theme, let lanterns show you the way. Fill a rusted-out wheelbarrow — the more beat-up the better — with silk flowers. Rest a rustic lantern, such as the Gray Iron Lantern, in the center of the flowers. Use hanging lights around the wheelbarrow to draw people’s attention to it.

7. Lanterns as Dessert Table Decorations

Are the bride and groom outdoorsy? If you love to camp or “rough it” in the wilderness, then a camping-themed dessert table offers lots of opportunity for casual fun. Hang mini rustic lanterns from a tree branch above the table. Add a small “tent” above the non-cake desserts.

Decorating with lanterns at weddings offers an opportunity for great creativity. You can showcase the bride and groom’s personalities with a festive theme centered on light and love.

Lantern Choices for Every Design

We have in-stock and ready-to-go bulk lanterns across a wide range of styles. For a simple, traditional choice, we have Square Iron Lanterns that complement almost any decor. For a more vintage look, our Antique Lanterns in blue, rust, or grey finishes always complete the theme. Our Lattice and Open Work Iron lanterns are also popular for vintage and antique spaces – just add a candle and you’re good to glow!

For an industrial-modern vibe, we have stunning oblong lanterns and geometric-style Brass Kite Lanterns to serve as distinctive statement pieces. The Square or Round Linen Lanterns and the Crepe Paper Shades are in a category of their own. They come in white, red, or pink and provide a subtle and calming glow wherever you hang them.

Our pleated paper shades are an attractive lighting option in teardrop, balloon, and drum shapes. They ship and store flat, making transportation a breeze. When it’s time for the big event, you can quickly expand them to add a golden glow when lit with an added drop light. For lanterns that use votive or tealight candles, we’ve got you covered there, too. All our candles, lanterns and shades are available as wholesale purchase options so you can get everything you need in one place.

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