Centerpieces for Celebrating Every Anniversary Milestone

Wedding anniversaries are a special occasion. They’re a chance to recognize and celebrate the commitment two people made to each other, whether that was five, 10, or 25 years ago. Such a special occasion is a great opportunity to throw a party and celebrate love and lasting commitment alongside friends, family, and loved ones.
Centerpieces for Anniversaries

Celebrating Anniversary Milestones

Some of the most common milestone anniversaries couples celebrate include the first wedding anniversary, the 25th anniversary, and the 50th, just to name a few. As anniversaries build, the celebrations just seem to get larger. For example, most couples choose to celebrate 50th anniversaries with large gatherings where family and friends meet to reconnect and recognize such a significant milestone.

At nearly every event like this, the gathering features head tables where honored guests sit. Surrounding them are individual tables seating smaller groups, and every table likely has a beautiful centerpiece.

Centerpieces are essential in a social event because they subtly set the theme and tone for a gathering. Centerpieces are meant to draw attention to the table center and make a statement. They quietly give a circle of people who may or may not yet be acquainted something to talk about. And there’s a lot to discuss, from the flowers to the base to the colors of the centerpiece.

Centerpieces Can Tell a Story

These stunning focal points make a strong statement, but they don’t have to be expensive. Some of the best DIY silver anniversary centerpieces are handmade by family members who source ideas based on the anniversary’s theme. Crafty people find fantastic, unique centerpiece ideas for 10- or 25-year anniversary parties on Internet sites like Pinterest, then order materials online from us here at Jamali Garden.

Traditionally, anniversaries have a certain theme couples can choose to carry throughout their celebrations. For example, the five-year mark reflects the theme of wood, and 10 years is represented by tin. Ten-year anniversary party centerpieces can range from rustic, weathered old tin pails sprouting beautiful flowers to flat tin trays where lighted candles float in pools of colored water. Incorporating tin into a 10-year anniversary party or wooden elements into a five-year celebration just requires a bit of imagination.

There are unique centerpiece ideas for every anniversary party. The anniversary’s traditional theme material, gemstone, and flower are the starting point for developing your anniversary party’s centerpieces.

How Wedding Anniversary Themes Originated

The practice of exchanging traditional themed wedding anniversary gifts dates back to the Middle Ages, when German traditions began to label milestones like the 25th and 50th.

Some of their themes included practical gifts for the couple, like salt, sugar, fruit, cotton, linen, furs, porcelain, brass, and nickel. Furniture and cutlery were favorite anniversary gifts, and so were furs, watches, and musical instruments. By the time the 20th century arrived, marking anniversaries had become more commercial, and each year developed its centerpiece theme.

Most people know important dates and themes like wood for the fifth and tin for the 10th. Crystal represents the 15th, china stands for the 20th, pearl is the 30th, ruby marks the 40th , and diamond represents the 60th. However, what most don’t know about are the less-frequently celebrated anniversary milestones, like leather for the third, copper for the 9th, lace for the 13th, opal for the 24th, coral for the 35th, and emerald for the 55th. With each passing year, there’s a new opportunity to use traditional material for that anniversary.

Putting a Wedding Anniversary Centerpiece Together

A lot of trial and error go into assembling a wedding anniversary centerpiece, so you should experiment to find what looks best. There’s nothing wrong with borrowing one good idea and blending it with another! Study shapes, colors, use of light, textures, and other design elements to create a cohesive look. Sketch out what you’re trying to achieve or use a computer application for planning. Search websites like ours for your centerpiece needs — there are hundreds of items to browse when looking for the perfect centerpiece elements.

Here are a few design pointers:
– Make sure your centerpiece is attractive from every angle.
– Odd numbers of objects are more eye-catching than even numbers.
– Vary heights between centerpiece elements.
– Make sure your centerpiece isn’t so large that it interferes with the place settings.
– Add an element of surprise.
– Be bold with specialized accessories. Look for interesting shapes and bright colors.

Now, let’s look at some specific anniversary theme centerpieces and how Jamali Garden can help you build a perfect piece.

Five-Year Anniversary Centerpieces: Wooden Anniversary

Wood is a fantastic material to work with because there are many types, shapes, colors, and textures. Wood can be straightforward and natural like slices, rounds, boards, and slabs with some of the bark remaining, or it can be manufactured and carved into objects. There’s no end to woodworking, and that’s what makes incorporating wooden elements into anniversary centerpieces fun.

Jamali Garden can supply you with great wood selections for wooden centerpieces. Some ideas to consider are:
Wood vases: Choose from bowls, cylinders, cubes, and oblong vases. We offer exotic wood variations like mango, bamboo, kiri, acacia, birch, and teak. Simple wooden vases enhance the beauty of silk floral arrangements.

Centerpieces for Wood Anniversary
Wood trays: You’ll find what you’re looking for in our vast selection of wood trays — from flat and smooth wooden trays to ones with elevated sides and slats, there’s a tray here for your centerpiece. Choose natural finishes or stained and painted surfaces to contrast with candles.
Branches: Tree branches are popular items for wooden anniversary party centerpiece ideas. We have seasonal décor with fall and winter branches. Sanded Ghostwood branches are one example that will offer lots of texture to your centerpiece. They’ll have an exciting effect, and you’ll often see them cleverly placed in the middle of many rustic centerpieces.

Sample Centerpieces for Five-Year Anniversaries

To keep in touch with the wooden theme of a five-year anniversary, consider going the rustic route. Use a wooden slab to hold a mason jar. Fill the mason jar with flowers — these flowers should match your rustic theme. Stick with something simple, like a wildflower bouquet. For the final touch, wrap a natural-looking fabric or a piece of jute string around the mason jar.

If you’re looking for something a little larger, use a wooden box instead. Put mason jars or other small vases inside the box and fill them with flowers. The box will hide the vases, and it will look like the box is simply overflowing with flowers and greenery. The wooden box will also contrast nicely with a snowy white tablecloth.

Another great idea is to hollow out holes in a slab of wood to fill with tea lights or flower vases. Again, remember to make your bouquets out of simple flowers to maintain the rustic feeling. Centerpieces like this echo the “wooden” theme of the five-year anniversary by bringing nature to the center of your table through the use of wood, flowers, and other greenery.

10-Year Anniversary Centerpieces: Tin Anniversary

Tin is another material that allows extensive creativity. The galvanization process for tin allows the metal to appear antique and offers a unique look that can’t be matched. These kinds of galvanized tins are ideal for 10-year anniversary centerpieces.

Tin accessories for your unique piece may include:
Buckets and French vases: Tin buckets with rusted handles are as rustic as you can get. They’re versatile to work with and quite inexpensive. French vases are more formal, but the galvanized look is unequaled.
Bud vases: These smaller vases are the right choice where space is lacking, or you’re trying to set multiple pieces per table. Short, rounded bud vases are stable and excellent to hold heavier items like cut flowers.
Tin lanterns: These pair beautifully with small bouquets. Tin lanterns are one of our favorite items for events of all types, and they’re an absolutely perfect fit for a tin anniversary centerpiece.
Tin Anniversary Centerpieces

Sample Centerpieces for 10-Year Anniversaries

When it comes to the tin anniversary, the key is to keep things simple, yet elegant. Even something as basic as a tin pail filled with tasteful sprays of wildflowers or baby’s breath will look charming. You can keep your flowers white, or experiment with different color schemes. Pale pink or blue flowers would complement the weathered gray color of tin nicely.

Another possible centerpiece is a simple a tin lantern with a candle inside. These lanterns look pretty during the day and blaze alluringly at night if the party continues into the evening. Light a small candle inside each lantern and watch them all glow as the sun goes down. To add extra decoration, surround the vase with flowers in mason jars.

Other ideas for your 10-year anniversary party centerpieces include spray-painted tin cans or other tin can-related projects — you can be creative with these and design them to match any décor scheme. Punch holes in the cans to form the letters “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Put tea lights inside for a detailed piece that will draw attention.

25-Year Anniversary Centerpieces: Silver Anniversary

Silver anniversaries are extra-special occasions. Here are some popular items for silver centerpieces:
Silver trays: We carry many polished silver trays that make an excellent foundation for many centerpieces. You might consider building your setting your centerpiece on one of these trays to help tie your silver theme together.
– Silver candleholders and candelabras: Pillar holders make an elegant statement at a classy party. You can incorporate floral elements around them. Iced silver candle holders add an undeniable touch of grace to your tables. Don’t be afraid to bring crystal candelabras into the mix — they make a lovely contrast to silver.
Silver bowls: We offer silver bowls in many different styles and designs, from beautiful flower-patterned designs to more simple and unadorned designs. While these might not be a centerpiece on their own, they will look beautiful with a few floating candles or perhaps a tied bunch of flowers inside of them.
Silver beads: Adding silver beads to any centerpiece is a beautiful mix-in. They come in an array of sizes, and you can wrap them around a simple glass vase.
Silver vases: Silver trumpet vases are simply stunning, providing a classic vase shape for your floral arrangement.
Silver Pillar Candle Holders for Centerpieces

Sample Silver Anniversary Centerpieces

The possibilities with silver are almost endless. A bouquet of flowers of any variety or color looks beautiful in a silver vase. A glass vase with a silver ribbon around the vase, or silver beads floating in the water or wrapped around the vase, could also work. Silver can be elegant or casual depending on how you style it, so feel free to get a little fancier with your choices of flowers, or keep it simple. Whichever way you go, fuller bouquets of roses, lilies, and so on will look romantic and perfect.

Our favorite option is to use a beautiful silver bowl as your centerpiece. Fill the bowl with water and set floating candles on the surface. This arrangement looks beautiful during the day and becomes even more special at night when it’s dark enough to light the candles. You might also float flowers in the bowl.

Another gorgeous option is to use a silver trumpet vase and fill it full of silver balls. Just leave room for a few flowers at the top of the vase. These flowers can be real, although it may be more practical to use silk flowers, since it may be hard to put water in the vase alongside the balls. This makes a great minimal stand-alone centerpiece, although you can always accent by tying a bow around it, or surrounding it by candles or other smaller bouquets if you want.

50-Year Anniversary Centerpieces: Gold Anniversary

Gold is reserved for the milestone of a 50th anniversary and carries on the magic of the precious gold metal in many classic wedding bands. To help you put together that perfect 50-year anniversary centerpiece, have a look at these gold products:
Gold 50th Anniversary Centerpieces
Gold tree branches: These tree branches are made of aluminum, then gilded. They are a beautiful way to display a modern take on a family tree, or could simply be used to add a forest vibe. They look beautiful in either a yellow vase or a tall, clear vase for a nice contrast.
– Gold vases: You can embrace more daring designs by incorporating vases with scalloped edging or square vases with antique flair, which will add excitement to any DIY centerpieces.
– Gold trays: Find fun trays that will draw the eye, such as our Gold Capiz Plate, made of shells. You could use a seashore theme to fill out the tray, adding sand and sand dollars for a casual party. Or put multiple candles on a gold tray.
– Gold lanterns: Gold oblong lanterns set a romantic mood. Surround them with smaller votives to make your centerpiece glow.
– Gold candleholders and candelabras: A gold candelabra demands your eyes as you walk in a room. It’s a bold way to take charge of a room with a minimal centerpiece. Pair them with ivory taper candles for a classic look.
Gold birdcage: Talk about a unique focus — gilded birdcages come in an antique finish and varying sizes. Fill them with photos, flowers, or even decorative birds and butterflies.
Gold and glass hurricanes: Hurricanes are another name for large vases. These are made of glass with gold banding, and they’re an excellent centerpiece for holding candles.
Gold pots and saucers: Antique gold pots with saucers make for attractive alternative centerpieces. Consider filling these pots with succulent plants, or with collections of rocks and shells. Place a single one in the centerpiece for a minimalist style, or group several pots and saucers together.

Golden Anniversary-Themed Sample Centerpieces

For a 50th wedding anniversary, it’s all about making a statement and telling the story of your long and happy marriage together.

For your gold anniversary, try using a large gold statement vase as the heart of your centerpiece. Fill it with white roses, carnations, and baby’s breath that will complement the gold of the vase and give a striking effect. You might even add golden branches to the bouquet. Tie a gold ribbon around the vase and make a bow. As a finishing touch, strategically place tea lights around the base of your vase. The variation between the size of the vase and the tea lights will add to the aesthetic appeal of the whole centerpiece.

Another winning option is the golden birdcage. There are simply so many options. It will be an eye-catching piece if you fill it with photos of you and your spouse throughout your marriage, special flowers or tokens from your life together, or even varying sizes of candles. Whatever you choose to fill it with, it’s a centerpiece your guests won’t soon forget.

Create Stunning Centerpieces with Jamali Floral and Garden Supplies

Do you have a special anniversary approaching? Our family-owned business is your first stop for all anniversary centerpieces, regardless of theme. Whether you’re looking for wood, tin, silver, or gold, we have the right items for your centerpiece.

To purchase the best décor items for your special anniversary centerpieces, shop Jamali Garden today.

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