Trendy Hotel Accent Pieces to Take Your Guests’ Experience to the Next Level

Hotel décors are evolving. These days, the aim is to give guests a personalized experience, making the hotel seem as though it caters just to them. This has recently led to some innovative hotel decorating trends, as designers seek to improve the experience for their guests. Designers have rethought their approach to lobbies and guest rooms, while also adding more homey touches to make guests feel more at ease.

Here are a few trendy interior decorating ideas you can incorporate into your hotel décor to improve the atmosphere and better serve your guests.

1. Making Lobbies Less Formal and More Comfortable

Many hotels have embraced the idea of turning the hotel lobby away from a business approach toward one that helps guests feel more at home. Gone are computer stations and even traditional front desks. You’ll see smaller desks for checking in guests, which include decorations such as silk flowers to add a touch of homeliness wherever guests roam.

The lobby areas have more couches and collaborative areas where people can sit, talk and work on their laptops at the same time. That also means more plugs for charging electronics.

Hotel lobbies are becoming more comfortable, collaborative areas for guests

2. Improving the Ambiance of Guest Rooms

Gone are the days of the bed-TV-desk guest room paradigm. Instead, hotel décor accent pieces are now being arranged around guest rooms to give them a cozier feel. You may see bowls filled with wicker balls or decorative trays on dressers for storing your keys. When you walk around the room, you will see more color and flair than ever before.

3. Going Green, in More Ways Than One

Greening of hotel interior decorating has been a trend for some time, and pieces on display throughout the building will speak to that. Not only are designers opting for LED lights and other things that save power, but they’re also putting greenery in rooms, lobbies and conference areas. Faux trees and grass accents have become go-to accessories.



Rich colors and varying textures provide more depth and dimension to lobbies


4. Embracing Texture and Color

Green isn’t the only color that’s “in” right now. Hotels are getting brighter and bolder in their color schemes. They’re also adding texture to décor, such as vases with detailing on the sides and rough stones to fill in window displays or other open space.

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1. Photo: Yellow Trace 2. Photo: Tilden Hotel

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