Decorating With Birch And Wood

Birch and wood add a rustic elegance to event spaces, whether for outdoor or winter weddings, al-fresco dinner parties, or engagement parties. With their unique shapes and textures, use them to demonstrate the beauty that harmony with nature brings.


pope's balls, horsetails, Japanese mountain fern green arrangement
1. Horsetails, pope’s balls, and Japanese mountain fern. (via PMK Floral Arts)

1. Wild Bunch
Aim high with sprawling arrangements of artificial flowers that reach to the sky. “I was actually inspired by your fir wood bowl. The simplicity of its shape, the organic and unfinished feel of the wood suggested some kind of green wildness growing out of a fallen tree trunk, like one would see in the forest.” – Peter M. Krask.


lady slipper orchid in birch cement vase
2. A potted orchid.

2. Birch Beauty
Make a statement with an eye-catching mint & burgundy lady slipper orchid plant placed in our cement birch vase. This unique vase uses cement to channel the rustic beauty of birch trees.


teak vase with artificial succulent bouquet and anthurium
3. A natural palette of wood and green.

3. Teak Vases
Our teak wood vases are hand-carved and made of genuine teak. Each vase has its own unique variations in shape and color. Use this teak vase with silk flowers for a permanent arrangement or with this succulent bouquet we used here.


birch bark photo frame
4. Frame it up. (via Martha Stewart)

4. Birch Craft
Use birch bark in to spruce up and transform plain picture frames. These birch bark tiles are fit for the job; just cut and glue birch strips to the frames. For a winter wedding, display your precious memories, wedding programs, or menus, in these transformed frames throughout the event space.


pine wood flower centerpiece containers
5. Celebrate with carnations.

5. Floral Bounty
Give bunches of flowers a freshly picked look by placing them in aged pine wood flower boxes. Stick with same-colored flowers like these carnations for a more modern statement, or go with a mix of wildflowers for a touch of uninhibited natural beauty.


martha stewart weddings outdoor centerpiece
6. Outdoor wedding florals. (via Martha Stewart)

6. Free-Form Centerpiece
Kiri wood trays makes a great base for ethereal flower arrangements. With their clean lines and natural look, they let the spotlight shine on all the charm and beauty of imperfectly perfect bouquets.


yellow daffodil arrangement in faux bois vase
7. Daffodils in a faux-bois container. (via Martha Stewart)

7. A Burst Of Color
Bring the beauty of a fragrant meadow or lush forest indoors with these cement wood stump vases. Add a bold and lush bouquet of daffodils, hydrangeas, or lilies, for a naturally gorgeous arrangement.


modern indoor kiri wood planters
8. Indoor planters.

8. Kiri Wood Planters and palm 
Golden cane palm trees placed in our kiri wood planters create a contemporary tropical look that adds a fresh and modern touch to any home or a wedding cocktail hour space.


birch bark pillar candle
9. Birch candles.

9. Rustic Light
Create an enchanting glow in the evening by accenting tables with birch bark pillar candles.


martha stewart weddings modern centerpiece
10. DIY, minimalist chic. (via Martha Stewart)

10. Branching Out
Our sanded ghostwood branch creates a naturally unique centerpiece. Place it on a table and accent it with moss and succulents, or add a coat of bright paint a la Martha Stewart Weddings for a simple and modern take on the centerpiece.

Embrace the beauty of nature with rustic birch and other types of wood at your next summer event.


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