DIY Decorating With Sand and Seashells

It’s beach season — and that means beach weddings and other beach celebration events! Getting married at the beach naturally creates an ambiance of romance. The sound of the waves, the smell of salt air, the feel of the sand and the sight of the sunlight dancing on the water enhances the excitement and emotion of the event.

With Mother Nature doing so much of the decorating for you, all that’s needed are a few well-placed accents as finishing touches. We have some sand and shell decorating ideas for weddings you will love. DIY beach wedding décor and DIY décor for beach-themed events allows you to personalize and customize for a truly memorable occasion.

Lighting with Seashells

As the sun sets and the celebration continues, lighting accents set the evening mood. Incorporating seashells in the lighting is a subtle way to add to the beach theme. Here’s how to hang seashells to make seashell string lights:

– Clam-type seashells

– Battery-operated white fairy lights

– Hot glue gun

Pair up seashells of about the same size. Make as many pairs as you need to match the number of lights on the string. Glue the shells together with the light in the middle. Plug in the string of lights and behold a soft, beachy glow that guests are sure to admire!

Seashell and Sand Centerpieces

Whether you want centerpiece ideas using seashells or are looking more for sand centerpiece ideas, there are DIY options to fit your style and color theme. This centerpiece idea gives each table a little beach of its own in a clear glass bowl.

Here are the things you’ll need to make the centerpieces:

– 10-inch fishbowl vase

– Sand

– Mixed shells

– 10-hour white votive candles in clear glass holders

Fill the bowl about one-third of the way with sand. Place the votive in the center and push the holder down into the sand about halfway. Surround the votive with seashells so just the top of the glass votive holder shows. This centerpiece is beautiful during the daytime celebration and glows radiantly at night.



Seashell Wreath Chair Decoration

Plain wooden folding chairs are often used for beach weddings and events. You can make simple chairs elegant with seashell wreaths hanging on the back. For these gorgeous mini wreaths, you will need:

– 8 ½” foam wreaths

– Low-temp glue gun

– Variety of white seashells

1-inch-wide ribbon to match the event’s color scheme

Sort your seashells by size. Glue the larger shells first, then fill in with the smaller shells until the entire wreath is covered except for the back. Leaving the back of the wreath blank allows it to sit flush against the chair back. If the chair back is open, thus showing the back of the wreath, you can cover the entire wreath in shells. Add the ribbon to tie to the chair back and add a pop of color.

These are just a few simple yet striking DIY beach décor ideas you can try for your wedding or event. Rest assured, Jamali Garden has the quantity and styles you need no matter the size of your celebration – browse our site and see our selection of beach-themed décor products today!


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