Summer Outdoor Patio Décor for Restaurants

Summer is heating up, which means it’s officially outdoor dining season. Your guests may already be congregating on your patio, which means it’s time to step up your summer restaurant patio décor. We have a slew of outdoor dining ideas that will help set the tone for a fun, enjoyable night for your patrons.

Here are five great outdoor restaurant patio ideas you can try.

1. Add Rustic Lanterns as Centerpieces

Looking for restaurant patio lighting ideas? Why not take it country-style? Adding a rustic lantern to your tables instantly gives you a look of rustic yet sophisticated style, providing a nice, soft glow for your diners. Our 10 ½” Blown Glass Hurricane would be an ideal choice to add some pizazz.



2. Drape LED Lights Over an Entryway

It’s not just about dressing up your tables. Outdoor patio lighting schemes for restaurants should also take into account entries and exits. Hang several strands of our 360-Light Warm White LED Cluster Lights over a door to give it a magical feel as guests come and go.

3. Embrace Flower Power

Summer flowers have incredible color and flare. You don’t want to have to replace real ones every two days, though — that can get expensive and time-consuming. Instead, choose realistic-looking silk flowers such as our Pink & White Dahlia Blooms and scatter them around your patio for a fresh look.

4. Choose Vases With Fun Summer Flair

For summer, you want vases that are light and colorful to add to the carefree atmosphere of the season. Our gorgeous set of six 5 ¼” Vintage Amber Glass Jars will do just the trick, standing out nicely against crisp white tablecloths.

5. Load Up on Candles

Nothing quite sets the mood like a set of candles. Whether you put them on tables or display them on the bar, the ambiance candles bring to an outdoor seating area cannot be beat. You can set a magical, romantic tone with a set of floating candles, or you may prefer the classic look of pillar candles.

Whichever you choose, you will also want to get some candleholders to not only protect your tables, but to further enhance the mood. Mercury glass candleholders are a fabulous way to show off those candles, and the variety of styles we carry at Jamali Garden ensure that you can find a mercury glass candleholder that enhances the overall decorating vibe you’re going after.

Come Up With Your Own Outdoor Patio Decorating Ideas for Restaurants

Incorporating trendy restaurant patio décor ideas into your designs can be a lot of fun. Use your creativity and try new things — you may be surprised when your craziest notions turn out to be most popular among customers. And remember, if you need any supplies, just browse the selection at Jamali Garden to find everything you need for your outdoor seating area.
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