Unique Planters for Succulents

Succulents can thrive in almost any weather and they are the perfect plant for dry climates. Their resilience in addition to variety in color, texture and size make succulents one of the best ornamental plants for unique and creative planter ideas.

Using the life-like, high quality, faux succulents available at Jamali Garden removes all limits. You can create striking visual interest using virtually anything as a planter. The no-maintenance bonus of faux succulents allows you to express your individual style without taking up large amounts of time.

While we love the succulent planters we have in stock here at Jamali Garden, a few of our other favorite planter ideas are below!

Where to Find Unique Succulent Planters
You can find unique and creative planters literally anywhere. These are just a few ideas.



Thrift Stores
This is where you can find gorgeous vintage tea cups and saucers to fill with delicate succulents, accenting the colors in the porcelain. Mason jars and old pottery pieces to add a shabby chic element to succulents with larger, robust characteristics. Use a pair of mis-matched candle holders to add a yester-year ambianceto your succulents.



In Nature
Various types of sea shells can be used to create mini gardens using smaller succulents. A vacated bird’s nest or hollow log filled with a variety of succulents make a pretty accent to your garden.  If you are lucky enough to come upon a concaved rock, fill it with contrasting colors of succulents to create natural work of art. A large pinecone topped with mini succulents can be hung indoors or out using a length of rustic jute.



Around the House
You can find inspiration for succulent planters in your garden tool shed, your garage and even your closets! A leaky watering can could be recycled into a lovely planter for succulents. A child’s discarded toy is a whimsical idea for a unique planter. An old metal ladle that has lost its shine can be hung perfectly in your kitchen as a mini succulent garden. Recycle several wine corks by gluing a magnet on the back and placing a small single succulent in each one. Scatter the magnetic gardens on your refrigerator to bring nature into your kitchen.



At the Craft Store
If you are looking for something a little more ready-made there are lots of options at a craft store. A cardboard letter monogram covered in succulents makes a great personalized gift or a trendy addition to your family room. Wooden birdhouses stained or painted to match your décor is perfect for bird watchers. Glass sphere planters hanging at varying lengths gives a view of the succulent world from all sides. A shadow box picture frame bursting with different sizes, textures and colors of succulents is a beautiful patio focal point.

Express Yourself With Creative Succulent Planters
Whatever your style, a little imagination goes a long way when using faux succulents. Check out more ideas to get the creative juices flowing at Jamali Garden, and be sure to browse our wide variety of succulents the next time you want to spruce up your place with unique-looking plants!

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