Easter & Spring Decor Ideas

Celebrate the season of new beginnings with these fresh and pretty decor ideas.

1. A sweet Muscari arrangement.

1. Candy Eggs & Flowers Centerpiece 
Martha Stewart shared this fun idea for a centerpiece – arrange muscari in three polished aluminum Japanese bowls, then place the bowls on one large rectangular aluminum tray. Fill the metal trays with candy eggs for a final festive touch.

2. Nestled eggs. (via HGTV)

2. Dyed Eggs Display 
Place your tinted or decorated easter eggs, or faux eggs in pretty pastel colors, in our elegant Amfora glass vase.

3. Printemps faux bois. (via Martha Stewart)

3. Tree Vase
Bring the outdoors in with a lush bouquet of daffodils placed in our whitewash cement wood trunk vase.

4. Put a cloche on it. (via Martha Stewart)

4. Egg Dome
For an eye-catching centerpiece, fill our glass cloches or cylinder vases with dozens of faux bird’s’ eggs and other spring-themed floral supplies.

5. Cuddled nests. (via Martha Stewart)

5. Irish Moss Centerpiece
Fill antique zinc buckets with Irish moss and top each with a decorative bird and faux egg.

6. Easter bunnies.

6. White Rabbits
White rabbits make a charming decor accent, as part of tablescapes or arranged on artificial grass turf.

7. Vintage-look Easter. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

7. Spring Flowers
Arrange blooming orange and yellow tulips and maidenhair ferns in a mercury glass vase, like this antique light gold cylinder, and accent the arrangement with metallic eggs.

8. Branch out. (via Real Simple)

8. Cherry Blossom Arrangement 
Mix pink cherry blossoms, white plum blossom sprays, and cherry blossom weeping branches for a sculptural spring arrangement.

9. Pansy that!

9. Mother’s Day Lunch
Spring flowers, like these pansies with variegated geranium leaves, look divine when single stems are placed in pedestal bud vases. Run the bud vases down the length of your table with tulips or daffodils for a pretty and easy centerpiece.

10. A handsome table.

10. Father’s Day Brunch
Magnolias grouped in a mix of silver julep cups, ferns and rhododendron leaves in clear glass bottles and bottle bud vases, add an airy freshness to a table celebrating dad.


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