Making Old Floors Inviting Using Rugs

Old floors can have character, but they can also look dull and dirty and get cold in the winter. You may find yourself wanting to cover them up for style or comfort purposes. The good news is that updating your floors to something more stylish doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Covering up an old floor with rugs is a convenient way to refresh a room’s style and solve your problem. Learn how to make an old floor more inviting with these tips for decorating with rugs.



Making an Old Wood Floor Look Better
Wood floors scratch easily, and over time, they can become scarred and stained. Try using rugs to update an old floor by drawing the eye away from those ugly spots. Give one of these a try:
– Choose bright colors, such as our Pahalgam Embroidered Wool Rug, to add a stylish statement that brings some life to the floor.
– Pick an eye-catching pattern, like our 4 x 6ft Red Border Wool & Jute Rug, to create a fun focal point in a room.
– Experiment with a unique texture, such as the 3ft x 5ft Deluxe Wool Ball Rug, to further add comfort and depth to a room.

Ideas for Hiding an Ugly Carpet
Some people wonder if you should put a rug over carpet — is that a decorating don’t? The answer is no. Layering a rug over carpet is actually a terrific way to cover stains or worn patches, or simply to add another layer of color and texture to your floor. Try something a little different, such as our 3ft x 5ft Brown Cowhide Leather Rug, to really contrast with the carpet.

Upgrade an Old Laminate Floor
Aging laminate can rip or warp. Spreading several small rugs around the room, such as our Brown Checkerboard Bamboo Mat, can draw eyes away from the problem spots.

Making Old Tile Floors Cozier
Finally, you may want to warm up old tile floors that chill your bare feet during the fall, winter and well into spring. Experiment with larger rugs to cover more space, such as our 6 x 9ft Antique Grey Flavia Rug or our 5 x 8ft Sukh Shag Rug.

When you follow these rug decorating ideas to make your room more inviting, you may even find yourself spending more time in these rooms. Enjoy those newly updated floors.


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