Spring Decorating Trends for Your Next Dinner Party

Spring is finally here, and it’s time to celebrate! And what better way to celebrate than with a trendy dinner party? 2017 dinner party trends are all about floral accents, centerpieces, and lighting. And for all of that, Jamali Garden is your one-stop shop: get everything you need here for flawless décor at your next dinner event. Here are some tips to inspire you when you’re getting ready for your next dinner party:

1. Add Some Green and Other Earthy Factors

If you’re looking for a “wow” factor for your event, a green wall can certainly do the trick. When you cover a wall with quality silk ivy to make a vertical garden wall, you make a statement that is not soon forgotten. The visual is stunning without being overwhelming, and is sure to impress guests.

As a whole, earthy and organic environments are trending when it comes to springtime decor. Celebrate Mother Nature’s freshest season by incorporating natural elements such as bamboo, wood, pottery and seashells into your tablescape. Whether you use wooden vases, bamboo bowls, or a moss table runner, guests will be sure to take notice of the fresh, organic vibes as they dine!

Earthy and Organic Decorating Trends

2. Use Lighting for Ambiance

For an evening gathering, candlelight is a must. A more formal dinner setting might even call for candelabras. With or without floral accents, the elegance of a candelabra with matching candlesticks is unrivaled.

For a more casual evening affair, lanterns are the perfect lighting choice. With a variety to suit any theme, lanterns will illuminate and complement the occasion, providing a soft, ambient glow.

3. Let the Color Speak for Itself

For an earlier daytime event, dress the table up with cheery shades of bright yellow. Daisies or yellow roses surrounded with white décor brings the natural energy of sunshine to your party, and adds a fresh pop of color to any party after a long winter.

4. Pick a Theme

You might consider an English Tea Party theme with lavender in charming vintage glass vases. A dinner party centerpiece for spring with tall-stemmed peonies and antique silver ribbed votive candleholders creates an ideal vintage setting that’s perfect for spring.

A country picnic theme is another refreshing idea after the long winter. Checkered tablecloths and napkins, accented by 12-inch wire baskets with bottles for centerpieces, is great for a barbeque.

You’re likely thinking of the beach as you look forward to summer, too. Fill large glass cylinder vases with mixed shells, and you can almost smell the ocean. A natural driftwood garland and wood lanterns complete the look.


When planning your dinner party, don’t be afraid to mix it up a little bit using tables of different sizes and shapes. Experimenting with lighting colors and textures will keep things fresh and exciting for the guests. The goal of a successful dinner party is to stimulate the taste buds, of course, but you also want to create a feast for the eyes.

Jamali Garden has everything you need for your spring dinner party décor. Look through our products and get inspired by the hottest trends!


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