Wedding Themes for Every Season

The time of year in which your wedding takes place offers unique opportunities to incorporate the season’s feeling and atmosphere into your theme and décor: Beautiful holly garlands with stunning red berries for a winter wedding, lush green floral mats dotted with colorful butterflies for a spring wedding, rustic metal lanterns filled with seashells for a summer wedding, or wooden pots full of beautiful foliage sprays and mini pumpkins for a fall wedding.

Wedding planning website, Loverly, puts the season at the top of their list of the most important factors to consider when planning your wedding. While nowadays planning a seasonal-themed wedding at any time of year is possible, many couples insist on having their wedding during the actual season for a more authentic feel. Although you may long for a Winter Wonderland wedding in August, your guests may not be feeling it, causing your whole theme to seem forced. Ensuring that you have a seasonally-appropriate theme for your wedding can enhance the experience for all.

Everything from your wedding colors to your choice of centerpieces and floral décor can serve as a reflection of the season’s splendor. Luckily, there are many different wedding themes for each season. Many themes such as vintage, rustic, ethnic-inspired, or classic black and white, are appropriate for use all through the year, although the colors and décor accents you use may change with the season in which your wedding takes place. Even if you already have a broader wedding theme, you can still incorporate some seasonal elements into your décor.

Your type of wedding venue will most likely factor into your choice of seasonal wedding décor. Whether you are having an outdoor warm-weather wedding or having it at an indoor venue in the middle of winter, your selection of colors, fabrics, floral décor and design elements will help to promote the theme of your wedding while ensuring its seasonal correctness. Choosing the appropriate décor can help bring the outdoors in and the indoors out, and turn your venue into the themed space you’ve always envisioned.

When it comes to color schemes, basic primary colors are popular throughout the year. However, their hue and intensity differ along with the colors and elements that accompany them. Pops of color can appear in your flowers, table linens, centerpiece vessels and other décor items. Metallics and shiny fabrics and elements add a touch of glamour and elegance while rustic darker hues evoke feelings of coziness and warmth.

Lighting is another design element that can be incorporated into weddings held in any season. Romantic lighting can be accomplished through the addition of candles, strings of lights or lit trees, hanging lighting elements, metal or paper lanterns or chandeliers. Even your centerpieces can contain lighting elements! Votives, candelabras, and table lanterns make for stunning centerpieces (either on their own or when surrounded by floral accents), and provide a soft glow that creates ambiance. Your seasonal theme can be also be promoted through your choice of lighting as it complements your décor – add some coziness to a fall wedding with warm amber lighting, or incorporate cool blue lighting to add to the glacial atmosphere of a winter event.

Your choice of flowers and floral décor, whether real or artificial, is a perfect way to reference the season. Real flowers are often subject to seasonal availability, and even if your florist can get them for you out-of-season, the cost is usually much more. An advantage to using lifelike artificial floral décor is that you can have your chosen flowers available during any season. They also make for beautiful keepsakes long after your wedding is over.

No matter the season you ultimately choose, adding seasonally-themed elements to your wedding can enhance the beauty and atmosphere of your special day.

Winter Wedding Themes

When decorating for a winter wedding, many brides may think of snowflakes and pale colors. While those themes are both modern and beautiful, winter weddings can also be lively and colorful events that offset the often cold and bland outdoor landscape of the season. Winter weddings offer an opportunity to utilize fun themes such as Vintage Hollywood or Winter Wonderland. You may also want to incorporate the winter holidays of Christmas, New Year’s, or Valentines’ Day into your theme. Sparkly and elegant crystal and diamond themes are also becoming common winter trends that add a touch of glamour to your wedding.

Centerpiece Arrangements for Winter Weddings

Favorite colors for winter weddings vary widely according to the theme. For a Winter Wonderland wedding, all white or white against cream, or a combination of ice blue and silver, are commonly used. Christmas-themed weddings may utilize red and green with gold or silver accents. For a vintage or Old-Hollywood theme, metallics against black provide an elegant color palette. Winter is also the perfect time to use dark rich colors such as purples and reds.


There are a variety of creative and eye-catching ways to match your winter wedding decorating ideas to your theme. Hang glittery snowflakes or strands of crystals and pearls off of tall centerpieces, white tree branches, or topiaries, to achieve a striking and beautiful effect. Clear-jeweled votives with lit candles provide both decoration and romantic table lighting. Metallic elements provided by mercury glass vases or metal candelabras look stunning with crisp black table linens. Add fluffy feather plumes to your centerpieces to achieve a vintage glam look.



Your winter theme can continue with your choice of floral and botanical décor. White flowers such as orchids and calla lilies in white vases are a stunning choice for a Winter Wonderland-themed wedding. Centerpieces housed in vessels made from distressed wood or logs continue the winter theme, as do votive holders made from twigs. Snowy evergreen or holly garlands with bright red berries provide a festive decoration for holiday-themed weddings. Centerpieces made from iced pine cones under glass domes also provide a touch of shimmer to any winter-themed wedding. Roses, particularly red ones in winter, are popular flower choices for weddings, as they are available throughout the year and in a variety of stunning colors.

Spring Wedding Themes

Spring weddings often reflect the colors and elements of the season, such as soft pastels, greenery and birds, butterflies or dragonflies. Early spring usually provides a backdrop of green leaves and buds while late spring bursts forth with blooms of all types and colors. Spring is also a superb time of year for a vintage-themed wedding. When decorating for a spring wedding, adding fun and colorful touches to your day reflects the cheerfulness of the spring season.

Floral Arrangements for Spring Weddings

Pastel colors beautifully highlight spring weddings. Soft green complementing blush pink is a stunning color combination, as are light blues or lavenders against pale yellows. Aqua or Tiffany blue against chocolate brown is also a beautiful spring color scheme, as are coral and peach hues. Monochromatic themes such as creams with pastels, or even all pinks, are common spring color combinations. You can add visual interest to monochromatic color schemes by including different hues and textures, such as pairing shimmery pink silk table linens with darker pink flowers or a touch of greenery.

Choosing décor to reflect your spring wedding theme can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Including pastel-colored glass vases and votive candleholders on your tables adds color and variety, as do scattered pastel flower petals. Tall, clear glass vases with pastel gel beads or soft-colored LED lights can provide both color and ambient lighting to your venue. Moss-covered urns or boxwood mats dotted with tiny colorful birds and butterflies add a touch of fun and whimsy. Promote a vintage theme for your spring wedding by including lace table elements, birdcage centerpieces, and mismatched vintage china place settings. Pastel satin or grosgrain ribbon wrapped around centerpieces, napkins and favors also add color and visual appeal.

In spring, you can take advantage of the vast variety of flowers and greenery available. Traditional spring flower choices include tulips, daffodils, cherry blossom sprays, delphinium, hydrangea, sweet peas, and the ever-popular peony. Spring flowers can be seen in centerpieces, tucked into napkins or embellishing place settings, or even hanging from above in the form of beautiful pomanders. Potted plants and herbs make both charming seasonal table décor and long-lasting favors for your guests to enjoy.

Summer Wedding Themes

Your summer wedding day should reflect the brilliance and intensity of the season. Summer weddings can be both colorful and fun, and regardless of whether they are held indoors or out, can utilize elements of the season. Popular themes for summer weddings include elegant garden parties, beach or ocean themes, rustic-country looks, and enchanted forest themes.

Floral Arrangements for Summer Wedding


The colors of summer are bold and bright. Orange, bright green, cobalt blue, fuchsia and aqua are popular summer hues. Bright colors paired with black or white also make a stunning and elegant combination. Toile patterns, available in a variety of colors, provide a casual yet elegant air to your summer wedding. If you prefer a softer color palette, consider using the combination of light purples or cornflower blue with yellow for a pretty look that’s still sure to be stunning.

Your summer wedding décor should be light and airy. Linen hanging lanterns, strands of twinkle lights or even sparklers can light up the night. Floating candles and flowers make both beautiful centerpieces and romantic lighting elements. For beach or ocean-themed weddings, utilizing sea glass and sand in your centerpieces, along with scattered seashells and splashes of bright coral brings forth the seaside theme. Raffia or straw runners and light wood décor elements complete the summery theme. Metal and glass lanterns with colored pillar candles make beautiful centerpieces for a garden or enchanted forest themed wedding, as do sprayed tree branches, tall potted trees and flower blocks or green floral mats as backdrops. Using clear or colored mason jars as beverage glasses or with candles adds a touch of country to a rustic-themed affair.

As with spring, the season of summer bursts forth with botanical beauties of all kinds. Traditional summer flower choices include sunflowers, dahlias, snapdragons, bluebonnets, poppies and jasmine. Vibrant bundles of the same flowers in different colors, bright tropical flower centerpieces or lush flower garlands are just some of the many popular floral elements that can add an air of vivacity. Succulents in earth-toned metal vases add a touch of rich greenery to your tables. Consider including summer fruits such as lemons, limes and oranges in your centerpieces for an additional splash of color and fun. Potted trees with lights, lemon trees, and even palm trees can be used to enhance the theme of your summer wedding.

Fall Wedding Themes

Although the summer season historically has been the most popular in which to get married, it is quickly on its way to second place. According to a 2015 report from wedding planning experts, The Knot, 39% of couples chose fall weddings, while 33% opted to marry in the summer. With its beautiful bright colors providing a stunning backdrop, fall weddings offer many theme possibilities to incorporate, including bountiful harvest, autumn leaves, wine country, and jewel tones. The decorating ideas for fall weddings are as diverse as the season itself!

Centerpiece Arrangements for Fall Weddings

Fall wedding colors echo the bright and vibrant colors of the changing leaves and beautiful landscape. Jewel tones such as burgundy, dark sapphire blue, hunter green and deep orange or rust are popular fall color choices. Brown hues from light mochas to rich espressos pair well with jewel tones. Gold can be used as a focal color or to add pops of metallic shimmer to the dark fall color palette. Mauve is quickly becoming a favorite fall color choice, and pairs exquisitely with burgundy.

When decorating for a fall wedding, it’s all about rich color. Amber or copper colored glass elements, such as lanterns or votives, add richness to your tables while providing warm lighting. Dark metal pieces made of bronze or iron promote a warm and cozy atmosphere. Touches of burlap added to tables and centerpieces provide texture and a rustic feel. For a wine country-inspired theme, consider adding wooden décor or even wine barrels to your decorating scheme. White or orange pumpkins wrapped in colorful berry garland add an autumnal feel to a harvest-themed wedding.

Leaves are abundant in the fall and make a festive and enchanting wedding theme. Natural or metallic maple leaves look beautiful as sprays in centerpieces or even scattered loosely about the table. Leaf-shaped bowls and trays, leaf runners and even leaf garlands make eye-catching table additions. Leaves in tall glass hurricane-style vessels, paired with richly colored pillar candles, make stunning centerpieces in the fall.




Popular fall flowers include amaryllis, violets, chrysanthemums, pansies and goldenrod. Don’t hesitate to add seasonal produce such as apples, gourds, and squashes into your harvest-themed wedding décor. Even grapes can be used to enhance the theme of a wine country wedding. Wheat can be used in centerpieces or by itself in bundles tied with colorful burlap ribbon to enhance a rustic-country look. And for all fall wedding themes, greenery such as moss table runners and vines provide fantastic color contrast and texture to the vivid colors of the season.

Where to Find Your Seasonal Wedding Decor

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