Round Vases vs. Cube Vases for Centerpieces

You found the perfect flowers. Now it’s time for the vase, and it’s like selecting the perfect frame for a piece of fine art. The right vase, like the right frame, will either make or break your floral arrangement when it comes to achieving the visual impact you want. So how do you decide whether to use a round or a cube vase? The key is to complement the flowers with the vase — not only with shape, but also with the color, texture and size of the vase.

Finding the right balance keeps the focus on the flowers, and you want to start with a wide selection and variety to choose from. Jamali Garden has a tremendous variety among its in-stock selection of vases, so you are sure to find what you need to develop the perfect centerpiece for any event.


Design Tips for Using a Round Vase for Centerpieces
There are many beautiful choices and variations for round vases. Everything from tall and slender vases to the ginger jar shape (which has a wider center and a narrow top) are all options.


1. A mixed bouquet is easy to put together and looks great in a fishbowl-style vase.


Here are some tips when using a round vase:

· To create a minimalist look, use a large cylindrical vase with tall, slim flowers like lilies or cherry blossom sprays. This is a perfect way to decorate a large open space in an elegant way.

· The shape of your blooms should also be considered. Round or dome-shaped flowers, like hydrangeas or carnations, are gorgeous in a round or spherical vase.

· A mixed bouquet featuring flowers of various sizes and shapes works best by having the stems held close together at the top in a unique round vase shape, such as a fishbowl vase.

· When using a round vase, be careful to select the right size for your flowers. For instance, small flowers will look even smaller and awkward in a vase that is too large – keeping arrangements and vase sizes proportioned will help achieve a better balanced look.

· If you’re opting for a colored vase, be sure to select a color that coordinates with the flowers. If the vase is more colorful than the flowers, it detracts from the bouquet’s natural beauty.


Design Tips for Using a Cube Vase for Centerpieces
Square cube vases come in a variety of designs. Choose a classic clear glass vase for a style that will go with any décor scheme. Ceramic square vases in either shiny glazed colors or matte finishes are a popular choice as well. To bring a nature-inspired look to your centerpiece, consider rustic birch vases that have a natural texture.


2. Square vases look better when tightly packed. Choosing flowers that have a bulkier bloom tends to fill out cube vases nicely.


Here are some tips to keep in mind for square vases:

· When using a square vase, choose flowers that don’t open too wide but that have a bulkier bloom, such as a rose.

· Square vases need the flowers to be tightly packed to fill the width or the vase.

· You will want to use as many blooms as you can in a square vase to achieve the stunning effect this shape was created for.

· Make sure you have a good pair of floral scissors, since the stems will likely need to be cut short.

· Using the same style of cube vases in varying sizes will produce a flawless centerpiece display.


Mastering the choice of a round vase or square vases takes patience and practice. Having an array of choices like the vases available at Jamali Garden will make the process fun and easy. See for yourself when you browse the selection of vases on our website today!


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