For centuries, love letters have been written, sweet nothings have been exchanged and dreams of muses have been had by candlelight. Soft flickering light from votives and candelabras have set the mood for romance since the beginning of mankind, and this unbreakable relationship with love makes candles a go-to lighting scheme for weddings. Explore some of the many, beautifully creative ways candles can be used in wedding décor here.


timeless silver and white wedding tablescape
1. Timeless in silver and white. (via Bridal Guide)

1. Elegant Centerpiece
Create a centerpiece with a self-assured, vintage beauty with white pillar candles atop antique mercury glass pillar holders. Use pillar candle holders of different heights and surround them with white roses, stock, and hydrangeas in silver vases.


unique fireplace set up
2. A hearth with many flames. (via Brides)

2. Dramatic Fireplace
Light up a fireplace in a fresh and modern way by placing pillar candles of varying heights and widths in the hearth. Arrange the candles around a classical bust, candelabra, or an antique urn, for moody interest.


orchid and floating candle centerpiece
3. Candles and cymbidiums. (via Ideas Decor)

3. Floating Candles Centerpiece
Fill a glass table bowl with water, and then add floating candles and orchids. Accent the centerpiece with additional orchid blooms around the bowl and  pillar candles that glow the whole night through.


diy modern votive candle centerpiece
4. Flower-free. (via Martha Stewart)

4. Vellum Candle Covers 
Wrap colored vellum around the outside of clear glass candleholders to match the wedding’s color scheme. The translucent material creates a soft, warm glow and makes for beautiful table accents. With a mix of coordinating colors and some matching DIY garlands and lanterns, we love that this tablescape works without flowers.


classic french cafe bottles as candleholders
5. Casual café style. (via Decor Dots)

5. Café Bottles With Candles
Channel the City of Love by placing taper candles in clear glass water bottles designed after those found in French restaurants. Place several on the bar and the dessert table for an amour bohème vibe.


bold and modern striped candle centerpiece
6. A bright & modern look. (Martha Stewart)

6. Abstract Centerpiece
Surround a group of boldly colored candles with an all-white table setting for a stunning wedding centerpiece that channels Rothko.


old hollywood glamour wedding decor
7. Old Hollywood vibes. (via Brides)

7. Cosmopolitan Class
Create a tablescape with an uptown vibe: set out white taper candles secured in antique mercury glass candlesticks with classic bouquets of white and powder-pink roses and hydrangeas. Keep the linens and tableware a crisp white.


white orchid escort table arrangement
8. Winning with white and green. (via Colin Cowie Weddings)

8. Calm Serenity
This combination of square glass vases filled with tall grass and Philodendron leaves, creates the illusion of a lush orchid arrangement while actually using fewer flowers. Complement the clean lines with floating candles in clear glass cylinder vases.


colorful wedding votive candle holders
9. Embrace candlelight. (via Martha Stewart)

9. Color Everywhere
When it comes to candles, the more, the merrier, and a playful dose of color worked into the wedding decor adds even more cheer. Use these red votive holders throughout the event space, from the escort-card table to the dessert bar.

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