Decorate Your Holiday Mantel Like a Pro

It’s that time of year again — store aisles, windows, porches, and front yards are decorated with reindeer, red bows, and twinkling lights, and those catchy Christmas tunes are back on the radio to color your days with holiday spirit. While the snow is falling and you’re sipping hot cocoa and gingerbread lattes, counting down until the big morning, you want the inside of your location to be as festive and welcoming as the festivities outside. So how can you deck the halls and hang the stockings to make your event space sparkle with cheer this season?

A fireplace mantel is the perfect place to channel your creativity and Christmas spirit by crafting a tasteful, twinkling holiday display. Want to know what factors to consider and how to make your mantel magnificent? Here are some helpful tips for decorating your own holiday mantel.

Decorating Holiday Mantel

Ponder Proportion

When setting up your fireplace mantel for Christmas, think about size, scale, height and proportion. To create a sense of balance, keep tall objects toward the outer edges and go gradually smaller and shorter toward the center. For tasteful tall décor at your mantel’s edges, try sparkling candleholders of varying heights or elegant vases filled with candy canes, pine or leaf branch picks, berry picks, or Christmas-colored flowers.

To give your display a visual pop, layer items of different heights and sizes. Try propping a mirror against the wall atop your mantel and lining up candlesticks of various widths among your spread.


Consider Color

Color scheme is essential in setting the tone for any successful display, and you want to decorate your Christmas mantel in a way that’s classy and cheerful, not garish — so make sure you stick to a theme of no more than a few colors. For Christmas, red and green might be your best bets, but silver, gold, and white are always elegant choices as well.

If you want colors that are earthy and natural, try creating a cozy display with evergreen garlands, pine cones, and faux fruits like apples and pears or berry picks. For a more wintry feel, incorporate mostly white décor like vases and candles paired with branch picks and garlands.


Try for Texture

You always want to incorporate texture to make your display stand out, and part of that means paying attention to shine! Make your mantel multidimensional by adding elements that shimmer and sparkle.

If silver is in your color scheme, try hanging green garland and decorating it with daring disco ball ornaments. If you’re going for a classier touch, incorporate magnificent mercury glass décor. Try setting up gorgeous shining silver table trees on the outer edges of your mantel, offsetting them with glass ornaments, garlands, and an assortment of mercury glass candle holders.

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