Romantic Candle Centerpiece Ideas for Weddings

Are you planning an elegant wedding inspired by romance, class, and timeless taste? Nothing embodies the joy and promise of vows like a gorgeous, glowing reception, and nothing lights up the room quite like your choice of candles and sparkling centerpieces.

Whether your aesthetic is vintage or modern, rustic or chic, you can create dazzling but simple wedding centerpieces with votives, pillars, candle holders, and taper candles. Here are some inspiring ideas for your candle wedding centerpieces:

Simple and Stark

For a centerpiece design that’s simple and stunning in how it stands out, incorporate lovely white and ivory taper candles into your display. To create elegance and an air refined simplicity of in your setting, pair these beauties with antique brass candlesticks or add other brass elements, such as bowls, as complements. To complete the look with a tasteful touch, add greenery or garlands around the bases of the candlesticks. For a more monochromatic take on this style, choose square crystal candleholders and complementary crystal or glass décor instead.

Flickering Flames

Turn the lights down low and add a soft glow by making your candle wedding centerpiece subtle and sensual. Our clear glass votive holders are sophisticated, textured, and create an alluring effect by mirroring the warm flickering of their candles’ low flames. Craft a close, intimate atmosphere and draw admiring eyes by arranging a set of three or more votives on a burnished etched brass tray, a gold pillar plate, or a polished square brass tray. Surround the votives with faux fruits, flower petals, or a garland to fill out the tray.

Rustic Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Glass and Glimmer

For a rustic or romantic light display, create a candle centerpiece that’s both down-to-earth and dazzling. How? Begin with our versatile white or ivory round pillar candles and make them part of a centerpiece that emulates the wedding’s theme.

Place pillar candles of different heights in varying sizes and styles of glass vases or cylinders, then fill the container space around the candle halfway with elements of the event’s theme. Are you having a beach-themed wedding? Surround your candles with sand or pebbles. You can fill the cylinders or cubes with flower petals, corks, berries, or beads. Each pillar candle should still be half bare and visible through the vase, emerging from its rustic décor. The varying sizes of candles and cylinders will provide a fun play on proportions, adding an extra element of depth to your centerpieces.

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