Top Wedding Planning Trends of 2017

Wedding Planning Trends for 2017

Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to showcase your unique style while celebrating the love between you and your new spouse. From your choice of wedding colors to your centerpieces and table décor, there are endless opportunities to infuse your own personal touches throughout the event. Here we’ll highlight some of the hottest wedding planning trends of 2017 and illustrate how you can easily incorporate them into your wedding day décor.

The newest wedding trends in décor hint at rustic, timeless and vintage elements paired with metallics and splashes of bright color brought in by flowers, table linens or lush greenery. Modern couples are seeking elegant and glamorous atmospheres created by venue space, lighting and dramatic elements such as tall centerpieces and hanging greenery, candles or flowers.

Wedding planning and social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram offer countless pictures and ideas for wedding themes and décor. Begin your planning with a vision of how you foresee your wedding space. This includes centerpieces and table décor, hanging or draped elements, and color scheme. Once you have a basic idea of your desired design elements, the next step is to locate a wedding décor supplier who will help you turn your wedding day vision into a beautiful reality.

Scenic Venue Choices

Non-Traditional Venues for Wedding

When it comes to venue choice, rustic, scenic and enchanting are what’s hot. Weddings at historic and scenic venues are steadily gaining popularity, according to The Knot, with 25% of couples choosing to wed at places such as farms, ranches, museums, wineries and other non-traditional venues. Barns, lofts, warehouses and buildings with vast open spaces continue to maintain their status as some of the most popular wedding venue choices. Architectural elements such as exposed beams, bricks and high open spaces add visual interest and provide a blank canvas on which your décor can take center stage.

Open-air venues and those offering both indoor and outdoor spaces can be given a unique and interesting look by using beautiful tents and incorporating lovely elements into the open space that are sure to awe guests. These include wooden arbors from which beautiful garlands can be hung or bright greenery panels that can be used as backdrops or elements to divide the abundant space.

Forty-eight percent of couples feel having a scenic venue is a top priority for their reception, according to The Knot. However, many engaged couples are limited on their venue choices due to location, budget or other factors. No matter the venue you ultimately choose, the addition of beautiful wedding décor can transform it into exactly what you have envisioned.

Greenery, Flowers, and Wedding Color Schemes

Incorporating Greenery into Your Wedding

This year’s popular wedding color choices span the entire rainbow from soft pastels to vibrant hues. Color authority Pantone recently reported greenery is the Pantone color of 2017. Modern weddings will feature an array of beautiful, lush greenery from garlands to topiaries to beautiful centerpieces with mixes of greenery and flowers that complement all themes and color schemes.

Blush remains one of the top color choices. However, new trends favor splashes of bright colors such as dark blues, pinks and even purples, golds and oranges to break up and coordinate with this soft color. This is reflected in popular flower choices such as:
• The ever-timeless rose
• Large, colorful flowers such as dahlias
• Lush and beautiful tropical plants

Peonies are also a hot choice for flowers. In fact, some brides even plan their weddings around peony season in order to incorporate these beautiful and dramatic blooms into their day. Popular peony colors include light or bright pink, red and white. Their large size and sturdy nature allow them to stand out when paired with greenery or when placed as singles or in bunches in vases or bowls.

Boxwood Mats in Wedding Decor

Boxwood panels and grass mats are another group of botanicals that can add a pop of color to your venue space. These can be used behind tables, down the aisle or as stunning backdrops for your ceremony or photos. You can lay these versatile elements flat, hang them on walls or suspend them from ceilings for a dramatic yet elegant look. Furthermore, incorporating elements such as feathers, butterflies or even birds and seashells can add color and interest to the look you are trying to achieve, helping to promote a nature-inspired look that pairs well with your chosen décor theme.

Using Garlands and Other Greenery
Grasses, ferns and succulents are also popular greenery choices that incorporate easily with flowers. Pairing these with the proper pot, vase or planter assures the advancement of your theme and adds texture and visual interest to your venue space.

Garlands are a versatile and elegant décor element that can be made from real or artificial greenery, flowers or a combination of both. They can be draped from:
• Arches
• Walls and beams
• Even across tables

Realistic-looking silk greenery, such as artificial magnolia leaf garlands are guaranteed to stay beautiful long after your wedding day is over.

For those who wish to keep their colors soft, monochromatic color schemes paired with different textures or hues are another popular color choice. Neutral colors such as soft grays, greens and blues allow you to achieve an elegant and timeless look while incorporating other eye-catching elements, such as greenery or metallics, into your décor.

Incorporation Of Metallics
Rose gold, copper and silver or pewter are extremely popular color choices with modern couples. In fact, the color gold is threatening to nudge blush out of first place for the top wedding color choice. Metallics can be used to add a pop of shimmer throughout your wedding space or to highlight certain areas. Metallics are timeless and elegant, and can serve to add excitement to neutral color schemes and sophistication to formal occasions.

One way to incorporate the metallic trend into your wedding is through the addition of mercury glass accent pieces. Mercury glass is a beautiful metallic glass that is available in many colors from silver and gold to blues, reds and many other colors in between. Incorporating elegant and shimmery mercury glass into your wedding décor provides a chic vintage feel. Consider using vintage mercury glass vases for some of your floral centerpieces or mercury glass candleholders topped with metallic taper candles on your wedding tables.

Metallics can also add an element of warmth to your wedding atmosphere. Gone are the days of having to perfectly coordinate the metal components of your wedding such as flatware and candelabras. Current trends favor the use of mixed metals to add an eclectic and rustic feel to your wedding.

Rustic Wedding Decor
Speaking of rustic décor, that too is becoming a wildly popular choice for weddings. From venue choice to table settings and even decorations, couples are infusing both vintage and rustic chic accents to their wedding day. Even if your wedding venue doesn’t exactly encompass the rustic feel, you can achieve the look with carefully chosen wedding décor:
• Chalkboard signs to indicate table numbers, directions or hints for guests or to illustrate food or beverage areas are both a helpful and rustic accent that will add charm to your wedding.
• The use of wooden elements such as place card holders, flower boxes, trays and bowls and antique or distressed metal pieces serve to promote your rustic theme while also adding texture, warmth and color to your décor.
• Milk tins, watering cans, wire baskets and even hay bales can serve both decorative and practical purposes when used at your venue.
• You can also use metal containers such as galvanized tubs as serving pieces while employing hay bales for seating or displays.

Rustic Decor for Wedding

• Incorporating glass jars as beverage holders, serving pieces or centerpieces is a simple way to bring a rustic feel to your wedding. In particular, mason jar decor continues to be a huge trend. (And not only do these rustic-looking jars make great decoration pieces, but they can also be given as wedding favors when filled with treats for guests!) See our fun ideas for mason jar wedding favors below:

Wedding Favors Using Mason Jars


Mood Lighting For A Wedding
Hanging candleholders, strand lighting or groups of tea lights clustered around your tables can provide the soft, enchanting lighting and atmosphere many couples wish to achieve for their rustic or vintage-themed wedding. The recent advent of flameless LED candles allows for the look of a flickering flame without the hassle and safety issues. These are now available in many sizes, from tea lights to tapers.

Centerpiece Ideas for Weddings
Candles and candleholders not only provide ambient lighting for your wedding space, they also make beautiful centerpieces, which can in turn become elegant guest favors. Modern weddings are seeing a return of sky-high centerpieces paired with greenery and flowers. These are not the typical centerpieces of the past, however. Today’s trends favor centerpieces that coordinate but may each be a little different from all the others.

Tall fluted glass vases with beautiful blooms or antique urns with overflowing greenery allow for a dramatic look while still letting guests see and talk to each other. A mixture of tall vases and candelabras adds a unique touch to your tables. These can be paired with smaller complementary floral centerpieces or other elements such as trays, bowls or metallic pieces.

Moroccan bronze lanterns or antique zinc pots and vases give that extra warmth and color to your tables while mirrors paired with candles provide another opportunity to add some elegant sparkle and shine to your wedding.

Creative Table Presentation
Your choice of tableware and linen color is another place where you can incorporate your style and theme. Classic colors such as black and white with touches of gold and silver are always in style and offer a timeless look that is sure to sparkle. In fact, the growing popularity of matte black tableware over gloss black linen shows a new twist on an old classic.

Layering your linens with overlays, sequined linens or other fabrics can add dimension and texture to your tables. Pairing interesting linens with simple flower arrangements is an easy way to draw attention to your tables without overpowering them with too many visual elements.

If you’re going for the lush look of a garden wedding, then consider foregoing fabric or linens completely in favor of a moss table runner or scattering of flower petals and greens running the length of your tables. Similarly, lining the length of a long banquet table with a large monochromatic floral centerpiece or with smaller coordinated centerpieces adds a beautiful and simple element to your wedding.

Dramatic Food Displays
Unique and creative food stations are currently trending, with the food presentation integrated into the wedding décor. Featuring vases, mirrors, florals, glass and greenery on your food tables is an elegant way to make them stand out while further incorporating your personal touches into your wedding day.

Creative Wedding Food Display

Creative food presentation also adds an element of fun and interest for your guests. Consider featuring:
• A beautiful dessert table with shiny tiered metal trays and cascading greens surrounding your wedding cake and pastries
• An elegant candy table filled with colorful confections served from crystal and mercury glass bowls
• Wooden, woven or moss baskets, a space-saving and fun way to serve food or display flatware at your reception

Hanging Decor Elements
The incorporation of hanging elements into your wedding doesn’t stop at baskets. Hanging elements such as lanterns, floral or green garlands, centerpieces, vases, strand lights and candles remain a popular décor choice. These suspended arrangements are a dramatic and beautiful way to provide both lighting and decoration to your venue. They can also showcase important areas of your wedding, such as the couple’s table or cake table.

Venues with beams, pillars and high ceilings provide the ideal architecture to incorporate hanging elements. This includes barns, tents, warehouses and other popular but unique venue spaces.

You can provide lighting with:
• Elegant and exotic lamps
• Paper or metal lanterns and chandeliers suspended from the ceiling
• Hanging votive and tea light holders

Interesting and artistic flower arrangements are also wildly popular this year. Who says your flowers have to be on your tables? Consider a floral or greenery arrangement suspended entirely from the ceiling. Tubular glass vases with single colorful flowers or tea light holders with buds or flickering candles are just some of the many different hanging floral décor ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding.

Luckily, these options still exist for those venues where items may not hang from the ceiling, as elements such as hanging vases and tea light holders can easily hook onto tall centerpieces, candelabras or vases. Strand lights and garlands can be hung and wrapped around anything from tent poles to tables and chairs.

Turning Your Vision Into a Reality
You’ve envisioned the wedding of your dreams. Now let us help you turn that dream into a reality. Jamali Garden is a top-quality supplier of unique floral and décor items curated from around the world. We have everything you need to keep up with the current wedding trends. We offer a large inventory of ready-to-ship items that are sure to match your style.

Take a look at our large selection of greenery, garlands and mercury glass products. If you’ve ever thought a certain look or wedding décor was perfect for you but difficult to achieve, let us help you. We offer new, exciting products on a regular basis. At Jamali Garden, we are pleased to supply products that inspire great events.

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