DIY Spring Bouquets for Your Bridal Party

Everybody knows spring is the best season for flowers. As a spring bride, you have an amazing selection of seasonal floral inspiration for your wedding and the bouquets of your bridal party.

Many brides want to really personalize their wedding bouquets by going DIY. Whether you want a full cascading bouquet, a wrapped round bouquet, an arm sheaf bouquet or a simple nosegay, Jamali Garden has the largest selection of high quality silk flowers for you to create custom DIY bouquets.

Choose your bouquet style, select your favorite flowers, and follow a couple instructions to create the beautiful bridal bouquet of your dreams.

The Top 10 Flowers for Spring Weddings
When selecting wedding flowers, the combinations are endless and unique to the personal style and taste of each bride. Colors can be coordinated to the bridal party’s dress colors and the palette of the decorations used at the wedding reception.


These posies are the most popular choices for spring brides.

Peony: A mix of softness and texture, this flower is a favorite for brides because of the pastel varieties that compliment so many spring wedding palettes.

Rose: A classic beauty that spring brides use for bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces.

Sweet Pea: This flower is an elegant purple blossom. Perfect as an accent to a lilac-themed wedding.

Lilac: This bloom invokes feelings of all things romantic. Although many vintage wedding photos feature the stem, the lilac is as in high demand with modern brides.

Ranunculus: Stylish like the peony but with more edge, these beauties are showstoppers when added to any arrangement.

Hydrangea: Many brides use the hydrangea for a dramatic standalone centerpiece. Hydrangeas add height and sophistication when placed in a tall vase.

Tulip: Streamlined and gorgeous whether used for a rustic country wedding or a modern event, the tulip is a classic springtime favorite.

Calla Lily: When you want to compliment an elaborate gown with something understated, the calla lily’s simple, sweet shape is the perfect choice.

Gerbera Daisy: Bold and beautiful is the best description for the gerbera daisy. A favorite for fun backyard-chic weddings.

Magnolia: Known as one of the most elegant spring flowers, a magnolia bouquet is an instant ‘wow factor’ for brides as they walk down the aisle.


Creating a Beautiful Spring Bridal Bouquet
Once you decide which style of bouquet you want, the focal and accent flowers you will use and the silk ribbon shade you want to wrap the bouquet stems in, it’s time to put it all together. Using beautiful life-like silks from Jamali Garden allows you to create your bouquet weeks before the big day.


Here’s how:
· Start with your focal flowers. Arrange them in either a dome or free form shape and secure them with either rubber bands or green floral tape.
· Add your accent flowers and greens by binding with the floral tape toward the end of the stems.
· Trim your stems evenly leaving them a total length of about seven inches for the handle.
· The silk ribbon should be one to two inches wide. Cut the length to 21 inches.
· Fold the ribbon inside the top of the floral tape and wrap it down the stems of the flowers in a spiral fashion. When finished, wrap the ribbon upwards.
· When you reach the top, fold the ribbon into the fop and fasten by inserting pins.
· If you like, you can add a bow by tying another ribbon just below the flowers.



Pique Your Bridal Curiosity at Jamali Garden
At Jamali Garden, we have all the beautiful silk florals you need available in our large inventory. Get inspired today to make your wedding the event of a lifetime.


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