Guide to Planning a Garden Wedding

There’s nothing more classic than planning a garden wedding. Fresh flowers and greenery go hand-in-hand with romance and new beginnings. Plus, the setting couldn’t be more agreeable — gardens create an elegant yet laid-back atmosphere. These simple garden wedding design ideas should give you the inspiration you need to pull off this theme.

Planning a Garden Wedding

Plenty of fresh blooms and a simple elegance are the foundation of a lovely garden wedding.

1. Pick the Perfect Garden Venue — Go Big or Go Cozy

Gardens come in many forms. Some botanical gardens have event spaces where you can host your ceremony, reception, or both. Certain national parks with prominent gardens will let you celebrate on their lands with their permission. If you have a green thumb and a garden of your own, backyard nuptials promote a sense of comfort and intimacy like no other. No matter what route you go, may we recommend booking live musicians instead of playing recorded music? They supplement the garden theme with a cozy and personal touch.

2. Use Nature to Create the Perfect Atmosphere

When choosing your garden wedding colors, remember to embrace the nature of your venue. What do you associate with the garden atmosphere? We think of breezy and effortless elegance like no other. You can go with plenty of whites and creams supplemented with pastels for an airy and dreamy look. If you prefer a little more drama, use brighter colors, but make sure not to get too heavy-handed.

3. Find Decor and Flowers to Complement the Setting

With a natural setting comes natural decorations. In addition to the flowers growing in the garden itself, adorn your tables and decorations with fresh or artificial flowers. Try to keep the atmosphere light overall. If you use your backyard or a family member’s garden, you could even plant flowers that match your theme by planning far enough ahead of time. You can round out the look with elements like butterflies and birds.

4. Set the Mood With Lighting

No matter where you have your ceremony and reception, lighting ties everything together. Candles, string lights, lanterns and vintage bulbs all give off unique vibes that drive your event’s ambiance. Do you have a specific angle you want to take to give your garden theme a personal touch? When and how long will the events happen? If your celebration runs into the nighttime hours, lighting becomes even more important.

5. Keep the Dress Code Easy and Breezy

Just like the other aspects of garden-themed nuptials, attire should strike a balance between refined and easygoing. Stick to lighter colors in the wedding party’s palette and pick clothing that lets them appreciate the warm weather. Men can skip the suit jacket and stay with just a dress shirt and perhaps a light vest.

6. Provide Your Guests With Fresh Florals

You can infuse florals into the entire guest experience. If you decide to make your own invitations, use pressed flowers for a unique and unforgettable RSVP. When they enter the venue, give every guest a flower or corsage to wear during the event. To finish things off, send your guests home with seeds, potted flowers, or succulents that they can raise themselves.

Plenty to Choose From for Your Garden Inspiration

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