To DIY or Not to DIY: Wedding Edition

DIY or not for wedding

In the age of Pinterest, more brides and wedding planners are DIY-ing their wedding elements than ever. But, just because you can do something yourself doesn’t mean you should. No matter how talented you are, you can’t do it all — you’re only human, and some things should be left to the professionals. Keep reading for some examples of what to DIY for your wedding and what not to DIY at your wedding.

What to DIY for wedding

Do: Paper Goods

You can become your own graphic designer with inkjet printers and printing services. Making your own invitations, menus, place settings, favor tags, and other elements is not only easy, but it can save you significant amounts of money. Using your own designs also ties together your wedding theme and gives everything a personal touch.

Do: Favors and Gifts

With a little love, simple gifts can become favors that will wow you or your client’s guests and bridal party. Candies, mints, and small bottles of wine become something to remember when adorned with ribbons, custom tags, or decals. Thank your wedding party with personalized presents that show you understand their tastes and personalities.

Do: The Wedding Shower

While showers are an essential aspect of the wedding experience, they don’t have the impact and complexity of the wedding itself. The reduced pressure gives you the room to plan and decorate by yourself without worrying about minor mistakes. Plus, the goal of a wedding shower is to have fun with friends and family — they won’t sweat the little things.

Don't DIY for wedding

Don’t: Intricate Decorations and Floral Arrangements

So, you’re browsing the internet for inspiration when you find the perfect DIY project for your wedding. It looks a little complicated, but the full-time lifestyle blogger makes it seem like a snap. What could go wrong? The answer is a lot. Even if your talent is on par with the most skilled matrimony mavens, you can’t underestimate how much time and effort it takes to make the perfect decoration. Leave it to the professionals.

Don’t: Dresses and Tuxedos

You shouldn’t DIY your wedding dress or wedding party attire, even when you have excellent sewing skills. In the worst case scenario, the clothes don’t fit or turn out completely different than you imagined. Sewing and alterations involve so many unpredictable factors that can have you scrambling at the last minute. If you need to save money, consider a dress code instead of custom outfits.

Don’t: Entertainment

A common way that some people try to save money for their wedding is to use a custom playlist and speakers as entertainment. While this option lets you share your favorite songs, you can’t predict your guests’ music tastes and whether your equipment will malfunction. DJs and other musical entertainers understand how to handle hiccups smoothly, letting you focus on the big day instead.

A Good Rule of Thumb

If you remember anything from this blog post, make sure it’s this: Base your DIY priorities on time, resources, and margin of error. Put your effort into projects that take little time and work. Also, make sure that if something goes wrong, the fix is easy and quick. If your idea doesn’t fit this description, outsource it to someone who knows what they’re doing. When you can’t create the wedding decor you have in mind, Jamali Garden makes planning easier by offering a full collection sorted by theme and decoration type.