7 Ideas for a Bright and Colorful Wedding

It’s 2018, and more wedding planners and clients are infusing their weddings with rich colors than ever. Bright-colored wedding decorations and elements can create a lively wedding that wows your guests. Use these seven ideas as a jumping-off point for your bright-colored wedding plans.

Bright Wedding Bouquet

Brightly colored blooms make for a showstopping bouquet.

1. Don’t Shy Away From a Bright-Colored Wedding Bouquet

Flowers act as the foundation for many wedding themes — you’ll find them in the bride’s bouquet, centerpieces, and accents. But, you may feel intimidated by the thought of arranging bold flowers in a way that doesn’t overwhelm. Just like any other aspect of the big day, creating the perfect colorful wedding bouquet is all about balance. Break up vibrant shades with greens and more subtle flowers.

2. Set the Guest Tables With Panache

When you plan your wedding palette, don’t forget the place settings. Metallic vases can break up the bright colors while adding a bit of dramatic flair. Mix up your plate colors to complement the centerpieces and brighten up the reception dinner. Adorn your tables with a neutral tablecloth and a runner in a statement shade.

3. Think Vertically in Addition to Horizontally

When choosing your wedding decorations, remember to look up. Paper lanterns are an easy and inexpensive way to infuse color into your lighting decorations. To supplement the lanterns, attach vibrant butterflies or hang them along with the lighting. Flower garlands and balls that come in your wedding palette can join your ceiling decorations.

4. Accent Wedding Elements With Vibrant Ribbons

If you decide to go the subtle route with your bright colors, you can strike a good balance using vibrant accents. You can add ribbon to just about anything, so why not get some in your color of choice? Tie it around the bride’s bouquet or use it instead of napkin rings. Adding ribbon to simple favors like wine, mints, and candy is an easy way to customize prepackaged gifts.

5. Change the Event Mood With a Base Color

Even when you focus on a vibrant palette, you can control the wedding atmosphere by complementing it with a base color. For ultimate drama, try black vases, candles, and runners. White softens the effect of bright colors, letting you achieve an elegant look with personality. A neutral base or wooden elements create a theme that embraces the vibrancy of spring and nature.

6. Fill Your Guestbook With Art

A wedding guestbook gives the couple a keepsake to remember the day with. In addition to a pen, provide markers, crayons, or colored pencils that guests can use to create colorful messages and drawings for the newlyweds.

7. Assign Each Guest or Table a Color

If you want to go for many colors in your palette, why not get your guests involved? When someone comes in, give them a flower in a color that matches the color of their table or ceremony seat. As wedding favors, offer art supplies like paintbrushes and paint in the guest’s assigned shade.

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