2018 Wedding Trends

2018 Wedding Trends

A new year brings with it a new rush of wedding trends mixed with some timeless design elements that never fade. As your calendar fills for the new year, it’s time to keep an eye on the 2018 wedding trends that will shape your clients’ events.

Keeping your finger on the pulse of all the latest trends lets you deliver the type of event your clients envision, capitalizing on 2018 wedding trends that emphasize exciting themes and exotic colors. Combine that with fresh wedding ideas for food and decor, and this year promises lots of glitz and extravagance for couples planning to walk down the aisle. Here’s a look at the trends wedding planners need to stay abreast of as the year unfolds.

2018 Wedding Trends: Colors Shift to Richer Hues

Color preferences change with the seasons to some extent, but some hues stay at the top of the list for color trends for weddings in 2018 regardless of the season. One of the biggest trends is moving away from the traditional black and instead opting for navy blue. Navy creates the same neutral effect as black but offers a fresh look. The color isn’t just for suits and tuxedos. Many brides choose navy for their bridesmaids and design elements on wedding invitations and décor pieces.

Even for your clients who don’t go with navy, you’ll likely notice a shift in the color palette from light and airy to deeper, richer hues for dramatic results. Burgundy has become a popular wedding color, and not just for fall or winter weddings. Since Pantone’s color of the year is ultra violet, you can also expect to see an influx of purple-hued weddings with varying shades of violet, lavender, lilac, and other purple hues in the bridesmaids’ gowns, florals, and decor.

Metallics in Wedding Decor

Metallic hues are here to stay for 2018 weddings, but the specific shades your brides choose may be different than in the past. While previous years saw an overload of rose gold and brass, 2018 emphasizes silver, chrome, and copper. It’s easy to pull in these metallic accents through the invitations and decorations. Copper comes into play with copper-colored candleholders, vases, chargers, and other elements in the tablescape.

Hot Wedding Venues for 2018: Places With Loads of Windows

Transparent is clearly the way to go for many brides getting married in 2018, from the venue itself to the wedding décor pieces that fill it. Translucent design elements create a modern aesthetic with an airy feeling and architectural appeal. The setting feels open and connects the outside world with the indoor wedding party. Transparent venues with lots of windows offer unique beauty that allows for a minimalist wedding design plan.

Popular venues feature floor-to-ceiling windows to give sweeping views of the outdoors. Some brides opt for industrial spaces with windows for a modern yet casual location. Think of it as the barn wedding of 2018.

A greenhouse-style venue surrounded by glass also makes a stunning backdrop for exchanging vows and celebrating with friends and family. For outdoor affairs, clear tents create the open, airy, transparent feeling, making them the preferred choice over traditional opaque tents. You get the protection of the tent without spoiling the view of the outdoors surrounding you.

Echo the Transparency Theme With Other Design Elements

The furnishings for the wedding also contribute to the translucent effect. You can use lucite to create the transparent look with options for everything from tables and chairs to containers and decorations. You could also employ glass for your wedding design pieces, such as cylinder vases and glass bowls. Incorporate glass tables into various parts of the wedding setup to keep with the airy design.

Transparent paper elements also have a place in 2018 weddings. Some couples choose partially translucent paper-like place settings to continue the vibe on the tables. Acrylic menus and signage at the wedding fit the style, as do glass or acrylic escort cards. If your clients opt for a seating chart to help guests find their table, print the information on a large sheet of clear plastic. All those little design elements add up to major modern appeal.

Add in Touches of Greenery to the Wedding Decorations

Not everything within the venue has to be clear, though. Another growing trend that pairs well with transparent elements is loads of greenery. While previous years saw draped fabrics create a romantic setting, this year’s bride and groom may lean more toward lush, natural, leafy displays throughout the wedding décor. When paired with a translucent venue like a clear tent, you get a natural, organic look reminiscent of a greenhouse.

Greenery in Wedding Decor

Greenery comes in different forms, from garlands strung from the venue ceiling to draping greenery surrounding doorways. Brides and grooms may choose to line the aisle with greenery or wrap it around arches, tables, and draped fabrics. Instead of cloth table runners, consider lush ivy lining the tables as the foundation for the centerpieces and other table decoration elements.

Another 2018 Wedding Theme: Going Formal Once Again

The rustic, casual wedding has been a staple for years, and many couples will still embrace that woodsy feeling. Other brides and grooms prefer a return to formality for 2018 ceremonies.

Expect to see your clients choosing wedding attire that’s a little dressier, including the bridal gown and the tuxedos worn by the men in the wedding party. Wedding décor will trend toward luxe designs to mesh with the increased formality of weddings. You’ll also likely see more traditional and formal elements in the reception, like the return of the cake-cutting ceremony, which many couples have left out in recent years.

Formal doesn’t have to mean stuffy for your clients or their guests. While the very elegant affairs tend to follow traditional styles with clean lines, classic tuxedo cuts, and upscale décor, 2018 couples also want a touch of whimsy mixed into the formal affair.

What does that mean to you as a wedding planner? It means a new take on formal with dazzling sparkle in the mix. Your clients may want a dinner party-style reception without the stuffiness of a traditional dinner party. They desire décor that wows while still making guests feel welcome. Finding that mix of formal chic balanced with whimsical and inviting provides the key for the elegant affairs on your schedule in 2018.

Flower Trends: Go Big or Go Home

When it comes to flowers in 2018, big and bold is better. Some classic brides and grooms may cling to the traditional soft blush with greenery design, but others are ready for bold blooms that make a huge impression. The arrangements themselves are often oversized, just like the blooms in them. Previously petite bouquets are expanding quickly into large cascading bouquets with a modern mix of bloom and greenery.

You’ll also see variety in the arrangements instead of a single type of bloom. Some brides prefer subtle variety, mixing flowers like roses, carnations, and greenery that look similar. Others go to the extreme with contrast, mixing big blooms with succulents or flowers from completely different families.

Expect to see texture within the flower arrangements, with dark and dramatic designs regardless of the flower types chosen. Even things like feathers and pinecones become an option for added texture. Many people will walk down the aisle carrying bouquets with many different-colored flowers in them rather than a monochromatic bundle.

Finding the Right Arrangements for Wedding Flowers

Vases for Weddings 2018

The flowers themselves aren’t the only focus of 2018 brides and grooms. The containers used to hold floral arrangements are becoming a focus of the wedding planning process. Brides and grooms want bold, unique, beautiful vessels to display their blooms. Think colored glass containers, unique metallic vessels, or geometric shapes to enhance the overall look of the arrangements.

Flowers aren’t just for bouquets or table arrangements in 2018. Hanging floral arrangements rule the wedding reception décor for weddings this year. Not only do the overhead florals draw the eye upward to the creative display, but they also keep the sight lines open when compared to large floral centerpieces on the tables. Table space remains free for communal food plates or other displays.

That doesn’t mean tabletop decorations are going anywhere. Even if the plans included massive suspended florals, the tables will still likely feature small centerpieces, including some blooms. Instead of one large, elaborate floral centerpiece, the current trend points to a cluster of smaller vases with a single type of flower.

Brides and grooms are also incorporating nature into the wedding with wedding wreaths year-round, not just for December nuptials. The wreaths might include a mix of floral elements like wildflowers paired with eucalyptus or other greenery. Personalized banners across the wreaths enhance the look. The wreaths often make an appearance as a prop in bridal photos as well as acting as accents in the reception venue or even as decorations on the car as the bride and groom leave.

New Entertainment Ideas

One of the most popular new wedding ideas in 2018 is over-the-top entertainment. Instead of just showing up to watch the happy couple exchange vows, toast them, and dance to the latest pop songs, guests get a full experience with unique entertainment during the reception.

The photo booth trend has held on for quite some time, and it’s still going strong into the 2018 wedding season. Photo booths get a bit of a makeover, though. In lieu of an enclosed booth, couples are going open with just a background without walls. Think creative when designing the background. A set of old doors decorated with greenery or a full wall of floral elements can ramp up the wow factor. Another creative approach is a green screen photo booth with the option to plug in funny or unique backgrounds.

Couples are also hiring entertainers to keep guests engaged. The standard DJ still has a spot at the wedding, but adding other performers to the schedule is becoming more popular. For a destination wedding, local performers bring in the culture of the location. If your clients have strong ties to their heritage, you might bring in performers related to that lineage.

Making a Wedding Into an Event

Other couples go for general entertainment. Some options include:

  • Magicians
  • Aerial acts
  • Caricature artists
  • Cabaret singers
  • Theater performance
  • Tarot card readers
  • Ballroom dancers
  • Jazz bands
  • Dueling pianos or even dueling DJs

The wedding entertainment doesn’t have to stop when your client’s time runs out at the reception venue. Many couples put a lot of thought and planning in the after-party, which extends the fun longer into the night. Others want a full schedule of activities all weekend long to keep their friends and family entertained and to make the event memorable. Some examples include large rehearsal dinners the night before the wedding, brunches the day after, and recreational activities like golfing or visiting local attractions.

Unusual Textures for Invitations and the Reception

Adding different textures into weddings creates depth and visual interest. It adds to the guest experience at the event, and it can start with the invitations by incorporating textured papers or different design elements, including wax seals on the envelopes. Direct your clients toward invitation materials that match the wedding style. For a romantic event with an Old World feel, parchment adds a fitting look to the invitations. Metallic foil accents are still popular and add depth to the invites.

Using different materials to furnish the reception helps create the layered, textured look that’s hot right now. You might use eclectic mismatched furniture pieces for seating like wooden chairs mixed with vintage loveseats. Pulling in fabrics and pillows on the seating also helps achieve the look. Many modern weddings don’t stick with just tables and chairs. Couples want lounge areas and unique gathering spaces to create little nooks where friends and family can mingle.

Tables at the reception are the perfect places to layer on different textures, starting with the table linens. Laser-cut overlays covering the basic table help create the look. Other textured linens also work, or vary the textures by using different types of tabletops throughout the venue. You might use wood plank tabletops for the food to create a butcher block effect with textured linen-covered tables for guests.

Marble in Wedding Decor

Marble is a popular material you will see noted among the 2018 wedding trends for décor. Venues with marble floors or other marble elements offer built-in texture, but you can pull in your own marble accents with just as impressive results. Adorn tables with marble vessels for floral arrangements, or use marble containers to hold snacks on the reception tables. Marble table elements pair well with the popular copper tones for a varied look. Arrange copper candle holders or vases next to marble containers to emphasize the texture.

Other ways to add depth and texture to wedding tablescapes include:

  • Macramé fringe
  • Linen table runners
  • Wooden bowls or vessels
  • Beds of greenery or flowers
  • Layered plates made with different materials or designs

Unique Foods

Food is an important focus of any event, so it’s no surprise couples want something different in place of traditional plated meals. You can find many ways to achieve a unique meal experience that reflects the personality of the couple. Consider these options:

  • Farm-to-table meals: It’s a growing trend in restaurants, and many engaged couples want the same experience when they tie the knot. Sourcing the wedding food locally with creative and seasonal foods is one way to make the reception a memorable one.
  • Family recipes: What better way to personalize the wedding experience than to incorporate family recipes into the menu? Including recipes from both the bride and groom shows the unity between the families.
  • Interactive food stations: Rather than lining up servers for your clients’ guests, organize interactive food stations where they can make their own food.
  • Comfort foods: A shift away from fine dining in favor of comfort food appeals to many couples. Instead of fish or a fancy chicken dish, they might serve burgers and fries for more casual fare. This makes the gathering feel more intimate, like the couple invited the guests over to their home.
  • Food truck: Embrace the big-city trend by hiring a food truck to pull up to the wedding venue. It’s a fun alternative to traditional wedding catering.
  • Late-night snacks: For clients who plan to party into the wee hours, you might suggest a special late-night snack in addition to the earlier meal. Appetizers or finger foods fit the bill for this menu option.

Even wedding desserts deserve a makeover this year. Many of your clients will still want the traditional layered cake, but others are ready for something different in the sweet department. Doughnuts and macarons have been popular substitutes for a while now, but they’re still here to stay in 2018. Another growing trend of the year is the dessert table: a smorgasbord of sweets ranging from meringues and cheesecakes to cookies and custards.

Couples who go for alternative desserts may still want a layered cake for the visual effect. In 2018, many brides and grooms want a wedding cake as a focal point and for the photo opp.

Prepare to Carry Out These 2018 Wedding Trends

Staying ahead of the curve on trends keeps you ready for anything your clients throw at you this year. Find all the wedding design elements you need to deliver on the 2018 wedding trends with Jamali Garden’s extensive selection. Get the bulk quantities you need quickly to satisfy all your brides and grooms – browse today!

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