How To Make A Purple Wedding Bouquet

We love purple and all the lilac, violet, lavender, and plum hues that encompass this color, and the many purple flowers we can use in floral arrangements, and in this lush purple wedding bouquet.


purple hydrangea freesia ranunculus peony wedding bouquet
Purple Bridal Bouquet

Follow the how-to below to create this purple bridal bouquet for yourself. All you need is a mix of silk flowers, all available at Jamali Garden, floral wire, a wire cutter, and pretty grosgrain ribbon for the classic finishing touch.

artificial hydrangea peony ranunculus ornamental cabbage lavender freesia flowers
Hydrangea, peony, ranunculus, ornamental cabbage, lavender, and freesia silk flowers.

· purple hydrangea
· freesia
· dusty pink hydrangea
· lavender
· ornamental cabbage
· half moon peonies
· grape ranunculus

Tools & Ribbon
· floral wire
· wire cutter
· green grosgrain ribbon

diy bride purple wedding bouquet
1. Cut long stems down to about 15 inches. Cut the freesia into single stems.


silk flower prep
2. Except for the ones right below the flower, cut the leaves from the hydrangeas.


purple silk flower bridal bouquet instructions
3. Start the bouquet with the two hydrangeas. Hold them tight in one hand.


diy wedding bouquet with silk flowers
4. Add a peony stem, laying each stem in a spiral on top of the other stems as you add it.


create a purple wedding bouquet instructions
5. Add the ranunculus, freesia, and lavender, alternating them, continuing to lay them in a spiral, and finish by adding the ornamental cabbage.


finish bouquet with leaves below the flowers
6. Tie the flower stems with floral wire. Add the hydrangea leaves just below the flowers and secure them with wire.


wrap wedding bouquet in grosgrain ribbon
7. Wrap the stems in ribbon. Split and tie the ribbon around itself, or secure it with another piece of wire. Cut all the flower stems to across the bottom, just about 1 inch below the ribbon.


bridal wedding bouquet ribbon
8. Cut another length of ribbon to tie a bow on the bouquet.


how to cut a fishtail ribbon
9. Tie a double bow around the stems. Fold the end of the ribbon onto itself, about 2 inches. Cut at a diagonal across the fold to create fishtails.


diy bride purple violet lavender wedding bouquet
10. Fluff your flowers and make any small adjustments to make sure your bouquet looks full and the flowers cluster nicely together. And your purple wedding bouquet is done!


This beautiful, purple, silk flower bouquet can also be a pretty arrangement for a wedding centerpiece or accent. Pair it with this antique rust white urn; as you can see, they’re a perfect match.

classic wedding centerpiece with purple flowers
The bouquet as a centerpiece in a classic urn.



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