Flower-Filled Bridal Shower Decor Ideas

A bridal shower is not just a great way to celebrate the bride-to-be, but also a prime opportunity for her bridal party to mingle before the big day, and for her to connect with important women in her life. It’s an important part of the wedding process!

There’s a lot to consider when planning the shower, from the menu and guest list, to the decor and activities. Luckily, we’re here to answer your bridal shower FAQs and help you create the perfect day with our bridal shower decoration ideas.


What is a bridal shower?

A bridal shower is a special event held in honor of a bride-to-be, typically a few weeks before her wedding. Historically, the tradition goes back to 16th century Holland, when women couldn’t get married unless their father approved the union. If a father disapproved and refused to provide a dowry, the bride’s friends and neighbors would come together and provide money or small gifts to help her start her home.

Over time, the concept evolved into what we now know as the modern bridal shower, where guests shower the bride with love, well wishes, and practical gifts for married life. 

They can be a grand affair, with catering and bar staff, or a small party in the backyard. Other options are a spa day or weekend getaway with her closest friends.  


What happens at a bridal shower?

The general blueprint that most bridal showers stick to includes drinks, food, gift-opening, and games.

Typical bridal shower activities include gift bingo, designing wedding dresses using rolls of toilet paper, trivia about the bride or groom, or cocktail making.


When do you have a bridal shower?

Traditionally, a bridal shower is held a few weeks before the wedding day, though this can change based on logistics and location of the bride and her family. Some women like to have it the week before the wedding, so her guests won’t have to travel twice. Others choose to celebrate their bridal shower months before the wedding, to not steal the spotlight from the big day.


Who throws the bridal shower?

Traditionally, the maid of honor or bridesmaids organize the bridal shower. However, close family members or friends may also take on the hosting duties. The key is to select someone who knows the bride well and understands her tastes and preferences.


Who do you invite to a bridal shower?

Bridal showers are often a more intimate and smaller affair than the wedding day.The list should be limited to guests who are also invited to the wedding itself.  

Of course, the bride’s nearest and dearest should be at the top of the list, including close family members, close friends, and bridal party members. Guests should be an integral part of the bride’s life and have played a significant role in her journey, so consult with the bride to ensure no one important is left out.


Do you bring a gift to a bridal shower?

In short, yes. Bringing a gift is good bridal shower etiquette. Gifts are traditionally meant to be items that will help the bride set up her new home, like kitchen appliances, decor, or artwork. However, it’s essential to choose something that reflects the bride’s tastes and aspirations –– there’s no point buying your friend a $1000 food processor if she hates cooking.

But before you can start thinking about buying a gift, the event has to be planned! Here’s everything you need to know before throwing an epic bridal shower. 


Bridal shower decoration ideas

There are so many directions to go in and themes to choose from when planning the decor for a bridal shower. Consider the bride’s interests and tastes, and let that influence the decor for the day. Here are some ideas to guide you.



Pink is always a good choice for a bridal shower! Whether you opt for pastels and soft hues or go all-in with bright Barbie shades, you can’t go wrong with pink.


pink posy baby pink carnation wedding bouquet tied with ribbon
Pink Posy: For her entrance, a petite bouquet of baby pink carnations. (via BRIDES)


Carry a posy. Soft pink carnations are a beautiful way to add this color to your decor. Make your bouquet ahead of time by using silk flowers; you’ll be able to use it again or hold on to it as a keepsake from the shower!


A Modern flower market

For a bride who loves flowers, consider a DIY bouquet-making station as a fun bridal shower activity. Choose a variety of silk flowers (her favorites, flowers in her wedding colors, or popular ones), and artificial greenery. Arrange them in market-style zinc buckets and invite guests to choose their favorite blooms and create a bouquet.


flower market set up diy flower arrangement station with flowers in French vases
A vintage wood chest becomes a flower station, with flowers and fillers in French vases. (via Ruffled)

Print out photos of pretty floral arrangements and bouquets to serve as inspiration for the guests. Be sure to get a range of different blooms and unique and interesting foliage. The selection shown in the image above, includes amaryllis, lilies, hydrangeas, and tulips. Among the greenery are olive branches, eucalyptus, and magnolia leaves. To recreate the display below, use black flower buckets and slim nesting tables to create the tiers. Tulips, carnations, eucalyptus, baby’s breath, and ferns are all great options.


diy bouquet station with black flower buckets on tables holding tulips rose and ranunculus
This DIY bouquet station includes roses, tulips, ranunculus, and stock in pink, white, and orange hues. (via Style Me Pretty)


springtime in paris themed bridal shower with fake, blooming, pink cherry blossom trees
Make it look like gay Paree, complete with blooming faux cherry blossom trees. (via Martha Stewart)


For an elegant and romantic bride, a chic springtime in Paris theme would suit perfectly. Keep the colors soft and muted with whites, neutrals, and shades of rose and dusty pinks. 


paris in spring theme bridal shower tablescape with cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms and napkins, some of the pink tabletop details. (via Martha Stewart)


Of course, pink cherry blossoms would be the perfect flowers for this spring fete. Cut the stems into shorter pieces for this ceramic ball vase and this taller ceramic potter’s vase. On these smaller tables, you’ll only need the pair and these chic, popular wedding candleholders. Finish with gold flatware, a brilliant touch among the sea of pink shades. 


flower filled tablescape for tea party theme bridal shower
Colorful, loosely arranged flowers create a relaxed yet elegant setting for a tea party. (via Fashionable Hostess)

Tea party

Hosting a high tea bridal shower is another lovely way to celebrate the bride-to-be.

For the tablescape, focus on getting bright, showy flowers in red, pink, and peach, and balance them out with soft whites. Use a mix of plain vases and classic ones, like this ginger vase, to keep the focus on the blooms themselves.


high tea bridal shower tablescape
Heart-shaped place cards show guests their seat where they’ll also find a flower crown to don. (via Fashionable Hostess)


Create layers on the table with sweets on tiered displays and vases in different sizes, like these four-inch glass cylinders paired with ball deco vases. For flowers, combine classic red roses, pink peonies, and white sweet peas are ideal choices for this romantic tablescape. Pop in a few interesting blooms for grand style, like a soft peach ranunculus.


tea infused creme brulee for a bridal shower served in tea cups on saucers
For dessert, tea-infused crème brûlée served in tea cups. (via Country Living)


DOUBLE-DUTY Party favors 

Give your guests something to take home, as a special memory of the event. In fact, your centerpieces can do double duty as decor and a take-home gift!

We used vases, but any small vessel will do for these pretty posies. Simply fill with blooms and place the mini-arrangements on cake stands. – Martha Stewart


Small, ceramic bowl vases filled with cute mini bouquets are ready for guests to take with them. Again, silk flowers are a great option here because they last forever! On your table, put out a mix of single and stacked cake stands and fill them with the white vases holding the arrangements.



For a chic ‘champagne and dessert’ themed party, satisfy their sweet tooth with tasty baked goods that celebrate love and romance. These XO cookies are a cute nod to l’amour. They’re easy to make yourself, too; just get some cookie cutters and pink icing! 


X O pink glazed cookies on a white ceramic tray
You’re so sweet. – XO cookies (via Country Living)


Presentation is everything, so lay your cookies out on a beautiful marble tray, or a classic glass pastry tray.

For cakes, use proper cake stands, like this crystal cake plate which is simple yet stylish enough to show of pretty cakes. 


chocolate cake topped with large crystal diamonds displayed on crystal cake plate
Diamonds everywhere, even on cakes.


Scattering a few crystal diamonds around the table, or even on the cake itself, is a cute nod to the bride’s ring, and the reason you’re all here!


When planning a bridal shower, your theme and decor options truly are endless. Explore all of Jamali Garden’s decorations and flowers to get inspired! For your wedding day, find more floral arrangements and centerpieces in this silk wedding flower guide.