Silk Wedding Flowers: The Ultimate Guide

You simply can’t have a wedding without flowers. From the bridal bouquet to centerpieces at the reception, flowers play a massive part in your big day. Not only do they bring color and texture to a wedding celebration, but they’re also a chance for a couple to let their personality shine through their choice of blooms.

Every wedding has flowers, from beautiful hydrangeas to show-stopping peonies, but what if you could keep your arrangements for life, instead of just your wedding day? High quality silk flowers are just as beautiful as the real thing, and they’ll live on forever.


Silk flowers are fine candidates for a composition under glass; like this glass cloche. (via One King’s Lane)

Not yet convinced? Let’s find out more.

Why choose silk flower arrangements for weddings?

Why go silk? The real question is why not? 

First of all, they’re more sustainable. Silk flowers can be reused and will look fresh forever, unlike living blooms which will last a week at best. You’ll be able to keep a bouquet or table centerpiece for years to come, as a special memory of your wedding. 

While there are different artificial versions of flowers, silk flowers look real. We’re not talking about fake flowers from the dollar store, here. Silk flowers are beautifully-crafted, delicate, and look just like the real thing. You also know exactly what you’re getting before the big day –– no last-minute surprises! They’re also always in season, so you don’t have to worry about not finding your favorite blooms.


Get the look: You can have a tropical wedding backdrop anytime. A mix of leaves are dotted with red ginger, heliconia, birds of paradise, and pincushion protea.


Flowers can be one of the most significant expenses on a wedding day, so make sure you’re considering all available options. Silk flowers can also be more cost-effective, especially if you want to go all-out with your florals on the big day. 

No-one will be able to tell the difference, but you’ll get to keep them forever. What’s not to love?


Best silk wedding flowers

Once you’ve decided on silk flowers, you have endless options –– we have a wide variety of silk flowers to choose from. Our catalog includes everything from popular wedding options such as peonies, roses, ranunculus, and hydrangeas to silk greenery options such as eucalyptus and ferns. 

It’s all about choosing what represents you and your partner. Let’s go through some of your best options. 


red silk roses in clear glass vase with gold rim
The ribbed glass on this vase is perfect for obscuring the silk flower stems, while the gold rim adds a gorgeous detail.

Silk roses

Of course, roses are a classic wedding choice. 

Red roses are synonymous with celebrating the joy and passion of love, so red silk roses are the perfect option if you’re going for a more traditional wedding theme. 


white roses with silver dollar eucalyptus and Queen Anne's lace in wood fishbowl vase
Get the look: Silk flowers are a perfect match for wood vases. This arrangement features a mix of white roses, Queen Anne’s lace, and silver dollar eucalyptus. (via @angelamarieevents)

Silk roses, just like their living counterparts, come in a huge variety of colors, from white and cream to vivid blue and pink. They’re a super-versatile flower, which look stunning on their own or incorporated into the bridal bouquet and centerpieces. Loose rose petals are another excellent wedding decor choice –– to be thrown down the aisle or scattered on reception tables. 


low wedding centerpiece of pink peonies in small vases martha stewart weddings
GET LOW  Colorful pink peonies in low glass vases put the focus on the flowers. Don’t feel like you have to have huge, full arrangements on your wedding day—sometimes simple but special is the way to go. – Martha Stewart Weddings

Our Eye-Catching Faux Floral Selection

Our refined silk rose collection will bring your interior design vision to life. In addition to our array of vibrant colors and lush leaves, we also carry different rose arrangements, making our designs exceptionally unique and versatile. You can purchase a dozen roses for a classic centerpiece or order single stems, sprays, garland, spheres, and even rose and succulent arrangements to use as decor. With our diverse silk rose collection, you can incorporate roses into any and every design, resulting in stunning pops of color all year round.

Silk peonies

Peonies are used to represent love, honor, happiness, and beauty – can you think of a more fitting flower for a wedding ceremony?

long table with a mix of bud vases with tulips ranunculus peonies and delphiniums
Get the look: Add color with a mix of vintage-look glass bud vases and metal bud vases, filled with ranunculus, peonies, tulips, and delphiniums. Silk flowers are a great substitute for any flowers you’d love to include that are out of season. (via @jumanzoliflores)

A bouquet of roses and silk peonies is a classic choice, whether you go for all-white, all-pink, or a mix of different shades. Single silk peonies look great in small glass jars for table decor at a rustic country ceremony. 

ELEVATED ESCORT CARDS  Re-create this scene by grouping phalaenopsis orchids in slim vessels of varying heights. For a less pricey option… dahlias, Queen Anne’s lace, or anemones. Then add a decorative screen as a backdrop. Head to target for basic styles you can paint, wallpaper, or cover in fabric; eBay often offers vintage models; or, for the most wallet-friendly solution, score one for the day from a local party-rental company. Similar bud vases available at Jamali Garden. – Martha Stewart Weddings

Silk orchids

If you want to make a statement, but aren’t keen on going over the top with massive floral displays, silk orchids are the answer. They’re visually striking enough to look good on their own, rather than paired with other blooms in an arrangement. 

clear wedding tent reception with white phalaenopsis orchid garlands
Get the look: Garlands of white phalaenopsis orchids criss-cross and cascade down over wedding reception tables In a tent with a clear, see-through ceiling. (via @pearlyposie)

They’re simple yet elegant, and, again, can be found in a diverse range of colors. White silk orchids are a classic wedding choice or go bold with bright blue silk orchids placed throughout your reception venue. Orchid blooms come in a variety of shapes, so you can really get creative with them. 


classic wedding reception tables with silver candlesticks and silver urns with blue hydrangea bouquets
Get the look: Beautiful and elegant wedding styling with blue hydrangea centerpieces in classic, silver flower urns. (via Raûl Avila)

Silk hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are the perfect flower to include in bouquets and arrangements, thanks to their large, ball-like structure. Our blue silk hydrangeas are the most common color, though we carry everything from white to pink and purple. 

blue and lavender hydrangea wedding bouquet
COASTAL CLUTCH … an atmospheric palette of blue and lavender blooms with a charcoal bow. – Martha Stewart Weddings


Why not get creative with your hydrangea usage? Wrap pink silk hydrangea stems around a wire molded into the shape of a heart or the couples’ initials for a memorable accent piece. Or fill mason jars with string lights and small silk hydrangea stems for an outdoor wedding. 


boxwood backdrop with white faux magnolia flowers
Dress up a boxwood wall with an arc of white magnolia flowers for a wedding ceremony or photo booth backdrop. (via FLOWER magazine)

Silk magnolias

For brides and grooms looking for a less-traditional flower option, magnolias are perfect. They’re not a traditional choice for weddings, but are simultaneously elegant and dramatic, and will definitely be memorable. 


tablescape with  Queens Anne's lace ferns and greenery in bud vases and magnolia flowers in julep cups
FORAGED GREENERY  Here’s a simple, summery way to celebrate: Set a handsome table using decanters, tumblers, and even an ice bucket or two, all filled with a dramatic mix of garden greenery and understated blooms. – Martha Stewart. Get the look with magnolias in silver julep cups, ferns, and other greenery in bottle bud vases.


A few branches of white silk magnolia spray are a great place to start. A tall presence on reception tables, placed it in a tall vase –– either on its own or paired with a faux magnolia leaf spray for a realistic touch. 

A magnolia leaf garland with silk flowers looks stunning used as a table runner. Let it run down the center, and even down to the floor, on long wedding reception tables. It’s a great option for adding greenery and blooms to the decor without needing vases that could end up adding to your costs. 


pink anthuriums with philodendron leaves in gold bud vases
Get The Look: Steel Bretagne gold vases with anthuriums and greenery are perfect for a destination wedding. (via @macandthemushroom)

Silk tropicals

Planning a beach wedding, destination ceremony, or a celebration in the middle of summer? Silk tropicals are the best way to embrace that warm weather vibe and tie the wedding theme together. 


modern birds of paradise floral tropical centerpiece
Use a wood or cement flower box for this modern arrangement with birds of paradise, large leaves, and cut stems. (via Fior déco)


Use bright, eccentric flowers – like this silk red Peruvian lily – as the main focus for the floral arrangements, built out with smaller neutral blooms and greenery. Palm fronds and monstera leaves are ideal choices if you need somewhere to start, and red ginger spray makes for an eye-catching accent. 


sugarbush pink protea in white ceramic bud vase for a tropical wedding
CHOOSE BIG BLOOMS  Perfect for a tropical or desert wedding, sugarbushes are equal parts striking and simple. Also known as protea, sugarbushes need little else to complement them in order to make an impact; when fully bloomed, they’re sure to leave a lasting impression. – BRIDES. Get the look: Pair a silk protea with this ceramic bottle bud vase or this ceramic teardrop bud vase.


Silk frangipanis are an obvious choice for a beachside wedding. Incorporate them into the bridal bouquet and also into headpieces for the bridal party.  When using silk tropicals, it’s all about having fun and getting creative!

High-Quality Silk Flower, Garlands & Products for Your Event and Venue Needs

Our garlands are made up of different types of greenery, including boxwood, rosemary, and other shapely leaves. While green garlands look gorgeous on their own, many of our pieces also feature silk flowers like roses, lilac, wisteria, and more. These beautiful blooms take our garlands to a whole new level, adding a fuller, unique look to any space.They can be used in a variety of ways and offer plenty of versatility, whether spicing up your event tables, creating a garland wedding arch, or paired with your hotel lobby furniture.

The full blooms and simple design of our flower balls look great when featured in a centerpiece bowl or hanging in prominent locations throughout your venue.

Ready to pick your silk flower arrangements?

Whether you’re hosting a black-tie wedding with a sit-down dinner or a barefoot beach wedding in Hawaii, you’re going to need flowers. And silk flowers are simply your best option if you’re looking for show stopping blooms that can live on forever. 

At Jamali Garden we have a huge range of silk flowers, so you’re sure to find the perfect blooms for your special day.