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What is a Bud Vase?
Bud Vase Arrangements for Every Wedding Theme
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There are so many ways to add flowers to a wedding. Even the most minimal of weddings incorporate blooms in some small way. 

Wedding flowers infuse color, texture, and personality into a big day. Really, when picking flowers, your choices are endless… But have you considered your vases?

What is a bud vase?

A bud vase is a small vase designed to hold a few stems of cut flowers, often flowers with slender stems that are just starting to bloom. 

Bud vases are often used to make dainty arrangements of budding flowers in the early spring when there aren’t a lot of blooms to choose from. 

And also… they’re a key player in crafting beautiful wedding centerpieces. 


Benefits of using a bud vase in your wedding decor

When you have the option of so many different styles, shapes, and sizes of vases, what’s so great about a bud vase?

If you’re planning a large wedding with elaborate decor, you can incorporate bud vases into bigger arrangements and centerpieces to add layers and varying heights.

If you’re keeping things small and scaled-back, bud vases are stunning on their own, filled with a single stem. No need to overstuff a bud vase with a lot of flowers.

In a budget-friendly wedding, bud vases are a great option to use as a vessel to show off your flowers. You won’t be dropping hundreds of dollars on glass vases for larger, composed floral centerpieces. 

They’re also great for a DIY couple who wants to add their own personal flair to their wedding decor. Collect a bunch of bud vases in different sizes and shapes for a cute eclectic look.


Bud vase arrangements for every wedding theme

The best thing about bud vases is their versatility! We have a wide variety of vases are available that could suit any theme or style


colored glass in blue aqua green and purple vases centerpiece with single stem flowers
When the colorful part of your centerpieces is the glassware itself, you don’t need a ton of blooms to make a statement. To create this look, you’ll want to choose several glasses in various sizes that are similar in color yet varied enough to show off their hues. Stage them around each other while filling some with tea lights or single-stemmed flowers. – Martha Stewart

Colored glass

Can’t decide on one single color for your flowers and vases? You shouldn’t have to. Colored glass is a stunning way to elevate your wedding decor, especially when paired with all-white tabletop accessories like tablecloths and runners. 

Choose colors that look cohesive together, like aqua green and blues, purples, and pinks. For daytime or outdoor weddings, use brighter pastels like peaches and yellows. 

Keep your flower choices simple to allow the beauty of the vases to shine through –– single-stemmed daisies and Queen Anne’s lace would work perfectly. 




modern blue and purple centerpiece with apagapanthus and black dinner candles
Lone stems — a mix of full plumes and reedy stalks such as caspia and agapanthus — are arranged in vessels of various heights and shapes. – Martha Stewart Weddings

Modern wedding BUD VASE centerpiece

White and blue is a perfect combo that can be adapted to any theme. For daytime weddings keep your shades light: aqua and teal. If your reception is black tie or at night, go drastic with midnight blue, navy, or with black taper candles, to add a more formal edge. 

Embrace the color scheme by going for blue and purple flowers. Light purple allium flowers that are spherical and eye-catching, or thin-stemmed blue flower sprays, are a great choice. Pair your blue glass vases with similar-hued tableware, blue votives, to complete the look. 



PINK VINYL CENTERPIECES Snip plastic strips of hot pink vinyl to the same height as vases, roll them up, and slip them inside. Add a glue dot to keep the strip in place on larger vessels. – Martha Stewart Weddings

Pink wedding

For a bright, fun, retro wedding, you can’t go wrong with bright pink glassware. This decor doesn’t scream black tie, but it would be perfect for a cocktail party or outdoor reception, especially if your bridesmaids were clad in matching pink!

Lean into the bright pink of it all with hot pink gerberas, neon pink peonies, and anything else pink you can get your hands on. When you’re going with all one color, keep it interesting by adding layers with both short and tall bud vases



single-flower arrangements like sweet peas, poppies, and anemones in colorful bottles set on a purple linen makes for an informal yet impactful tablescape
SWEET CENTERPIECE  … A scattering of single-flower arrangements like sweet peas, poppies, and anemones in colorful bottles set on a purple linen makes for an informal yet impactful tablescape. – Martha Stewart Weddings

spring wedding

Purple and peach may not sound like typical color combinations – especially for a wedding – but with the right accent colors you’d be surprised at the cohesive look!

Aim for pastels and muted shades – like lilac and peach – for the majority of your decor., Add in some bright peach and purple to make a statement. Use white bud vases and tableware to really make sure the vibrant color of the flowers stands out. 


beach wedding centerpiece with dahlias in bud vases seashells and conch
…stems of feathery astilbes, creamy dinner plate dahlias, and pale purple gomphrena are arranged in sea-glass-colored vases, while ornamental oregano spills from large conchs on a shell-strewn table. – Martha Stewart Weddings


You don’t need to be a mermaid to have an under-the-sea-themed wedding –– and it definitely doesn’t have to be all seashells! Bud vases are perfect here, as they’re small and understated, allowing the bigger decor pieces – like seashells and marine grass – to take the spotlight. Focus on adding unique details to your seaside tablescape. The shapes, patterns, and colors of nautilus shells and sea urchins make standout accents and you need just a few for a big impact.  

Don’t confuse ‘seaside’ with ‘nautical’, though. Ditch the navy and white stripes, and instead embrace soft colors like seafoam, light aquamarine, and coral pink. 


watercolor windows with shades of citrus and pink illuminating centerpieces, escort cards, cocktails, and even a cake
WATERCOLOR WINDOWS   To create a contemporary stained-glass effect, cut tinted photography gels (available at photo-supply stores) to fit each bare pane. Press them against the glass — they’ll cling to the smooth surface. It’s a stunning idea for a ceremony marker or backdrop for dinner. – Martha Stewart Weddings

a versatile Tinted tablescape

Pair a pretty pink with yellow. Using these two bright colors –– when done right, you’ll have wedding decor to remember. 

Opt for white tables, ghost chairs, and other clear or colored acrylic furnishings. Let your pink centerpieces stand out and do all the work. Pink colored water in bud vases will look great with blooms in similar pink shades. Or stick to white flowers for a brighter contrast with the pink from the vases.  


wedding colors tinted tablescape sweet peas are arranged in simple glass containers and multifaceted vases filled with subtly dyed water (just add organic food coloring) to create a vivid centerpiece
See the world through rose-colored glasses. Here, sweet peas are arranged in simple glass containers and multifaceted vases filled with subtly dyed water (just add organic food coloring) to create a vivid centerpiece. – Martha Stewart Weddings


Do you have a particular color in mind that you’re dreaming of for your vases, but can’t quite find it? Well, this is the perfect solution. Use clear glass bud vases and add a drop or two of organic food coloring to the water, just before you adding the flowers. It creates a stunning and unique effect, that you can match directly to your unique wedding colors!

Why Buy Flower Vases in Bulk?

Wedding and event planners, interior designers and florists all believe that beautiful flowers deserve an equally beautiful vase. At Jamali Garden, we agree! That’s why we have in stock every shape, size and type of vase you could need for any event or venue. And we have all our vases available in stock at bulk wholesale prices so you can decorate beautifully and stay within your or your client’s budget, while getting the supplies you need given the size of the event.

Ready to find your perfect bud vase?

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