The Trayscaping Trend: Ideas for All Around the Home

Move over tablescaping — today (and every day if we could), we’re talking about trayscaping.

The latest kid on the interior trends block, trayscaping is the art of creating beautiful, original, mesmerizing displays of objects on a tray. It’s a practical trend you’ll love to get on board with, so keep reading. 

In our essential guide to trayscaping, we will uncover everything you need to know about this exciting trend.


trayscaping bedisde table nightstand jewelry in trays
BEDSIDE On a nightstand, colorful ceramic trays become focal pieces when filled with jewelry. (via HONESTLYWTF)


What Is Trayscaping, Exactly?

The word itself suggests what trayscaping is all about: creating a “landscape” of items to put on display using a tray. Yes, it’s as simple — and inexpensive — as that. 

The art of styling tables with pretty trays that house anything from freshly handpicked flowers to dainty China mugs is an ancient one. It was, however, the recent pandemic that brought this old trend to the fore.

At the time, as more people were confined to their home, preparing food for one risked becoming dull and lonely. Cue trayscaping. People around the world began to put a lot more effort into not only cooking and eating healthy, nourishing food but presenting it in a beautiful way.


trayscaping at home no fail way to style a dresser with tray lamp object
NO-FAIL WAY TO STYLE A DRESSER A lamp + a mirror + a vase + a pretty object = a no-fail dresser formula. – HGTV Magazine.

The Principles of Trayscaping in Interior Design

In the world of interior design, trayscaping is a method that helps you to use a carefully selected range of objects to tell a story or convey a message. The incredible versatility of trayscaping is one of the beauties of this trend.


bar at home trayscaping mixers and cocktail tools
FOR THE BAR  Group your lighter spirits on a gold tray alongside bar tools. Add eye-catching, wiry florals in a brass vase. (via CURBED/New York)


From telling someone you love them to celebrating the arrival of fall or marking an important anniversary, the right trayscape expresses your feelings, thoughts, and moods.


organizing at home marble tray with perfume bottles and scented candle trayscaping idea
BOTTLED UP  Group pretty perfume bottles on a marble tray. (via @containedbycrystal)


So, how should one go about selecting both the tray and the objects to put on display on your tray?

There are no strict rules around this, but there are some tried and tested tips.

To begin with, think about the occasion that you are preparing your trayscape for. Is it a formal event, or a more laid-back one? Is your creation aimed at celebrating someone or something, or is it for the pure visual pleasure of your friends and family? Where will the trayscape live? On a small coffee table or as the centerpiece on a large dining table?

Based on this, you should be able to identify the right type of tray that you want to use — in terms of size, material, and style —- as well as the objects to display. Both formal and informal trayscapes can benefit from the addition of simple, everyday items that you might already have, so start by having a look around before you jump into purchasing anything new.


Five Inspiring Trayscaping Ideas


hardboiled egg with sauces trayscaping idea
EGGS  Relish tray with DIY eggs. (via Bon Appétit)

1.  Celebrate Love

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or simply a day when you want to tell a loved one how much they mean to you, trayscaping can be a fun and unusual way to send a love message.

Making breakfast for someone you love always hits the mark, but bringing that freshly cooked breakfast to bed is next-level decadent. Why not make it even more special with a trayscape? Using a medium-to-large round brass tray, carefully add your cooked breakfast by placing the main dish in the middle and any other items to the sides.

Then, add a simple, decorative vase with a pretty rose — or your loved one’s favorite flower — to it.


rope handled caddy with rope accents that make it easy to carry all of your beauty essentials
HANDY CADDY  …rope accents that make it easy to carry all of your beauty essentials. – Martha Stewart

2.  Elevate Your Sunday Morning

A breakfast-in-bed trayscape on a Sunday morning may be just what the doctor ordered — but have you ever tried treating yourself to a slow, indulgent, bubbly bath as soon as you slip out of bed? This trayscape idea is perfect for a pampering weekend session in your very own home spa.

The night before, simply pick a small or medium-sized wooden tray and fill it with the following: one bath bomb, one bamboo dry brush, your favorite body scrub and body lotion, and a couple of silk flowers. How does this sound for a Sunday morning wake-up call?


bathroom in nyc apartment trayscaping idea perfume scented candle on tray
SORTED SCENTS  Keep your perfumes, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and a scented candle, organized on a gold tray. (via CURBED/New York)


fall home decor trayscaping idea pumpkins gourds in tray on table with eucalyptus arrangement
FALL FOYER  Fill a wood tray with gourds and pumpkins and add a clay urn overflowing with eucalyptus. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

3.  Jump into Fall

Fall is around the corner, so why not celebrate its upcoming arrival with a fall-inspired trayscape? For this décor idea, you will need a brass tray and a selection of objects including some votive candle holders and mini pumpkins.


gilt group gilded pumpkins and gourds with mercury glass votives on a tray
GILT GROUP  These pumpkins are small and lumpy like gourds, which makes them perfect for autumnal arrangements that look stylish well past Halloween. – Martha Stewart

Arrange all the objects on the tray and add some a gold ivy leaf to each pumpkin on your tray.


holiday trayscaping home idea tabletop christmas trees pine branches
COOL JEWEL TONES  Pussy willow adds some height to a simple arrangement of pine branches with cones… A turquoise ribbon complements the colored jar and the decorative Christmas trees. The limes accentuate the green tones from the branches and connect them to the base, a large pewter tray that offers a bit of shimmer without the shine of silver. – Southern Living

4.  Get Festive

Gold is the name of the game at Christmas. Get creative preparing all your essentials for this year’s most festive trayscape by selecting a round antique raw brass tray and carefully placing a red berry wreath in the middle.

Then, add your favorite ornaments directly to the center of the wreath. Finish off your joyful display by wrapping a golden garland or some golden fairy lights around the tray.


neutral home decor trayscaping coffee table wood tray with candle vasee and coasters
COOL GRAYS  A wood tray, marble coasters, and a vase with hydrangeas. (via Pinterest)

5.  Spruce Up Your Coffee Table

Are you looking to give a new lease of life to your coffee table? Before you make any actual adjustments to the table itself, consider jazzing it up with a trayscape. The timeless sophistication and effortless versatility of marble work great with most styles, so a white marble serving tray is a fantastic option.

What you display on it is entirely based on your taste and the décor that you have chosen for your lounge. You could, for example, opt for a selection of polished brass cubes and cylinders to convey a refined effect. Something like an antique brass vase filled with gorgeous, bright artificial flowers or plants, on the other hand, will give the room a more lively, vibrant atmosphere.


living room in dark moody colors home trayscaping idea for coffee table
ON THE TABLE  Wood vases, stone and wood decorative objects on a gold tray. (via Graham Atkins-Hughes)

The Home of Trayscaping

Whether you are considering trayscaping for a celebratory occasion, as a way to pamper yourself, or simply to spruce up a corner of your home, Jamali Garden has everything you need.

From wooden, brass, and marble trays to Fall and Christmas decorations, down to artificial plants and flowers, and fairy lights, your trayscaping dreams come true with us.

See our other easy and practical tips using trays to organize and declutter your home.