Boho Wedding Decor Ideas For The Ultimate Bohemian-Chic Theme

For couples who want to embrace a more relaxed or unconventional approach for their big day, a bohemian – or boho – wedding theme is a delightful way to do it. A chic, vintage style, it draws from the 1960s and 1970s, while still incorporating modern elements. 

At its core, a bohemian wedding celebrates a love for all things organic and natural. Think dreamy outdoor settings, wildflower bouquets, flowing fabric, and earthy elements. The color palette, a base of neutrals, often includes earth tones like muted greens, warm browns, and soft pastels, complemented by pops of vibrant hues.

palo santo sticks as boho wedding favor
MEANINGFUL FAVORS  Against a background of neutrals from a wood tray and gold from a brass bowl, Palo Santo sticks for wedding favors. – via Martha Stewart


The adaptability of boho wedding decor is one of the reasons why it is so popular. The theme allows you to keep things simple and low-cost, with plenty of DIY opportunities – fairy lights, candles, vintage furniture, and flowers galore. 

It’s a theme that encourages personal expression and showcases the couple’s unique style while weaving together elements of nature, artistry, and bohemian flair.

Boho Wedding Decor And Ideas

The beauty of a boho wedding theme is that there’s quite a bit of leeway when it comes to decor: whether you want to be more minimalistic or go for a cluttered, eclectic feel, it’s all up to you. Just keep the core tenets of boho in mind: natural and organic materials like wood, feathers, and dried flowers, low lighting, linen and lace, and mismatched decor. 

Here are some boho wedding ideas to get you started. 

Boho Wedding Bouquet

Bring the outdoors into your wedding ceremony with a bouquet that is both rustic and chic. To embrace the boho style, opt for neutral and earthy colors, and favor smaller, dried flowers in place of large showy blooms.

boho bride wedding bouquet idea
THE BOUQUET  …a group of unique white florals with earthy texture from grasses and branches. – BRIDES

Start with dried grass as the base to fill out the bouquet –– keep the theme going and use the same grass to decorate the ceremony and reception venues. For a pop of muted color, dusty pink is very on-trend for boho-chic weddings. Our Wild Heather Bush has a wild shape but looks and feels delicate, perfect for accents in your bouquet. 

modern boho wedding ceremony pampas grass backdrop
ON THE WALL  A rectangular stretch of pampas grass—this striking display was created by Rock Paper Details—is attention-grabbing, but also neutral, which means you and your fiancé won’t get lost in a sea of color as you exchange vows. – Martha Stewart


Boho Wedding CEREMONY

Dried grass is the simplest but most effective way to decorate your wedding aisle. Tall, willowy grass is a boho staple, whether you’re indoors, in a field, or on a beach. Use it as a central element of all your decor to tie together your ceremony and reception, using the same style in your centerpieces too.

urban garden wedding ceremony decor in industrial loft candle hurricane lined aisle and floral installation with pampas grass
IN A LOFT Clear chairs, an aisle lined with candle hurricanes, and a floral installation dotted with pampas grass. – via Ruffled


Mix together different styles of grass – like pampas and bunny grass – for texture and layers.

Boho Escort Cards

Handwritten escort cards aren’t just simple to DIY, but also fit the boho wedding theme perfectly. Source some thick and fluffy pampas grass to use as a natural backdrop for the card display as guests enter your reception venue. 

escort cards on a bed of pampas grass for a boho themed wedding
ESCORT CARDS  Pampas grass’ natural grooves makes it the perfect backdrop for escort cards… – Martha Stewart

Make your calligraphed white escort cards pop against the neutral color of the grass, laid flat on a table or propped up on an easel.

Boho Table Numbers

Cacti are a stunning natural element to incorporate into your bohemian-themed wedding, particularly if you’re getting married in a warm or dry climate. Instead of just adding elements of nature to your tables, why not use a whole plant as your table number?

boho wedding table number with cactus
TABLE 4 Set into a floral frog, a marked cactus pad makes a clever table number. – via Style Me Pretty


Boho Wedding Flowers And Centerpieces

The boho wedding theme is inherently all about natural elements and the outdoors, and your flowers and centerpieces are the perfect ways to embrace this. Wildflowers, dried grass, and delicate blooms are the way to go. 

glass bud vases wtih roses an astilbe
BOHO COLOR Pale pink and peach roses with astilbe in colored glass bud vases. – via Pinterest


When choosing vases, you don’t want to go for anything too polished. Clear and colored glass bottles are the perfect way to embrace a bohemian-style wedding. For something a little more elevated, brushed copper will add a touch of elegance while still honoring the whimsical theme.

Table Decor

When it comes to wedding centerpieces and decorating the tables for your boho wedding, there are a few directions you could take. If you opt for flowers, go with a pedestal bowl-style vase in a muted bronze, gold, or copper to stop the table from feeling too cluttered. Then, collect some brass candlesticks to complement the vase and you’re good to go!

boho wedding reception table with cacti and candles
COOL CACTI Pink floral arrangements dot this tablescape of candlesticks and julep cups and brass vases each with a different cactus. – via Style Me Pretty

For a more stylish and elegant approach, embrace wicker and cane when planning your table decor. Wicker candle holders are simple but incredibly on-theme for boho events – just add some plain pillar candles and you’ve got natural yet beautiful lighting. Pair these with cane candle holders (which can also be used as mini flower vases). The mix of textures and patterns keep things visually interesting.

neutral wicker rattan caning boho wedding rehearsal dinner cartagena colombia
BOHO BUT MAKE IT CHIC  A rehearsal dinner in a tropical garden in Cartagena, Colombia. – via Robbins Otoya

Boho doesn’t have to always mean rustic! A modern bohemian-style wedding is definitely a thing. It’s all about keeping your decor refined and limited to a few key accents. Stick with the muted, earthy colors, and stark whites and blacks. For your tablescape, use small, grass-heavy bouquets set in low vases, and add tea light candles in shallow black bowls.

grass and dried fern centerpieces with black glass votive candle holders
ADD BLACK A leafy centerpiece that includes dried foliage and chocolate cosmos, and black votives on a linen-colored tablecloth. – via BRIDES

Jamali Garden has everything you need to stage the perfect bohemian-themed wedding, whether you’re keeping things simple or going all-out. From flowers and vases to candles and tabletop accents, check out our extensive range and start your wedding planning!