Guide to Having an Indian-Themed Wedding

There’s no bigger celebration in the world than a colorful, beautiful Indian wedding! Days of intricately planned festivities celebrate the union of two people and the coming together of families. Design a culture-rich Indian wedding experience with vivid fabrics, antique gold lanterns, breathtaking floral arrangements, and decor inspired by popular Indian wedding themes.

Learn how to plan for an Indian-themed wedding filled with family traditions, festivities, and breathtaking décor.

Planning an Indian-Themed Wedding

Traditional Indian weddings are a joyful affair that spans multiple days. That’s a lot of planning! The astrological Muhurat auspicious date should be determined with the priest first. Once the wedding date is selected, it’s time to:

  1. Determine the guest count.
  2. Choose a theme.
  3. Book the venue.

Professional event planners know how to plan an Indian wedding to make it as seamless as possible — plan each day individually! Make a separate planner for each day, complete with an itinerary, to-do list, and details for that day’s activities.

  • Day 1: Plan the intimate at-home ceremony of Ganesh Puja for the couple, bridal party, and close relatives. This Hindu tradition starts your wedding ceremony by invoking the Elephant God Lord Ganesh, the harbinger of good fortune, to bring prosperity to the couple’s life together.
  • Day 2: Organize the details for the morning Mehndi ceremony, when female friends and family members draw intricate henna patterns on the bride’s feet and hands. Create a separate plan for the evening’s much larger activity, the Sangeet. Every wedding guest is invited to participate in the Sangeet for an evening meal, mingling, performances, and entertainment.
  • Day 3: The groom arrives at the main ceremony on a decorated white horse for the Baraat procession. Plan decorations for one of the most elaborate spaces, the Mandap. This space is the canopy where the couple, the bride’s parents, and the priest complete the sacred ceremony. Make sure your Mandap decorations don’t impede the guests’ visibility of the ceremony. Finally, prepare for an unforgettable wedding reception with a delicious dinner menu, planned entertainment, and décor.

5 Beautiful Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

Indian wedding theme options are endless, from intimate fairytale ceremonies to huge Bollywood galas. Check out these inspirational Indian wedding themes to start planning your special celebration today!

1. Romantic Fairytale Wedding

Create your own “happily ever after” with a wedding straight out of a fairy tale. Set the scene outside in an enchanted woods or inside a castle-like venue with grandiose ceilings and sparkling chandeliers. Create an opulent royal banquet with Cinderella-inspired gold and crystal balls suspended from the ceiling and warm candlelight reflecting from classic gold candelabras.

Design the perfect fairytale décor by tucking preserved gold roses into larger-than-life floral arrangements dripping in crystals. Romantic, sparkling fabrics layered on tables and suspended from your Mandap can transport your guests to a magical, far-away land!

2. Lucknowi Wedding Theme

Known as the beautiful City of the Nawabs, Lucknow inspires with its breathtaking architecture, colorful details, and focus on the arts. If you love bright hues and artisan design, a Lucknowi-themed wedding is perfect for you! Embrace the artistry of historical Lucknow with intricate, vintage-inspired Pasha bridal jewelry and traditional Chikan embroidery wedding outfits.

Live your Lucknowi fantasy with a celebration at a beautiful heritage property or Haveli. Welcome guests with a vibrant soiree inspired by the Mughal era. Immerse your Mandap with bright-colored glass panels and hanging antique bronze lanterns. Seat guests at intimate spaces inspired by the royal palace’s colorful stained glass and metalwork. Fill tables with ocean blue, saffron, and magenta linens. Use patterned metal lanterns and pink glass vases filled with vibrant flower arrangements as stunning centerpieces.

3. Nature Lovers Forest Wedding

Wed under a canopy of branches and leaves with an enchanting forest wedding theme. Book a woodland cottage or jungle resort to recite your eternal vows surrounded by wildlife. Couples can wear botanical Jaimalas made of lush green leaves.

Adorn the bridal party in different shades of green like soft sage and fresh moss. Tablescapes should feature leafy table mats. Keep it monochromatic or add vivid orchids for a pop of color. Make it sparkle with gold votive holders with leaf designs and metallic branch-shaped candleholders.

Need to book an indoor venue? Bring nature inside with potted trees, lush plants, and artificial grass carpet. Install a fern greenery wall for a stunning photo backdrop. You can even ask your DJ to play forest sounds and birds chirping for a truly immersive experience.

4. Royal Rajasthani Wedding Theme

Welcome to the glorious Rajasthani palace. A royal affair, a Rajasthani wedding embraces the extravagance of the bygone Rajputana era. Also referred to as a “Rajwada wedding,” this theme is about festivity, saturated colors, and majesty. From head to toe, the bride and groom dress in garments reflecting the grandeur of Rajasthani culture.

Entertain with lively music, folk performances, and Ghoomer dancers as the Sangeet unfolds. Transport guests to the wonder of a Rajasthani street celebration by stringing lights and colorful inverted umbrellas across the ceiling. For the main ceremony, arrange jacquard poufs and pillows for guests to sit under the glow of decorative metal lamps as they witness the sacred vows. Create a dazzling royal courtyard reception with majestic birdcages, candles, jewel-tone flower arrangments, and peacock feathers.

5. Lights, Camera, Bollywood Wedding!

Roll out the red carpet for your glamorous Bollywood-inspired wedding. Celebrate your extraordinary love story with three days of the ultimate star treatment for you and your guests. Greet attendees with a long red carpet, velvet rope stanchions, and large “movie poster” photos of the bride and groom. Set up a photo booth with props for guests to channel their inner celebrities.

Turn your Sangeet into the ultimate Bollywood event, complete with costumed dance performances, music from your favorite films, and a gourmet popcorn stand. Get inspired by art deco theater architecture! Embrace the cinematic experience with red velvet drapes and a lighted marquee featuring the bride and groom’s names. Add that movie magic with decorative “film strips” wrapped around black glass vases and round cake tiers. Light up the night with theater spotlights, modern geometric lanterns, and dramatic black pillar candles in brushed gold trays.

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