Sultry Black & Smoky Decor

There is a familiar kind of energy in these longer days and warmer evenings. It’s one that makes us long for nights spent outdoors, fresh fruit flavors, and maybe even a marathon of our favorite road trip movies. The warmer seasons are upon us, and they bring with them the desire to change up our living spaces. This spring and summer, though, forget about decorating your home with just the usual whites and bright colors. This year, it’s all about dark, moody interiors. Think color but with more sultry black and smoke colors added into the mix. Why should you choose moody interiors, and how can you incorporate them into your home and event décor?


Chic Summer Wedding in Connecticut: Tablescape with colorful centerpiece surrounded by sultry, smokey votive holders
CLASSICALLY CHIC SUMMER  Colorful florals on a wedding table surrounded by candlelight from smoky glass votives and ombre candleholders. (via BRIDES)


Our guide right here has all the answers — and plenty of inspiring tips.

Why Moody Interiors?

Dark-colored interiors have the potential to evoke profound feelings and sensations, while also adding a touch of decadence to your home.

These interiors also create an atmosphere of calm, coziness, and intimacy with some subtle, sensual undertones that never fail to captivate and up the dramatic factor of your overall décor. 

Darker hues are also considered to be more refined, sophisticated, and less banal than their lighter or neutral counterparts. They help you make a statement in any room of your house.

And if you think that decorating your home with darker tones such as black, dark grey, and pewter might give off a bit of a mood-dampening vibe then you need to think again. Switching from traditional home interior hues — whites, creams, and other light colors — to darker shades can add depth to a room, as well as help to bring attention to specific, and lighter, pieces of furniture and décor.

Let’s now take a look at how you can add some smoky, sultry interior design pieces to your home.

In the Kitchen and Dining Area

Incorporating some greenery in your kitchen is a fantastic idea to help you bring nature indoors. 

black and white breakfast dining nook decor with a fiddle leaf fig
HIGH CONTRAST  A large fiddle leaf fig adds greenery to a black and white breakfast nook. (via BDHM Design)


Embrace this moody interior trend with this cool grey glass vase. It’s the perfect way to display those glorious, multi-colored flowers that you have just been gifted, or that small plant bursting with bright blooms.

For a bigger plant in need of a new home, this black fiberstone pot is perfect. To add more drama to your green composition, with the plant in the brightest corner of the room, dressun up the soil with small clusters of marble rocks or river stones.

smoky guest bedroom decor twin beds with channel headboards
TWINNING  Dark gray headboards standout against the neutral palette of this guest bedroom. A pair of small gold trays on the nightstand are both decorative and functional as catchalls. (via Stone & Birch Interiors)


In the Bedroom

Your bedroom is another part of the house that can greatly benefit from a touch of moody décor. So much so that you might even find that darker shades actually help you sleep better and longer, thanks to their inherent calming qualities.

If you are fond of flowers and plants, you could try adding a few pastel-shaded blooms to this antique platinum ribbed cylinder. This pairing will allow you to capture a deeply decadent, sensual effect almost instantaneously.

masculine bedroom decor with black walls and headboard gray vase with greenery on nightstand
DARK ROOM  The wall, headboard, and other masculine details, softened, in place of flowers, with leafy greenery in a black ceramic vase. (via BHDM Design)


Do you keep your jewelry in a standard jewelry box on your nightstand or dressing table? Then, consider swapping it for this gold & silver compote. It is a stunning piece of moody décor that can host some of your precious gemstones while at the same time adding a romantic, vintage-look piece to your room’s decor.

In the Hallway

The way you welcome — and wow — your guests (and yourself!) begins as soon as you open the door to your home. The hallway, therefore, has so much more potential than you ever thought, which is why including some moody designs into this part of the house can be an absolute game-changer.

smoky gray and silver colorblocked candle hurricanes diy decor
BLOCKED  Easy DIY hurricanes, covering vases with swaths of glittery silver or metallic paint. (via Martha Stewart)


But don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ll need something completely out of the ordinary to achieve this. Why not, for example, group a trio of platinum metal vases and place them on a shelf or coffee table?

Simply place the candles inside their holders and create the shape or pattern that you prefer. You could spell a name or initial, draw a meaningful symbol, or come up with anything else that can help you dial up the moody atmosphere of your home.

In the Living Room

Did you know that theaters use dark hues in their interior design because they help to draw attention to the stage or screen? Yes — any moody interior piece fades away in the background, enabling other items to pop out with a much more dramatic effect.

For this reason, moody interiors are perfect for living rooms. Take, for example, this extravagant Ottoman-style lantern lamp. With its unique cylinder shape, pewter hammered metal bottom, and black electric chord, it will instantly add layers of timeless sophistication and alluring sensuality to any corner of your living area.


dining table decor smokey glass vases with blush florals
THE VIEW  For a microwedding or dinner party table, blush pink flower arrangements in smoke glass containers. (via Emily Pinon)


On Your Tablescapes

At home for a dinner party or on your wedding reception tables, imagine what you could achieve if you were to include some dark, moody décor. One way to do this is by playing with candles and candle holders. 

emily pinon tablescape decor with smoky gray votives and vases holding blush florals
THE DETAILS  Emily’s arrangements in diamond cut smoke vases and candlelight from smoke pleated votives. (via Emily Pinon)


Select darker hues such as this smoke pleated glass votive or this green optical glass holder and decorate your table compositions with those. 

bridgehampton tablescape classic white and green centerpieces of white anemones on table with green and smoke votive holders and white plates with black cutlery
WHITE & GREEN with BLACK  An elegant white and palette pops with accents of smoky votive holders and black cutlery. (via Matthew Robbins Design)

And why not go a bit further by including an exhilarating reflective mirror pillar candle holder? Coated with a dark brown and green finish, this glass rectangle holder creates a mirror-like illusion, which adds a gorgeous, sensual effect of multiple reflected flames. Try mixing and matching candles of different shapes and lengths, and you’ll achieve an even more decadent, spectacular effect.

long wedding reception table with black tablecloths and white orchid and white rose centerpieces and lots of candlelight
BLACK TIE  Black tablecloths on long reception tables with arrangements of white orchids and white roses and tons of candlelight. (via Style Me Pretty)


The Home of Sultry and Smoky Decor

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