Floral Christmas Trees

Breathe new life into your holiday decor with a floral Christmas tree. Decorating your fir or spruce with bright silk flowers instead of more traditional ornaments has become the trend of the season. It’s fresh, unexpected, and it evokes the splendor and vitality of the holidays.


Floral-Fantasy Christmas Tree with gold ornament ball skirt
1. Floral-Fantasy Christmas Tree (via Martha Stewart Living)

1. A Flower Wonderland

Turn your Christmas tree into a holiday garden party by decorating it with our silk flowers and 25mm gold ball ornaments, which are set on picks for easy attachment. For a charming and pretty tree, use silk hydrangea sprays, white lilies and cherry blossom branches.


vintage-look holiday floral christmas tree decor: Silver tinsel tree with pink roses
2. Vintage-looks: A silver tinsel tree with pink roses. (via Pinterest)

2. Silver tinsel & Roses

An all-silver tinsel tree with floral decorations recalls vintage glamour. Stick with one type of flower for maximum sophistication and impact. Here, oversized silk pink roses steal the show with romance, but you could also use peonies or dahlias to create your silver floral tree.


holiday floral christmas tree decor pipe cleaner trees on metal vases
3. Pipe cleaner trees and flowers. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

3. A Shiny Holiday Display

Create a shiny holiday display with geometric trees and white flowers. Place silver pipe cleaner trees on top of our round  nickel vases. Accent with Dusty Miller and white hellebores or camellias arranged in silver julep cups and group them together for a magnificent winter garden.


4. Ombre rose tree. (via Wedding Chicks)
4. Ombre rose tree. (via Wedding Chicks)

4. An Upside-down Floral Tree

Who says holiday trees need to be upright? Add extra whimsy to your Christmas party or winter wedding with elegant floral trees hanging from the ceiling. Start with three embroidery hoops: 12-, 8-, and 6-inches. String the hoops together with fishing line, going from largest to smallest. Snip the stem and leaves off pink Pippa roses, peach roses, and cream roses, and attach them to the hoops with floral wire and floral tape.


Rose topiaries on silver trumpet vases as holiday floral Christmas trees or centerpieces for winter weddings, from Martha Stewart Weddings
5. Rose topiaries. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

5. Tabletop Christmas Trees

Arrange red roses, white roses, and green roses into monochromatic cone topiaries and set them in silver trumpet vases as festive tabletop trees. Use trumpet vases in a mix of sizes and place them on mantles or down the center of long tables for a winter wedding.

With silk flowers, and some imagination, you can create show-stopping floral Christmas trees that will be the unforgettable focal point of your holiday decor. Say it with flowers in the rest of your Christmas decor with these festive holiday floral arrangements.  

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