Decorating With Festive Christmas Flower Arrangements

When it comes time to decorate our homes for Christmas, most of us reach for the same standard decorations. Garlands, baubles, tinsel, nativity scenes, fairy lights, and lots of red and green.

Live plants sometimes come into play, with holly, mistletoe, and of course, the Christmas tree itself. But often, flowers can get a little neglected over the festive period. Sure, poinsettias are often the star of the show, but why not liven up your festive decor this year with some stunning blooms?


MAD-FOR-PLAID CENTERPIECES This refined setting keeps its cool with pewter-banded plates, a tartan runner, and wild centerpieces wispy enough not to thwart across-the-table conversations. To get the look, loosely cluster chocolate cosmos, ranunculus, hellebores, clematis, andromeda, and spirea branches in horn and metallic vessels. – Martha Stewart Weddings

With Christmas being so cold in the Northern Hemisphere, some flowers can be hard to come by. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out entirely during the festive season! You can use plenty of flowers, and we’re here with some ideas to fuel your inspiration. 


magenta and gold roses in gold bowl as Christmas flower arrangement
Gilding the stems and leaves of roses used in centerpieces gives off a sense of otherworldly opulence. – Martha Stewart Weddings

Leave your traditional decor in the attic this year, and instead opt for floral arrangements that bring a new twist to Christmas –– without losing the holiday spirit festive décor evokes.


tray with cedar and floating poinsettia Christmas flower arrangement
Floating poinsettias in a shallow tray: “This display looks especially stunning from above, so we suggest setting it out on a coffee table.” – Southern Living




a not too Christmasy floral arrangement of silver urn with a base of olive branches and tallow berries, white amaryllis, ranunculus, and paperwhites from the Wall Street Journal
A Not-Too-Christmasy Arrangement  A metal urn with a base of olive branches and tallow berries, white amaryllis, ranunculus, and paperwhites. (via The Wall Street Journal)


The amaryllis is by far one of the most popular Christmastime blooms. They’re a great option because they tend to bloom in November and December. They are super colorful, festive flowers, and they come in both red and white varieties –– perfect for Christmas! 

red amaryllis with pine branches holiday decor with Christmas flowers
Christmas reds: A few short pine branches anchor tall stems of red amaryllis in a clear glass vase. (via IKEA)

Cut amaryllis flowers should last about three weeks with proper care, so your Christmas bouquet should last well into the New Year. They’re large, trumpet-shaped flowers that don’t even need to be put in a bouquet to be eye-catching.

You could make a simple arrangement of only amaryllis flowers, in a few different colors, set in a simple white porcelain vase. The beauty of the flowers can speak for itself.


white red and variegated amaryllis flowers Christmas arrangement in ceramic white and blue ginger vase
Loosely arranged white Matterhorn, red Rapido, striped Doublet, and Orange Sovereign amaryllis. (via IKEA)

Artificial silk flowers are a great way to decorate your house for Christmas –– set them up after Thanksgiving, and you don’t have to give them another thought until January. Classic white silk amaryllis is perfect if you’re channeling Winter Wonderland vibes with your decor, or you could introduce some color with a soft pink and cream flower.


red rose holiday centerpiece in lion handle urn Christmas flower arrangement
Red roses and Ligustrum, berries ready for their close up. (via House & Home)


Is there an occasion where roses aren’t appropriate? They’re a beautiful flower, hold a lot of traditional meaning, and come in a vast array of colors –– perfect for adopting into your Christmas decor. 


For a really festive look, you can’t go wrong with a classic red rose. They have that deep, rich red color that perfectly ties into Christmas. Pair them with simple green foliage or small berries, maybe with some gold accents, to tie an arrangement together. 


house and home holiday floral centerpiece red roses poppies Christmas arrangement
The flower list: maple leaves, ranunculus, amaryllis, cedar, anemone, spray roses, Ligustrum berry, roses, amaranth, Carolina sapphire foliage, smokebush leaves. (via House & Home by Blush & Bloom)


Roses make a great centerpiece flower –– arrange short-stemmed red roses in a shallow, wide, urn-style vase to make a statement. Add a touch of lush greenery and a few red anemones and ranunculus to give the centerpiece some depth. A black or dark-colored vase will add cozy drama and finish off the look. 


martha stewart holiday dinner table
A TOUCH OF SHIMMER  Eye-catching but decidedly elegant, the soft warmth of gold and brass paired with the coolness of silver creates a sophisticated holiday palette. – Martha Stewart


You don’t have to stick with the classic red and green color palette, though! Warm-toned brown, cream, and orange roses look stunning when paired with silver accents, a sophisticated take on typical gold and silver Christmas decor. A simple rustic votive or even white tea lights in glass holders will tie this style together seamlessly. 


Roses paired with amaryllis 

Can’t decide between the two? You don’t have to! These two popular holiday flower choices look even better when you pair them together. The bold colors of both flowers, as well as their similar sizes, make them very complementary. 

christmas centerpiece of red roses amaryllis tulips
GOLDEN DAYS If you love gold, keep things simple so your colors shine. Mixing red and gold together create a big impact. A single tightly bundled arrangement of amaryllis and garden roses makes for a showstopping splash of rich red in the middle of the table. The color pops off the fluted brass container. – Southern Living


For a traditional Christmas look, you should opt for flowers that are almost, or exactly, the same color. The bouquet will look harmonious at first glance, but having two different flower types makes for a richer and more layered look. Red flowers in a textured gold vase or a smooth, raw brass vase, is an undeniably Christmassy statement. 


peach and orange amaryllis in gold vase
Amaryllis and roses. GET THE LOOK: Use gold spray paint on a birch vase. (via Architectural Digest)


While we’re on the topic, textured vases are an excellent way to elevate an arrangement that might otherwise be simple. If you can’t find the exact style that you like, why not DIY your own?! Our clients have successfully turned our bark-finish glass vase into a shiny statement piece with a simple coat of metallic spray paint.


holiday entry flowers
An arrangement of white amaryllis, white roses, and evergreens in a silver pedestal bowl, welcomes guests as they enter a home’s foyer. (via Southern Living)



Are you looking to escape the traditional red and green Christmas decor? A great alternative is gold and white. It still feels festive and magical but is a touch more classy. Using cotton in your florals is an inspired take on a winter wonderland Christmas theme.


cotton boll branches in a clear vase
For ‘first snowfall’ or ‘white Christmas’ themes, cotton boll branches are a unique and unexpected touch. (via Harper’s Bazaar)

We love the simple elegance of a big bunch of cotton. It’s spiky and interesting, an instant eye-catcher even in a busy room. Let the arrangement speak for itself with an understated but chic etched glass vase



Magnolia’s clean white coloring makes it another attractive option for a more minimal or monochromatic Christmas color palette. 


white magnolia flower centerpieces martha stewart weddings
A VISION IN WHITE Or gold, or red. Add faux magnolia blooms to magnolia branches. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)


They’re truly magnificent flowers, with dramatic blooms that don’t need much in the way of accompaniment. Simply put four or five magnolia flowers — with some foliage — in a simple vase, and you’ve got yourself a statement decor piece. You could even add in some faux gold flowers to lend some drama to the finished product. 


Again, this is another excellent time to invest in artificial flowers. Magnolias can be fickle, so opting for high-quality silk flowers is the best way to ensure your decor looks good all season long. All you need is a handful of statement flowers and some matching leaves for a no-fuss arrangement you’ll love. 



Finally, hellebores are small, delicate flowers that work well in an arrangement. They complement more vibrant and fuller flowers, such as roses or amaryllis, and are perfect for your holiday decor. 


fruits vegetables hellebores roses christmas bowl
A shallow wooden bowl is filled with coleus foliage, bush ivy, purple artichokes, pomegranates, red spray roses, and hellebores for a centerpiece that doesn’t overdo it with holiday. – Southern Living


Hellebores are ideal if you’re looking to shy away from a traditional arrangement that just screams “Christmas” because it’s a more understated flower. Pair them with dark-colored roses, amaryllis, or another statement flower, and style them unconventionally. We love this arrangement in a low, wooden bowl, a unique and stylish centerpiece. 

For more ways to use flowers in your holiday decor, check out these floral Christmas trees.

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