How to Style Your Patio and Garden for Spring

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space—be it a balcony, patio, or garden—in your home, that’s definitely something to take advantage of. Not only is it lovely to have a lush little area filled with plants where you can breathe in fresh air, but it’s also a lot of fun to take time creating and designing a space to your own tastes. 


lakeside house terrace with square steel planters with boxwood
Beauty in order and repetition: The terrace on this lakeside house mixes the modern, square steel planters, with the traditional, boxwood topiaries. (via Elle Decor)

Revamping your balcony, patio, terrace, or garden is a perfect spring activity. The weather is getting warmer, and we’re all excited to start spending more time outdoors. It’s also the best season to introduce new plants and flowers to your home. 


Let’s look at some of the best ways to style your outdoor space this spring. There’s a style for every taste! 


backyard with wood flooring wood slat wall and planters with ferns
Get the look: Wood slats for the wall, a pale, washed wood floor, and Corten steel planters. (via Andy Stedman)

Modern Spring Garden Decor

This modern outdoor area is great for a low-maintenance garden. There’s nothing to mow, and waterproof furniture means you don’t have to worry about wet weather. Depending on the layout of your home, this could be an extension of the living room—perfect for indoor/outdoor entertaining as the weather warms up. 

modern garden with gray planter with boxwood ball black lanterns and outdoor chairs
“The walled garden of a Houston home presented an opportunity to layer the living space into the exterior.” – RAY BOOTH’S EVOCATIVE INTERIORS, via FLOWER magazine.

The key here is to keep your color palette neutral and avoid clutter. Keep it simple with grays, whites, and blacks, allowing the greenery to pop. 


Consider pots made of ficonstone, which is a blend of fiberglass, concrete and stone. As you can see, they have the heavy look of stone but the composite material makes them lightweight and way easier to move around. Use black lanterns at the base of your trees for a stunning uplighting effect.



neutral terrace colors pale wood table gray planter box silvery herbs
Small space solution: Put your planters on a table; they’ll also serve as a ready-centerpiece. The mix of silvery plants in this window box continue the thread of soft and muted color tones at the heart of this design. (via Mooi Wat Planten Doen)

Light-colored planters

If you’re low on space in your outdoor area, light-colored planters could be the way to go. With lots of concrete, neutrals and pale colors lend a contemporary feel to a space. A dark wall can help define small spaces and you’ll want pots that pop against it. 


It’s also good to note that the color of your planter can affect the way your plant grows. Darker pots tend to trap heat and light, keeping your plants warmer. So if you’re in a warm, tropical climate, you definitely want to plant in light-colored pots. 

small garden with black wall fence bench and gray planters
The greenery in a gray planter pops against the black wall, and the pale gravel and wood flooring. (via ALCRO)

A great way to make a visual statement in a small space is to clutter five to ten plants in planters of varying sizes and textures, but similar color. A small glossy white pot will look great with a large square modern fiberstone one


Go for succulents and cacti if you don’t have much of a green thumb, or opt for ferns, snake plants, and philodendron if you’ve got time to care for them. These plants are all showy enough to make a statement even in a neutral pot. Add height with a tall fiddle-leaf fig or small palm tree in a concrete fishbowl planter. 


outdoor shower with stone pebble floor and bamboo plants
Use river stones to define the floor of your outdoor shower. (via Pinterest)

Outdoor shower

Perfect for a coastal home, a house in the country, or your rural weekend getaway, an outdoor shower is a simple luxury that will really elevate your outdoor space. 


outdoor shower with willow privacy fence
A willow fence adds some privacy to this outdoor shower. (via Pinterest)

It doesn’t even take much to craft a wonderful outdoor shower space. Lay some beautiful tile (or even just bricks!) for the flooring, add a bamboo fence for a chic privacy screen, and place some strategic concrete pots around the area for a bit more greenery. 


deroma terracotta pots and objects in agave and succulent garden
Terracotta planters and garden objects add a focal point and balance to this garden of large and leafy agave, palms, and succulents. (via Deroma)

Terracotta pots 

Terracotta pots have been used since 10,000BC, across cultures and continents, and have never really gone out of style. And for good reason! Terracotta is porous, which allows for air and water to move freely through it, preventing soil disease and root rot. It looks good with all types of plants, indoor and outdoor, and it’s inexpensive. 

deroma italian terracotta pots with rose bushes on stone patio
Rose bushes in Italian terra-cotta pots enhance the view onto a patio. (via Deroma)

Traditional, burnt-orange terracotta has a quaint vibe to it, perfect for a cottagecore or rustic design aesthetic. But just because it has such a distinctive, recognizable look, doesn’t mean terracotta has to be boring!


We’ve got a massive range of clay and ceramic pots for all different types of outdoor areas. If you’re after for a more eclectic look, terracotta looks great paired with basket-style planters. 


small porch decor ideas martha stewart living
Maximize A Small Porch: Hanging seating, slender furnishings, and use plants for privacy, like these hanging Boston ferns and a mix of modern, square planters and classic urns on your patio floor. (via Martha Stewart)

CHIC DIy spring patio decor

Transferring big plants into beautiful new planters can be a real pain in the back—literally! If you don’t have the time and energy to repot your plants from the ugly plastic planters they came in, never fear; the answer is easier than you think. 

grower's pots with ivy and boxwood topiaries and rosemary wrapped in bamboo and willow
ALL DRESSED UP The plastic pots that most garden shrubs come in aren’t so pretty, but transferring such big plants into new containers can be expensive and a pain in the back (literally). Instead, give them an upgrade by covering them with attractive and affordable materials: Adhere sheet moss to smaller pots or wrap wooden fencing around bigger pots. – Martha Stewart

Rather than investing in whole new planters, why not just jazz up the plastic pots you’ve already got? It’s easy and inexpensive to DIY your own chic planters. The options are endless, so long as you’ve got a hot glue gun or strong adhesive. 


Stick thin bamboo fencing to the outside of your pots for a tropical look—just take the wire out of the fence sheet and stick each bamboo rod on individually. Sheet moss can work in the exact same way, if you’re working with a more overgrown, rustic theme for your garden. 

Find your spring garden & patio decor

Spring is known as the time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Create the cute outdoor area where you actually want to spend time. Now is the time to bite the bullet and get started. 


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