Valentine’s Day 2022: How to have the best intimate Valentine’s Day at home

We’ve all gotten used to spending most of our time indoors over the past two years. Chances are, you’re thinking of skipping out on the crowds and having an intimate Valentine’s Day this year. 

rhinestone hearts for Valentine's Day
Add a little bling to your gifts with rhinestone hearts.

Here’s how to celebrate your love at home on this special day. 

Valentine date ideas at home

Make it a night to remember without having to leave the house! Put down the Netflix remote and instead choose something unique to do together. 


Cook something together

Getting in the kitchen and creating something delicious is a fun way to spend quality time together. Maybe you can follow a recipe you’ve been meaning to try for a while, or try to recreate a meal that means something special for your relationship––the dinner you had on your first date, or the dessert you ate on your holiday in Europe. 

If you’re not that skilled in the kitchen, making cocktails together is just as fun and rewarding, with no chance of anything being burned!


Have a games night

When did you last play a game of UNO or Snakes and Ladders? Board and card games are a lot of fun, especially when you add in a bottle of wine or two. Bring out some old classics, or try out a new game, like Anomia or Jaipur.

chocolate heart cupcakes martha stewart
Chocolate heart cupcakes.

Host an indoor picnic

Staying home is a good option right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the outdoors in. A cute living room floor picnic is a memorable way to pass the night. Get some cute pillows and a rug, fill up a market bag with delicious goodies, cue up a summery playlist, and get ready for a cozy night in!

The best Valentine’s Day home decor

Silk Flowers

Flowers are a Valentine’s Day must! A bright flower arrangement can really brighten a room––and your partner’s day. 

For a bouquet at this time of year, wallet-friendly silk flowers are a great option, and they won’t die. 

Make beautiful silk flowers bought for an at-home Valentine’s Day into a permanent floral arrangement in your home decor; it will always remind you both of the special date you shared. And just like your love, your flowers are here to stick around forever!

So what kind of silk flowers should you buy? There certainly are a lot of options. You could opt for a single silk bouquet of your partner’s favorite flower, or you could buy a selection of single-stemmed blooms, and combine them to make your own arrangement. A long garland can be used to decorate your bed or dining table. 

lacausa anthurium red ginger floral arrangement
Red ginger and anthuriums. (via LACAUSA)


Think beyond classic Valentine flowers! A red ginger spray and tropical leaf bushes make a beautiful and bold statement when combined with other colored blooms, like this heart-shaped anthurium. The upside of silk flowers is that you’re not restricted by seasons. You could, for example, buy your partner a bunch of bird of paradise stems or a frangipani branch to remind them of a summer holiday you’ve taken together. 

pink ginger pink anthurium arrangement
THINK PINK  Pink ginger, cosmos, and anthuriums in a caning wrapped vase. (via Charlotte Candler)

Of course, if you want to keep it traditional, roses are the answer. We’ve got a massive range of artificial roses in different colors and sizes, as single stems, garlands, and pre-made bouquets. 

faux red roses bouquet in glass vase with gold rim
A gold rim vase + a dozen red roses.


Check out our full range of silk flowers and plants for inspiration. 

Romantic decorations

You’re committing to a romantic evening at home, so it’s time to pull out all the stops. This isn’t just another Monday night at home on the couch. And the best way to set the mood is with some romantic decorations.

red mercury glass hearts
Mercury glass hearts.

Romantic decorations can make all the difference, especially if you’re surprising your partner with an at-home date! Imagine the look on their face as they walk into a home that’s been decked out with a beautiful set-up of things they’ve never seen before.


Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are always a good idea, they can make any room seem romantic and magical. Wrap naked wire LED lights around your bedhead for some mood lighting, or hang icicle lights down the walls or from a mantle. Colored lights are a great option—and you can match them to your silk flowers!

hammered bowl with gold inside with warm white fairy lights
A hammered bowl with a golden interior glows with battery-operated fairy lights.

If you’ve got a backyard, patio, or courtyard, and it’s warm enough, you could use vintage-style bulb string lights to light up the area for some al-fresco dining. 



Candles and romance go hand-in-hand. From cute tealights to big three-wick birch candles, let that flickering light set the mood. 

pleated glass candleholders on windowsill
A windowsill with pleated glass candleholders.

Before you decide which candles to go for, figure out the theme of your evening. If you’re going for something classically romantic, with a homemade dinner and a nice wine, candelabras or pillar candles will complete the picture. 

If your home has more of a modern aesthetic, stick to that theme! A few of these gold ombre glasses look great with white pillar candles, grouped on your side table or mantle. A hexagonal lantern candle holder is another unique accent for your date night. 

Going for a DIY, cozy-style date? A bunch of tea lights and votives (we’re talking 50+) placed through your home can make it instantly 100 times more romantic. 

LED candles are probably a good option if you’re planning to light a bunch—you don’t have to worry about blowing them out before you go to bed. 

Create an intimate setting with our Valentine’s Day home decor

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating your love and your relationship. Going out and eating at romantic restaurants are some of the most popular ways to celebrate. With these ideas, you can truly make your Valentine’s a beautiful night at home to remember.

Whatever you need to turn your home into a romantic wonderland, Jamali Garden has you covered. From candles and flowers to lights, vases, and miscellaneous decor, you’ll be able to find something perfect.