9 Decor Changes to Make Your Home Feel New





Silk Flowers

Accent Wallpaper

Throw Blankets



No matter how well you decorate your house, after a while even the most classic and timeless styles can use an update. If you’re keen to refresh your home decor—without undergoing a full-scale renovation––it can be as simple as making a few specific tweaks here and there.

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blue front door with plants on porch
BOLD FRONT DOOR COLORS  Double up on pots. Keep the plantings equally loose and casual with baskets and a smattering of mossy terra-cotta containers. – Southern Living

Rather than focusing on the big ticket items like furniture and art, you can make your space feel brand new with just a couple of small replacements. Look to the small furnishings like plants, curtains, lamps, cushions, which go a long way in changing the energy of a room.

Here are nine small changes you can make to turn your home into a new and refreshed space.

living room with magenta curtains and couch
MAGENTA MAGIC  A light-filled living room feels fresh and modern with punchy foundation pieces such as paint-splattered custom window treatments and richly hued sofas. – Lonny

1. Curtains

For something that is so easy to change and replace, curtains have a lot of impact on a room. They can be bright and bold, a focal point of the space. Or they can be soft and neutral, highlighting the view from your windows.


teal dining room with orange flower curtains
A bold look with matching teal painted walls and teal upholstered chairs and bright orange toile drapery for the windows. (via Traditional Home)

If your space feels dark, try replacing your curtains with something white and flowy. If your room feels flat or too impersonal, find some fun patterned curtains to brighten things up a bit. 

white window sill with potted plants
Fill a sunny window with plants in glazed white pottery. (via Elle Decor)


2. Pillows

Just like curtains, pillows can really set the tone for your space. And of course they’re super easy to swap in and out based on the decor style you’re after. 

domino magazine corner dining room banquette
Here, an entry is cleverly converted into a cozy dining nook. Bench seating provides ample space for a party of six. – domino

If you’re going for a modern or minimalist look, opt for complementary neutral tones. Or if your home is more eclectic, mix and match different colors and patterns. You can even play with textures and fabrics here too. Faux fur or velvet pillows are great for creating a cozy vibe. 

beverly hills california sunroom bay window with banquette seating
A cushioned banquette with neutral-tone pillows fits the contours of a bay window at a 1920s house in Beverly Hills, California, decorated by Waldo Fernandez. A pair of Windsor chairs and a traditional English gateleg table add rustic charm. – Elle Decor


3. Greenery

Plants are essential for livening up a space. Not only do they add color and vibrancy to your room, but they also help make your house feel like a home. A room with a lot of plants feels lived-in and welcoming. 


cream color wall with wall vases with plants and wicker chair with neutral pillows
WALL OF PLANT LIFE  Fill an empty wall with plants using a variety of wall vases at different heights. Add water and a few of your favorite plants. (via micasa)

Not only do they look great, but indoor plants also make you feel better. Studies show they boost your mood, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollution. 

white fireplace and mantel filled with ferns monsteras zz plants
Fill your fireplace and top your mantel with plants (or use fake plants), during warmer months. (via decor8)

Your options here are endless. A tall monstera tree in a classy gray stone pot would work well in a minimalist apartment. Ferns look great draped in a pot hanging from the ceiling or over the edge of a bookshelf. 

No matter what your personal decor choices dictate, there are plants and pots that will match perfectly with your aesthetic. From metal planters to wicker baskets, we’ve got a massive selection to browse


4. A new rug

A rug really sets the tone of a room—meaning that simply swapping out your rug could be enough for a total room refresh.

seating area with two leather chairs and settee on a rug in a suite at The High Line Hotel
Use rugs to define seating, dining, or sleeping areas in a smaller home or apartment. (via The High Line Hotel)

As anyone with an interest in interior design knows, a rug is the anchor of the room. It ties everything together, from your furniture to your art, adding texture, color, and depth. 

green carpeted white staircase
In the entry hall, the green carpet stair runner spills into an unexpected puddle; a hint that the inhabitants don’t take themselves too seriously. It was the architect’s intent to soften the the introduction to the ascent up through the three stories of the house. – REMODELISTA

Neutral rugs in solid earth colors have a calming effect on your space, while bright colors and patterns will bring fun energy to a drab space. 


silk flower arrangement of ranunculus peonies poppies orchids monstera leaves and gloriosa lilies
A cheery, permanent arrangement with all silk peonies, poppies, orchids, Gloriosa lilies, and monstera leaves. (via A Practical Wedding)

5. Silk flowers

If you don’t have a green thumb, that doesn’t mean you can’t still fill your home with plants. Opting for silk flowers or greenery is a simple and low-effort way to get the ‘millennial plant’ aesthetic, without having to worry about watering, potting, or daily care. 

Large, light-colored blooms, like these silk peonies, look wonderful in a glass bowl on a coffee table in a modern space. Silk tropical flowers in bright colors, paired with palm leaves, add a fun element for fans of a more eclectic decor.

painted fake leaves hanging as wall art above a sofa from hgtv magazine
PAINTED AND PRESSED LEAVES  Give pressed leaves a 21st-century update. Start with a bunch of artificial leaves, then use stencils and white crafts paint to embellish them. Attach the painted leaves to colored paper with poster tack, then display them in floating acrylic frames. This is another good one to plan out on the floor and photograph first. – HGTV Magazine

If you’re feeling like some DIY, build your own terrarium in a glass sphere with artificial succulents—you won’t have to worry about watering!


The walls of a small dining room are covered in a brown version of Scalamandré’s famous Zebras wallpaper. (via apartment therapy)

6. Accent wallpaper

The fastest way to make a room feel totally brand new is by changing up the walls. If you’re renting, or don’t want to commit to a full coat of paint, then stick-on wallpaper is your answer. Start off by just creating one accent wall with a color or pattern that suits the rest of your decor. 

Scalamandre Ch'in Ling wallpaper behind a white table with lamps and ceramic vase with Chinese lanterns
A white ceramic vase with Chinese lanterns flanked by two lamps and a pair of Chinese Sancai Turquoise Foo Dogs ceramic figurines, in front of Ch’in Ling from Scalamandré: “This chic chinoiserie hand printed wallpaper was first introduced into Scalamandré’s collection in 1990. We’ve used the original screens and given it an update with fresh new colorations against crisp white grounds.”

If you love it, you can do the rest of the room. And when you’re sick of it, just peel it off and start again!


throws hanging on hooks on a blue wall above a stool
Hang throw blankets on the wall. (via House & Home)

7. A throw blanket

Maybe a new blanket thrown over your couch or bed isn’t a massive change, but if you choose the right color, pattern, and texture, it can change up the energy of a room. Plus, it’s a great way to experiment with colors and prints without having to fully commit to a look.

bedroom with white linens and colorful striped blanket and rug
In a room where bold color and print live in harmony, keep your linens simple and white as a crisp counterpoint to the chic cacophony. – Lonny


pink glass chandelier with cord covered in silk flowers
A blooming cord, covered with silk flowers, adds a pretty twist to this classic chandelier done in pink glass. (via @apartmentjeanie)

8. Lighting as a statement piece

Your lighting choices shouldn’t just be about the light, but also how it makes your room look. Installing dimmer knobs, or switching out cool-color bulbs for warm ones can make a space feel far more homey and welcoming. 

diy brass lamp reading nook with chair and table with book and glass of water
BRASS BOWL PENDANT LAMP The hanging pendant lamp illuminating this cozy reading nook may look like a pricey artisanal fixture. However, it’s your own handiwork—and a genius houseware substitution—that gives it cachet. – Martha Stewart

Don’t stop there. If your home still has the downlighting from before you moved in, maybe it’s time for a revamp. Consider, for example, installing a hanging pendant light or modern chandelier. Not only will it make for better lighting but also can be a cool statement piece for your room. 


French lavender
Fragrant, dried French lavender.

9. Scent

There’s nothing better than having a visitor commenting that your home smells good. People have signature scents, perfume they keep buying for years. So why not have a signature scent for your home?

Valspar sleepy hollow pink painted bathroom with white tub
IN THE BATHROOM With walls painted in Sleepy Kisses by Valspar. “This fresh shade is both soothing and restorative, bringing a new softness into your home.”

A good quality scented candle can go a long way in refreshing the vibe of your home. Plus, having a flickering candle in the kitchen or by your bed makes things ten times cozier. 

revampled eclectic victorian gray living room with pink peonies on coffee table
Pink peonies in a brass vase add a pop of color on a coffee table alongside a stack books and a scented candle. (via Style at Home)

Take it up a level by making your candle a focal piece of your space by putting it in a lantern or hurricane glass. A simple gold lantern will look great with all design styles.

Jamali Garden has you covered for all your interior decor needs. Have a browse through our catalog and let your inspiration flow—then it’s time to sit back and enjoy your new, refreshed home.