How to Style Artificial Christmas Picks and Sprays

artificial red berry spray with pine

A Christmas tree is the focal point of any Christmas-themed event, party, or wedding, and we want yours to wow guests and look the part. If you’ve ever wondered how to achieve the look of those full, showstopping Christmas trees you see in magazines and celebrity homes, the answer is almost always artificial picks and sprays! Try out a combination of sprays, ornaments, ribbons, and tinsel to see the difference it makes. With so many pick and spray styles available, you’re bound to find a use for them in your event decorations this festive season.

What Are Christmas Picks and Sprays?

Christmas sprays and picks are decorative stems containing flowers, berries, ornaments, foliage, and branches. Depending on your event theme and color palette, you might choose sprays with glitter and ornaments or more natural ones with leaves and berries. No matter what style you’re going for, picks and sprays are an ingenious way to add color, texture, and bulk to a Christmas tree. You can also use picks and sprays to decorate wreaths, tables, and more.

You can get natural picks and sprays, but artificial ones offer unique benefits. Aside from looking realistic and gorgeous, artificial sprays can be used over and over again for future holiday parties or autumn weddings.

Types of Christmas Picks and Sprays

types of christmas picks and sprays

You have a wide range of pick and spray types to choose from to complement your event’s theme, whether you’re looking for blue, white, or gold Christmas picks and sprays. Explore your options to get the inspiration flowing.


Floral picks and sprays offer a fantastic way to add natural pops of color to Christmas trees and decor. You can outfit your tree with traditional Christmas flowers like poinsettias, red roses, and amaryllis. Another idea is to add natural-looking red and white flowers to your tree or replace large ornaments with shiny gold poinsettia stems. Stunning gold calla lily stems are a luxurious floral element that’s more creative.


Another classic element you can add to your tree is berry picks and sprays. Holly and mistletoe are traditional options that stand out nicely against a tree’s green branches. Choose realistic red berry picks for a natural look or white berry picks to create contrast.


Foliage picks and sprays are leafy stems that can add some variation to the branches in your Christmas tree. They can also bulk up bouquets in vases or serve as decorative elements in table settings. As with the other types of sprays, you can choose to go natural or metallic. Some foliage sprays can add gorgeous color bursts, such as with this red metallic leaf spray.


You can decorate with sprays and picks that mimic the look of tree branches and come with and without leaves. Branches with leaves work well for filling sparse parts of your tree. Green pine picks can add bulk to your pine Christmas tree, but you can try a combination of branch types and leaves to change things up!


You wouldn’t think an ornament spray makes sense when you can add regular ornaments to your tree, but ornament sprays can add so much depth. Choose a spray with smaller or larger ornaments than the rest of your tree for variation, like this platinum glitter ball pick.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree With Picks and Sprays

If you’re looking to use sprays and picks on your tree, you’ll need to know where to place them, so here are some ideas.

Create a Spray Tree Topper

A stunning burst of sprays at the top of a Christmas tree can really make a statement. To create yours, select a few longer sprays and picks with varying textures and colors. Then, add your sprays to the top of the pole in your tree, bending each one outward to form the look you want. You can’t go wrong with a mix of berry, leaf, and branch picks, but you can also add some ornament sprays to tie it in with the rest of the tree.

Fill in the Gaps

You can combine Christmas ornaments and sprays throughout your tree to achieve your desired style, or you can leave the ornaments out altogether! Designers sometimes opt only to use sprays and picks in their tree designs to save time and to create a fuller tree. For this style, form a bunch of spray clusters by tying a few types together in a bunch. Adding a flower pick to each spray cluster will add more volume and fill the tree without overloading it. Space your spray clusters evenly around the tree, and you’re done!

You can purchase pre-combined sprays like this classy champagne glitter pick that has berries, leaves, and pearls.

A Few Extra Tips for Styling Picks and Sprays

Here are some more of our tips for styling picks and sprays on a Christmas tree:

  • Choose one to three pick styles for a cohesive look that isn’t too busy.
  • Distribute the pics evenly throughout the tree, and try styling them at various angles.
  • Use branch and leaf picks to fill sparse areas.
  • Style your sprays and picks with gorgeous and sparkly bows.
  • If you’re styling a white tree, use red sprays and picks to make them stand out.
  • Use blue and white berry, leaf, and flower sprays for a whimsical winter look.

Other Uses for Christmas Picks and Sprays

While picks and sprays look magical in a tree, you can use them in most of your Christmas decor! A few options include:

  • Wreaths and garlands: You can add sprays and picks to a plain wreath or garland to customize it and help it match your theme perfectly. You can even use the same sprays in your tree to tie the designs together.
  • Table setting: Adding a few berry or leaf sprays to each plate on a table is an easy way to infuse some Christmas spirit while matching your table to the rest of the decorations.
  • Vases: Artificial sprays and picks are perfect for filling vases and creating centerpieces for event tables. Use lots of branch, grass, and leaf sprays as the base, then add berry and flower sprays for color. Artificial sprays are great because you can reuse them and style them differently each time to keep things looking new.
  • Gift wrapping: To elevate the look of your event thank-you gifts, add a berry or leaf spray under the ribbon.

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