Winter Wreath Inspiration: Discover 2024 Trends

two green wreaths

With wintertime and the holidays knocking at the door, many people are getting started planning their festive season events. Whether your clients want to keep traditional Christmas themes or are throwing a winter celebration in the new year, as an event planner, you need to wow your clients with classy and forward-thinking ideas. And what better way to decorate for a winter event than with decorative wreaths? Here, we dive into winter decor trends for 2024 to inspire a memorable and remarkable event for your clients.

1. Classic Green Wreath

Starting off with a classic and nostalgic option, a green wreath is a fantastic way to embody the essence of the cozy winter season in the best way possible. An artificial boxwood wreath with luscious green foliage maintains its wonderful color throughout multiple events. These wreaths complement wooden furniture and cozy colors like mahogany.

You can also apply some glossy white spray to the tips of the greenery to create an “iced” effect. Incorporating a sheer red ribbon with glittery stripes can also be a fabulous addition if you want to add a special Christmas-y touch.

2. Red Berry Wreath

A red berry wreath is one of the boldest winter wreath ideas, especially for a venue with mostly white elements. Whether you choose a full wreath of artificial red berries attached to a spiral of brown twigs or weave a red berry wreath with pine garlands and authentic greenery, your client’s event will surely stand out to guests.

For the best impact, use these accessories in venues with white walls and furniture. They also stand out among minimal decor. Bonus points if it’s snowing outside! When people step into the event, they’ll be immediately mesmerized by this simple yet beautiful decoration.

3. Simple and Elegant White Wreath

Next on our list of winter wreath inspiration is a beautiful and sophisticated white berry wreath. This wreath consists of a full cluster of artificial creamy ivory white berries carefully attached to woven brown twigs. If your client’s venue is accented with wooden furniture and antiques, this wreath will fit in seamlessly. Place it against brown or grey stone walls to create contrast, or use our winter wreath idea for front doors and hang it up on a large, brown door. Add some red ribbon with gold glitter snowflakes to really highlight the spirit of Christmas.

4. Green Wreath With LED Lights

green wreath with warm lights

If you’re looking to light up a venue, adding LED lights to traditional wreaths is an excellent way to do so. Realistic-looking artificial pine wreaths with LED lights peeking through the greenery can add a cozy feel to a venue featuring wooden furniture or walls.

You can place one wreath in the center of each wall or, if the space is particularly large, place three wreaths along one wall. This is a great way to fill up wall space and add a festive touch to a venue. You can also enhance a classic wreath with white berry garlands, which are perfect for elegant events.

5. Gold Leaf Wreath

Gold is a classic Christmas color, and a gold and copper bay leaf garland can be a beautiful addition to a venue if you are pursuing a gold and white theme. You can shape this stunning and shining garland into a wreath and position it so that the light hits it perfectly. To add to the surreal look, you can decorate nearby areas with similar gold items like gold glass ornament balls and gold diamond glass tea light holders.

6. Twig Wreath With LED Lights

Looking to give an earthy feel to the event? If your area doesn’t receive snow during the holiday season, one way to mimic the magic of glittering snow on trees is by incorporating a wreath made of twigs and branches. There are various ways you can transform traditional wreaths to mesmerize guests.

Weaving artificial dried branches with tiny pods that light up through a traditional wreath can help light up the room, while adding simple faux iced branches to a wreath can make guests feel like they’ve walked into a winter wonderland. You can even get creative and attach glitter-frosted natural pine cones to enhance the earthy element. Complement the wreath by placing similar items around the venue, such as pine cone bunches that appear to be flecked with snow.

7. Rose Gold Bay Leaf Wreath

If your client requested a soft pink or rose gold theme, weaving shimmery rose gold bay leaf garlands into a wreath shape can create a breathtaking decor item, especially when the piece is surrounded by white decor and furniture. You can add fairy LED lights, ivory ribbons or white berry garlands to give the wreath a soft and classy charm. You’ll likely want to be sparing with these wreaths so as not to overwhelm the room with rose gold.

8. Snowy Pine Cone Wreath

Are you looking specifically for a pine cone-themed wreath? Luckily, there are plenty of trendy options to choose from. Whether you want another gold-accented item of maple leaves and pine cones, something with LED lights or a burst of greenery, there’s a wreath to match your client’s desire.

Green cypress wreaths with pine cones attached are a popular choice that brings the earthy element to your client’s event with ease. They can be an excellent accessory for outdoor venues if you live in a warm area, but they also look beautiful when used indoors. Enhance these gorgeous wreaths with LED lights and a glossy white spray finish to mimic snow and create an exceptional winter wonderland.

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