8 Summer Wreath Ideas For Your Front Door

One of Pinterest’s biggest craze predictions for 2023 was “home front”, a trend that is all about sprucing up your front door and porch. Forget the backyard, door decor for summer is all the rage and accessible even to those who live in apartments.

The easiest way to adopt “home front” decor is with a summer wreath for your front door. Who said wreaths should just be for the winter Holidays? Celebrate the warmer season with a decorative DIY summer wreath and give your front door some character.


DIY Summer Wreath Ideas

There are so many ways to bring summer to life through your decor choices, as you’ll see from the various summer wreath ideas below. You could embrace a nautical or seashell theme if you live near the ocean, or use your DIY wreath to display beautiful summer flowers, like peonies and cherry blossoms.  

Whichever wreath best suits your home, you’ll need to start with a sturdy base. For fresh flowers and foliage, our foam rings are the perfect option. Already have your wreath base? Let’s jump right into our decorating inspiration!


1. Ombré Shell Wreath

What says summer more than sea shells? Bring the ocean to your front door with this ombré shell summer wreath, which you can make yourself with natural dye made from cabbage. 

blue ombré seashell wreath made with natural cabbage dye
An ombré shell wreath in shades of blue. (via Martha Stewart)

Start with about 60 cockle shells, or enough to cover the bare wreath you’re using as a base. 

Place a whole head of cabbage in a large saucepan, cover with 6 cups of water (or enough to cover the cabbage), and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to low, simmer for 30 minutes, then remove the cabbage. Add 10 tablespoons of vinegar and 12 tablespoons of salt. Bring to a boil over medium heat and stir until the salt dissolves. 

Set aside a quarter of the shells, then add the other three quarters to the liquid, and simmer for 25 minutes. Remove from the heat and allow the shells to soak overnight to absorb the color. To create an ombre look, remove some shells sooner to achieve the lighter shades of blue.

Remove the remaining shells from the water and leave them to dry. Then use hot glue to fix them to your wreath base, one layer at a time. And voilà – a beautiful DIY summer wreath inspired by the sea!


2. Seashell Monogram Wreath

Personalize your summer door wreath by forgoing the typical circle and making one in the shape of your initial.


monogram of letter D created with a mix of seashells, cockles, and starfish.
A letter-shaped wreath decorated with seashells and starfish can also be a monogram for your beach wedding decor. (via Pinterest)

Start with a wooden or plastic base in the letter of your choosing. Then, gather an assortment of shells and starfish in various sizes to add depth and texture to your wreath. We have an extensive range of decorative shells to choose from, so you’re bound to find a selection you like.

Arrange the shells on your base – big ones on the bottom and smaller ones on top. Use a hot glue gun to secure them in place. Door decor for summer never looked so good!


3. Peony Wreath

Not only are peonies a gorgeous flower, but they also symbolize luck and wealth. Most of all, though, we love how their bulbous shape makes them a great addition to a summery wreath.


silk peony wreath with white, light pink, and pink peonies
A peony wreath with large flower heads in shades of white, yellow, and pink. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

To make this luscious DIY summer wreath, select 40-50 artificial silk peonies in a variety of complementary shades (rather than just one solid color). Then, create several bouquets of flowers by cutting all the stems to the same length (about 3”) and hot glueing 3-6 flowers together. This will help to achieve a fuller-looking wreath.

When you have enough bouquets to cover the whole wreath, wrap the glued stems onto the wreath using ribbon. Apply more hot glue to secure the ribbon.


4. Orchid Wreath

Who doesn’t love orchids? These distinctive flowers will standout when used in your summer door wreath. The larger petals of the phalaenopsis ensure good coverage, and they are available in other summery colors like white and yellow.  


faux pink phalaenopsis orchid wreath
All pink phalaenopsis orchids make a chic, monochromatic wreath.

It’s so simple to make yourself – all you’ll need is a base and some silk orchids. Trim the flower stems, then wind them around your wreath base. Use hot glue or florist wire to fix them in place. Blooming perfect! 


5. Fern Wreath

A beautiful addition to a country cottage or a home near the woods, this fern wreath is simple yet elegant. 


all green mixed fern wreath
A verdant fern wreath. (via Martha Stewart)

The key to creating a fern wreath that looks full and alive is to use different varieties. We have a huge range of artificial fern plants – stock up on whichever catch your eye.

Start by clumping together bunches of ferns, then use florist’s wire or hot glue to fix them to the wreath base. Keep in mind that you’ll need more plants than you expect, especially if you want a thick and luxurious summer wreath for your front door. 


6. Flowering Quince Wreath

With its delicate petals and pretty white flower clusters, flowering quince is begging to be transformed into a summery wreath. This one is great if you favor a more minimalist decor. 


A flowering quince wreath adds dimension and bits of color, hanging above this fireplace. (via Martha Stewart)

Gather 5 or 6 quince spray branches and use florist wire to fashion them into a ring. Rather than trimming them short, use the spiky branches to create interesting shapes –– wreaths don’t have to be perfectly circular!

Finish off your DIY summer wreath by adding mini roses or leaves for pops of color and greenery.


7. Cherry Blossom Wreath

What could be more beautiful than cherry blossoms? These pretty pink blooms are the ideal flower for a stunning front door wreath that’ll get all your neighbors talking.


faux pink cherry blossom wreath on white door
A pink cherry blossom wreath looking pretty on a white front door. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

You’ll need 10-15 cherry blossom branches to create a full wreath. Opt for a mix of big and small flowers that can be bunched together. 

Gather 2 or 3 branches and secure them together with hot glue or florist’s wire. Trim the excess stems, leaving about 5 inches. When you’ve made bunches from all your flowers, lay them around the wreath base, and secure with wire or glue. 


8. Eucalyptus Wreath

There’s something so beautiful about the combination of eucalyptus’ pastel green and the light pink of a summer rose. That’s what makes this one of our favorite summer wreath ideas.


seeded eucalyptus wreath with clusters of pink roses at the bottom
This seeded eucalyptus wreath gets a pop of color from pink roses. (via the knot)

One of the easiest wreaths to make yourself, all you need is artificial eucalyptus and a few silk roses. Opt for seeded eucalyptus to help fill out the wreath. 

Start by wrapping your wreath base in a eucalyptus garland, for an extra layer of greenery. Secure it in place with hot glue. Then, take artificial eucalyptus branches (you’ll probably need at least 10), and wind them on top of the garland. Finish by adding 2 or 3 pink rose bouquets to the bottom of the wreath to soften the look. 


And there you have it, our top summer wreath ideas! For all your flower and decor needs, Jamali Garden should be your first port of call. We’ve got everything you need, whether you’re planning an event for 500 people, or sprucing up your home for the season.