Rust Married: Orange Wedding Centerpieces

We all know the saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

But in 2023, rust is the hot color to feature on your big day.


orange amaryllis, tulips, scabiosa, dusty miller, seeded eucalyptus arrangement in silver julep cup rust married theme
In a silver julep cup: Dutch Tulips, Ranunculus, ‘Shocking Blue’ Hydrangea, Amaryllis, Scabiosa, ‘Tiger’ Anemones, Italian & Seeded Eucalyptus, and Dusty Miller. (via ELLE DECOR)

Hues of terracotta, orange, burnt sienna, and copper are all setting the wedding world ablaze right now. Sophisticated yet striking, shades of orange are the perfect complement to the ever-present crisp whites and soft ivories of both modern and traditional weddings.

But how can you incorporate the ‘Rust married’ trend into your wedding? Let’s take a look.


oranges and blooming cherry blossoms in a white ceramic bowl rust wedding
A sweet pairing in a white bowl of oranges and cherry blossoms. (via PINTEREST)


How to embrace the ‘Rust married’ trend 


For Spring weddings

Pastels are often the go-to for a spring wedding. But orange hues are ideal for capturing the excitement of embarking on a new adventure as the world comes into bloom. 


What better way to use this bold color in your spring wedding than with a bouquet of bright orange tulips? As harbingers of spring, tulips conjure up concepts of hope and new beginnings. And Orange Princess tulips in particular evoke feelings of happiness, cheer, and joy.


bridal bouquet of orange princess tulips tied with antique gold satin ribbon for rust married wedding theme
Long-stemmed Orange Princess tulips and calla lilies bound together with antique gold ribbon.

Since orange tulips make such a dramatic statement on their own, there’s no need for anything more than an antique gold satin ribbon to tie everything together. 

For centerpieces featuring orange tulips, we love the way this arrangement plays with proportions and color to create a modern yet elegant look.


freeform floral arrangement using cherry blossoms and orange tulips in white ceramic bowl orange wedding centerpiece
A combination of orange and white makes for a stunning wedding centerpiece. (via WHITE MOSS AND TWIGS)

Here, the white petals of the waterfall cherry blossom spray help play down the vibrancy of the wide-open orange tulips. And the white ceramic urn offers the ideal base to bring structure and stability to this wild and wonderful display. 


bright and colorful arrangement of red orange and yellow poppies with gloriosa lilies tulips and amaranth in a metal copper bowl rust wedding
HELLO GORGEOUS!  Poppies, tulips, gloriosa lilies, protea, and amaranth in antique copper bowl. (via PIERRE PAIVA CAMPOS)


Carefree and whimsical, poppies bloom from late spring to early summer, making them a fitting flower for weddings in May and June. Although, the beauty of these orange poppies is that you can use them to bring the ‘Rust married’ theme to life all year round.


peach pale yellow and orange poppies arrangement in a white ceramic bowl from martha stewart weddings orange rust wedding
“a summer favorite,” orange and yellow poppies bring this stunning centerpiece to life. (via MARTHA STEWART)

The papery petals of orange poppies pair well with this white hellebores spray for a heightened level of contrast and class. Deep, burnt orange poppies also make for a captivating centerpiece when combined with pale greens, soft creams, and muted yellows. Then, to create further contrast, this antique platinum catora bowl offers an exquisite finishing touch. 


For Summer weddings

In summer, orange wedding centerpieces bring a touch of the exotic. As a hot day fades into a balmy evening, sunset shades in the bridal bouquet and centerpiece reflect the warmth and wonder of celebrating all things love. 


Whether you go for orange daylilies or speckled fire lilies, these bright blooms are sure to fill your summer wedding festivities with love and light.


orange lilies hyacinth and ranunculus floral arrangement in orange metal bowl - rust married florals
Orange lilies are the stars of this spectacular floral show (via TJ McGRATH DESIGN)

Structural yet delicate, lilies are a popular summer wedding flower for a reason. But while champagne or white lilies are undeniably beautiful, they don’t bring anywhere near as much drama as their orange counterparts. Especially if you’re looking to create a showstopping centerpiece like the one above. 

Of course, you don’t have to bring so many different-colored flowers into the mix if you prefer to keep your scheme minimal. Instead, layer the orange lilies with this Chinese lantern garland, add some white dogwood, and display your winning arrangement in this antique copper bowl


The layered petals of dahlia flowers are great for adding texture and structure to your summer wedding tablescape.


dahlias proteas orchids and heliconia in a mercury glass vase
“Fat and flamboyant dahlias, protea cynaroides , heliconia, orchids, sedum, stems of figs, viburnum berries and hydrangeas provide a wealth of form and texture…” (via TWISTED STEM FLORAL)

As shown in the arrangement above, orange dahlias look great when combined with pink flowers and other tangerine-tinged blooms. These can include anything from orange protea to burnt orange hydrangea, or even these dramatic orange heliconia stems.

And, to really set off that sunshine glow, a mercury glass vase is the epitome of laid-back luxury. 


For Fall weddings

We already associate fall with the color orange thanks to the season’s pumpkin lanterns, sweet potato pies, and changing leaves. It makes sense, then, to bring this autumnal hue into your fall wedding via a bold ‘Rust married’ centerpiece. 

Fruits and vegetables

If the idea of using produce in your orange-colored centerpiece appeals to you, there’s plenty of vegetation inspiration out there.


fruit centerpiece with kumquats and dark berries arrangement in black bowl orange centerpiece
Persimmons and berries come together for a delicious display. (via MARTHA STEWART)

We’re big fans of this display of >dusky berries and vivid orange persimmons presented in an antique black lion-handle urn. That said, you can find all kinds of creative ideas for wedding centerpieces featuring everything from orange fruit sprays to pumpkin vases. 

If you like the idea of using fruit and flowers together, why not combine oranges or fall berries with a delicate white cosmos spray or two? Displaying your creation in a white porcelain pedestal bowl is the perfect way to set it off.

freeform modern centerpiece with orange calla lilies burnt orange and burgundy chrysanthemums
A gorgeous explosion of orange calla lilies, burnt orange and burgundy chrysanthemums in a square white ceramic bowl. (via ESTIGMA FLORAL DESIGNS)


Chrysanthemums are a quintessential fall flower, but in orange, they’re even more fitting for your fall wedding. Orange chrysanthemums symbolize the feeling of delicate love, so using these vibrant blooms also carries a sweet message.


fall dining table with long centerpiece in gray window boxes with foliage orange and yellow dahlias and chrysanthemums
A few of these gray window boxes filled with foliage, fiery mums and dahlias are great for long tables. (via TJ McGRATH)

This arrangement plays up the fall ‘Rust married’ theme with orange-tinged foliage as well as green leaves. But the combination of orange roses and chrysanthemums ensures that the fall birch leaf spray feels romantic as well as season-appropriate. 

fall centerpiece with mums dahlias American grown roses in a dark copper metal bowl
With pinks, yellows, and burgundy hues, this dark, antique copper bowl has dahlias, mums, roses, and foraged fall foliage. (via PETALS BY THE SHORE)


 Here are 10 more arrangements to inspire the florals in your own fall wedding centerpieces.


For Winter weddings

Orange centerpieces are ideal for adding warmth and radiance to a winter wedding. Orange also makes a refreshing change to typical winter wedding color schemes, such as red and green. 


“…utilize those beautiful moody and saturated color hues in your wedding centerpieces.”
Burnt orange ranunculus, with burgundy, dark blue, and pink blooms in a gold flower compote. (via BRIDES)


They might be cool-season flowers but orange ranunculus are a hot choice for winter weddings.


antique gold pedestal bowl with orange ranunculus thistle and other greenery rust orange centerpiece
Orange ranunculus, thistles, and greens arranged in this antique brass scalloped pedestal bowl. (via MIMOSA BOSTON)

Combine them with this thistle spray, an assortment of green foliage, and some white buds. Then, finish the effect off by arranging them in an antique brass pedestal bowl. 


Their velvety petals make orange gerberas an excellent choice for a luxurious winter wedding.


dimpled luster amber glass fishbowl with orange gerberas
This elegant dark amber luster dimpled fishbowl vase lets these bold
orange gerberas take center stage.

You might want to combine orange stems with classic white gerberas to offset their radiance. Although, we love the idea of letting these bright blooms take all the glory, as in the arrangement above.

Orange wedding centerpieces to inspire you

For couples embracing the ‘Rust married’ trend, orange wedding centerpieces offer a way to reflect the beauty of nature within a more unexpected and adventurous color scheme. And, as this wide variety of arrangements shows, there are all kinds of different ways to incorporate orange into your nuptials. 

Here at Jamali Garden, we have all the wedding flowers and wedding centerpiece vases you need to make your big day one to remember, and be sure to explore our wedding inspiration guide for even more ideas.