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Planning a wedding means making a lot of decisions — some small, some big, but all of them important. Choosing the perfect centerpiece for your wedding reception is a tough task. There are so many different looks you can go for, and so many options for you to take!

A centerpiece is the focus of the table. It needs to be beautiful and not too distracting, while also tying in with the rest of the decor and your overall theme. 

Some couples go with floral arrangements, some with candles, while some mix and match different elements to create their perfect aesthetic. 

You can’t go wrong with a good vase of flowers. Though… even just that isn’t simple. Your vase choices are seemingly endless — you have to choose the material, the size, the shape, all while considering your theme and what flowers or greenery you’ll use.

Let’s go through a couple of your main options, and how to best tailor them to your wedding.


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velvet table numbers martha stewart weddings diy
Calligraphed table numbers are easy. Heat-stamped numbers on gorgeous velvet ribbons? Easy and seriously gorgeous. Wrap your vases with them for an elegant way to guide your guests to their seats. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Versatile Glass Vases for a Unique Wedding Look

A glass vase for your floral centerpiece is a good idea as it’s such a neutral look — you can choose any flowers or plant, and won’t have to worry about clashing colors.

A plain cylindrical vase is an understated, elegant option. They’re super easy to style, and come in a bunch of different heights so you can find one that’s perfect for your tables. Something simple like this is also great for a DIY bride who mightn’t have much experience creating floral arrangements. 

For some more texture, opt for an etched vase like this one. It has kind of a vintage feel to it — these vases would be a perfect centerpiece for an outdoor or rustic wedding. You can achieve the same antique look by placing one or two long-stemmed flowers in a bottle-shaped vase,   We also love this glass vase with a gold handle for a unique but quirky look.

arrow stripe etched glass vases
These etched glass vases also make great candle hurricanes.


Modern and Vintage Metal Vases for a Variety of Wedding Themes

A metal centerpiece vase can fit in with a variety of themes, depending on the color, shape, and the finish. Antique, galvanized, or brushed finishes can help create homely displays, while shiny finishes offer a more modern look. It’s all about what suits the rest of your wedding!

These nickel-plated aluminum cylinder vases, which come in a variety of sizes, are the height of sleek elegance. They’d be a wonderful vessel for white or black flowers, especially if you pair your centerpiece with candles in matching holders.

Gold metal centerpiece vase with a wedding flower arrangement.
An unconventional shape in a gold bowl from ‘New Ways to Style Your Reception Flowers.’ (via the Knot)

Low bowls are a great way to house a pretty bouquet on each table, without making your guests need to crane their necks around a huge arrangement. We love these scalloped-edge gold bowls that have a classic vintage look. The brushed gold would look incredible with red roses, and are versatile enough that you could reuse them after the big day. 

For a rustic or more DIY-vibe wedding, these zinc buckets would make a good centerpiece. Again, it’s a pretty versatile look but would definitely suit bouquets of wildflowers, sunflowers, or daisies. Then they can be reused for potted plants or filled with ice and drinks for an outdoor party.

wedding decor inspired by chintz
Romantic centerpieces inspired by chintz. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Buy Your Metal Vases Wholesale With Bulk Order Options

If you’re planning a large event or elaborate wedding reception, it’s essential to find stylish décor you can order in bulk. Jamali Garden is proud to offer many of our decorative metal vases for special wholesale pricing. Plus, when you buy your wholesale metal vases for centerpieces, you can get the quantities you need, and the discounted bulk price means you can also save money even when decorating a large space.

Stylish Ceramic Vases to Spice Up Your Wedding Decor

While plain, white ceramic vases are always a safe option, you actually have a lot of versatility when it comes to a ceramic centerpiece. There are plenty of colors, designs, and shapes available so you’ll find something that suits, no matter your wedding theme.

masculine grey and white wedding colors
“Cement vases are downright pretty when they offer a strong counterpoint to wispy, pale floral arrangements of dusty miller, sweet peas, baby’s breath, carnations, and roses.” (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Our light blue potter’s vase is a beautiful option, in an eye-catching color that would look at home as a centerpiece at a beach or coastal wedding. 

For an elegant wedding, you might want something more refined. This white linen ceramic vase is anything but plain, with a unique shape and a contrasting dark rim around the base and rim. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s finished with a linen-look texture to take it up a level.


black gold white wedding tablescape
White ceramic vases, accented with gold, filled with white roses, orchids, Queen Anne’s lace, black scabiosa, viburnum berries, and alocasia leaves. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)


A shiny black vase is an excellent option if you’re thinking of having bright-colored flowers. This short round black ceramic vase is a blank canvas to help your floral arrangements pop, and it’s low enough that you can get creative with a really three-dimensional bouquet. 


Natural Wood Vases for a Refined Wedding Look

A wood vase evokes an unmistakable natural and rustic quality. Whether you opt for a roughly-hewn vase, or something more polished, it’s still definitely suited to a certain type of wedding. 


white and green wedding colors decor
Always a stunning palette, white and green, with centerpieces in kiri wood containers. (via STEM Events)


A wooden vase with harsh angles, like these tall rectangular wood vases, makes for a more modern and refined look, as does a dark brown finish for a touch of sophistication. 

These irregularly-shaped teak bowls could be repurposed to make a unique table centerpiece when filled with flowers or other greenery. If you’re having a more relaxed reception, the kind with fairy lights and wildflowers, these bowls would make a great accent. Similarly, this wooden log trough-like bowl would work perfectly with ferns, ivy, or moss. 

For a compromise between modern and rustic, this polished wood cylindrical vase is your best bet. It’s sturdy enough to fill with a large bouquet, and the light color of the wood means it would compliment a variety of different flower colors. It’s distinctive and feels natural without being too over the top. Wood vases are the perfect option for centerpieces, whether they are overflowing with colorful flowers or serving as a stand-alone accent piece. You can buy our birch bark and rustic wood vases wholesale from Jamali Garden.


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