How to Decorate Your Wedding Without Flowers: Creative Non-Floral Decor Ideas

A wedding day — some may say the start of a life journey, others may say the blank canvas for beautiful decor. 

If you’re a bit of both, you’ve come to the right place. We at Jamali Garden see weddings as a marvelous marriage of true love and a hotbed for swoon-worthy style, which is exactly what makes them such a magical, and as recently, much-missed, event. 

But how do you know which direction to take your big day decor? With the plethora of Pinterest trends and Instagram inspiration out there, it can be a little hard to know where to start. 

One thing that is ever-present in wedding styling, however, is flowers. Bouquets, floral centerpieces, petal-sprinkled aisles, boutonnieres, corsages, you name it — flowers have been part and parcel of weddings since the stone ages it seems. 

But, opting for a flower-free celebration can be a great opportunity to unleash your decorating creativity. There are some great alternatives to bring the wow factor to your special day, here are a few of our favorites…


branching out modern wedding centerpiece
“We wouldn’t be going out on a limb to say that “rustic” is all the rage… Take the look in a surprisingly modern direction by painting one of its staples (a piece of driftwood) in an electrifying hue. We coated a real 24-inch “Ghost Wood” branch… in neon “Poison Light” spray paint…, then set it in a serene scene of cool grays and blues for a pleasant—and punchy—contrast.” – Martha Stewart Weddings

Non-floral wedding decor 

Whether you’re a forward-thinking trendsetter who loves pampas-lined aisles and balloon-backed archways, or a traditional romanticist who dreams of crisp white linen, wedding decor can be exactly what you make it, and that’s why we love it.

In fact, there’s been a boom in bold, bespoke, and alternative wedding day styling, with couples challenging traditional decor. 


seashell centerpiece
“Sizeable sculptural shells — large conch, marlin spike shells, and murex… surround a vase filled with tiny shells and a pillar candle. Painted manzanita branches stand in for real coral.” – Martha Stewart Weddings

Rustic assortments

Best for: Vintage-style lovers with an autumnal or beach wedding

Wood as an earthy element is easy to source, as well as very cheap, and will slot seamlessly into your wedding if you’re after a vintage vibe. 

Make sure to source good quality plywood to ensure the look is cohesive and can withstand the potential of wet weather. 

Fill opaque vases, glass bottles, and tin cans with wheat, branches, or cork tops for eye-catching centerpieces, and use wooden signage to add some lovely laid-back touches

Perhaps you could use reclaimed old oak tree stumps as quirky centerpieces, or old barrels as tables for people to mull around with a drink or two? 

DIY photo glassware
Group DIY photo glassware covered with some of your favorite pics. (via Martha Stewart)


Lanterns and candles

Best for: Intimate luxury lovers at a winter or autumnal wedding 

Another option to add some luxury without the blooms is by adding extra light, in the form of lanterns and candles.

There’s nothing quite like candlelight to create a warm, intimate glow and instill a romantic atmosphere. They’re also a great addition to your aisle style. Line up pillar candles to create the marriage walk of dreams. There won’t be a dry eye in the house, plus, there’s less cleaning up!


mirrored glass candleholders
A sea of flickering flames: Pretty candlelight reflects endlessly at different angles, in these contemporary, mirrored glass candle holders.

If the glitz of art deco is more your style, place gilded candelabras draped with crystals on your tabletops for a real luxury take on a traditional centerpiece. 

Lanterns are a lovely way to decorate your venue and protect naked flames from the elements. 

One of the best types to opt for is modern lanterns, which are available in a range of different colors and styles. Go antique and white for a rustic French feel, or opt for a row of our gold glass hexagonal lanterns to create a modern luxe look.  

For a bit of visual interest, why not hook ornate decorative lanterns on the ceiling in a range of styles to provide a real eye-catching, overhead element? 

With Mahal styles, Jaipur patterns, and Alhambra shapes on offer at Jamali Garden, we have all the lanterns you could wish for to suit your theme be it Bollywood or a traditional Thai soirée. 

Obviously, the downside with candles and lanterns is the fire risk, and the fact they could go out in the wisp of wind. But worry not, we also offer battery-powered LED candles so your flames can flicker all night long! 


banana leaf tropical centerpiece
Perfect for a wedding reception venue with high ceilings: Centerpieces of tall glass vases with banana leaves for a tropical twist. (via Ruffled Blog)


Best for: Natural nuptials with a spring or summer outdoor wedding

Even without the flowers, foliage can still add that natural elegance and green accents that so many couples look for, especially at spring or summer weddings. 

Jamali’s selection of boxwoods are an excellent option. With a huge collection ranging from preserved boxwood ball topiaries to faux garlands and vines, there’s no end to the foliage you can pick from.

preppy stripes wedding ceremony
Preppy stripes for the ceremony with a bold crepe-paper backdrop and boxwood topiaries that line the aisle. (via BRIDES)


Choose between leafy, green preserved boxwoods and faux boxwoods with a lively, realistic look. Use the vines as a table runner, chair decoration, or even to adorn overhead lanterns or chandeliers

Faux and preserved boxwood balls look great placed on top of urns at an outdoor wedding. Drape one of our preserved cypress garlands over a doorway or wrap a few around a staircase for a real conversation piece. 

nautical table number
Manila rope adds a nautical detail to a photo frame table number. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Sea styling

Best for: Adventurous, outdoorsy couples at a summer wedding

Want to add a touch of the beach to your special day?

Shells and other sea-like ornaments are a great way to instill a nordic vibe to your nuptials. 

Scatter seashells or conch balls over your tablescape for little touches of detail, drape capiz garlands for an eye-catching alternative to hanging baskets or use a big decorative coral for a centerpiece. 

wrapped votive holder diy beach wedding
For a marine-inspired affair, dot centerpieces with flickering votive vessels wrapped in Venetian blind cord. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)


Order Non-Floral Wedding Decor at Jamali Garden

Just because you don’t have flowers doesn’t make your wedding any less fancy…


In fact, it paves the way for trendsetting styling to really wow your guests. 


Bring your dream wedding decor to life and browse our huge collection of stylish decorations and trinkets.