How To Choose Your Perfect Planter (+ 6 Stylish Indoor Ceramic Plant Pots)

We’ve all made a lot of changes to our lives in the past year, and one thing that most of us have been doing — along with baking bread and a lot of awkward Zoom calls — is adding more greenery to our homes.

We can’t spend as much time outside as we once could, so we’ve been embracing the outdoors by bringing it indoors, in the form of house plants. And now that spring has sprung once again, we’re getting more sunlight, flowers are beginning to bloom, and it’s high time for your indoor garden to thrive.

Of course, one of the best things about having your own private nursery is choosing from all the fun and artistic pots on offer.

A simple pot can make your Monstera look like more than just an impulse purchase from the local market, and turn it into the centerpiece of your living room decor. A brightly-colored or patterned pot can brighten up a bathroom, and cute little pots are a perfect addition to your work-from-home setup.

Sure, you could leave your plants in the plastic pots they came in, but that’d be like buying art and just propping it against the wall. Honor your plant babies with some beautiful ceramic pots, as they deserve.

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Pot for Your Indoor Plants

Tip 1: Consider the size of your plant

When it comes to picking plant pots, size really does matter. You need to give your plant enough room to grow, but not choose such a large pot that it looks out of place. If it’s a new plant, aim for a pot similar in size to the one it came in. If you’re repotting a growing plant, here’s a good rule of thumb to follow:

  • For small plants (in a pot less than 10 inches in diameter), you want to buy a new pot that is about an inch or two bigger than its current one.
  • For larger plants, or ones that grow quickly, aim for a new pot about four inches bigger in diameter.

Tip 2: A plant pot’s material matters

Consider the type of pot material that best suits your plant’s needs. Plastic may be cheaper and easier to move, but ceramic pots are an excellent option for all plants — it’s a porous material that allows for air and water to move more freely. This does mean they’ll need to be watered more regularly, but the air movement stimulates root growth, making for healthier plants overall.

Tip 3: Be sure to give your plants drainage

The golden rule of houseplants is making sure they’ve got adequate drainage. If a plant’s roots are sitting in water, they’ll likely die pretty quickly. Either you need to buy a planter with a drainage hole, or build your own drainage within the pot.

To do that, put about an inch of rocks at the bottom of your empty pot, then add a half-inch of activated charcoal, before filling it with soil and your plant. This will do wonders for preventing root rot and keeping your plant healthy and happy.

6 Stylish Indoor Ceramic Plant Pots to Liven Up Your Space

Whether you need a trio of tiny pots to sit on your windowsill, a colorful one to decorate your home office space, or something tasteful to sit in the corner of your lounge room, we’ve got you covered.

Cement Pleated Pot

cement pleated bowl

This pot might be small but it’s a statement piece that is both elegant and modern.

Its muted grey color makes it an easy addition to any decor aesthetic, and it comes in a variety of sizes so you can mix and match based on your plants’ needs.

White Ceramic Hanging Pot

hanging white ceramic pot

Hanging and trailing plants, like ivy and ferns, have become hugely fashionable in the last few years.

Some prefer to keep their plants trimmed, while others like to drape the trailing leaves across the ceiling. Either way, you’re going to need a chic hanging pot; this simple one is suspended by three leather-like ropes that bring an element of rustic comfort to your decor.

Blue Glazed Ceramic Pot

blue glazed planter

We sell these beautiful deep blue glazed ceramic pots in a huge variety of sizes, so you can really cultivate a cohesive look across your whole plant collection.

They can add a pop of color to a neutral living space, and are also frost-proof if you ever decide to move your plant outside. This one even has a hole at the bottom for easy drainage!



Red Ceramic Potter’s Vase

red potter bowl

These short and small pots would be ideal to buy in a group of three or four for your windowsill or desk. The pots don’t have drainage but would be an eye-catching way to display small bunches of wildflowers or even plastic plants.

Mossed Redstone Rose Pot with Saucer

mossed redstone vaseWe love the uneven color and texture of these pots, which give them a handmade feel. Standard terracotta-colored pots are classic, while these give a unique spin without being too formal.

They’re perfect for small house plants or even kitchen herbs, and come with a drainage hole and matching saucer. Again, we carry these in a variety of sizes so you can really deck out your whole place. Martha Stewart filled these standard pots with oxalis and clover for centerpieces on a dinner table.

oxalis in moss clay pots
Pots of Luck. (via Martha Stewart)

Glazed Green Ceramic Pot and Saucer

green glazed ceramic pot

This small green and gray pot is a perfect color to compliment succulents, mini orchids, cacti, and small leafy green plants.

The matching saucer means you’ll get drainage with no mess, and there’s a subtle bead detail around the rim for some texture. We stock this same style in multiple colors and sizes as well, if you love filling your space with complimentary pieces.

Choosing the Style of Your Plant Pot

Selecting the right pot for your plant can emphasize a theme and drastically change the design vibe. We have you covered for every decor style with a vast selection of planter styles, colors, and materials: 

  • Hanging pots: Suspend white ceramic pots filled with trailing plants from cords, leather straps, and macrame holders to add charm on the wall or overhead.
  • Modern metallic pots: Bring shine to modern spaces with metal planters. Add elegance with black nickel planters, or embrace vintage flair with hammered brass pots.
  • Rustic wooden planters: If you like an aged or outdoorsy look, pair potted plants with wood containers to show off the beauty of weathered wood.
  • Stone and terrazzo pots: Cement planters, lava rock vessels, and flecked terrazzo pots look right at home in contemporary and mid-century modern spaces. 
  • Classic clay and ceramics: Layering glazed ceramic pots on a tabletop is the perfect touch for cottage interiors and fairytale wedding centerpieces. 

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